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Green Building and Energy EfficiencyPower Couple – Enercare and Subterra Provide Energy SolutionsEnercare

Green Building and Energy Efficiency

Power Couple – Enercare and Subterra Provide Energy Solutions


Coming together to address a vital energy need in the market, Enercare and Subterra Renewables are working to decarbonize living in the way we interact in our homes, transitioning away from fossil fuel powered systems to renewable geothermal energy. Finalized in Q4 2023, the partnership of these two Canadian companies represents a first-of-a-kind industry relationship aimed at providing quality products, service, and results to clients, all while helping to reduce our carbon footprints.

April 2024Lighter, Stronger, Quicker – A Winning Approach to the Housing ShortageA-LINX Building Technologies

April 2024

Lighter, Stronger, Quicker – A Winning Approach to the Housing Shortage

A-LINX Building Technologies

A-LINX Building Technologies, headquartered in Ontario, offers comprehensive contracting services specializing in the prefabrication of roof trusses and both exterior and interior load-bearing wall systems. Through its innovative approach, A-LINX enables clients to achieve faster and more cost-effective completion of superstructures compared to traditional construction methods.

In Focus | Women in BusinessHands-On Learning for Future SuccessSupporting Women in the Trades

In Focus | Women in Business

Hands-On Learning for Future Success

Supporting Women in the Trades

It’s no secret that post-secondary education is expensive, and that cost is expected to keep climbing in the coming years. Upon graduating high school in Canada, students looking to attend university can expect to shell out as much as $100,000 for a four-year degree plus housing, according to Embark Student Corp. In the United States, college and university costs are also on the rise, ranging anywhere from $10,000 USD for public in-state to $42,000 USD a year for private school, according to US News

February 2024 | Roofing IndustryTeamwork, Trust, and TechnologyRoof Management

February 2024 | Roofing Industry

Teamwork, Trust, and Technology

Roof Management

Offering unrivalled knowledge in assessment, design, forecasting, and project management to maximize the most important component of company portfolios at every stage—from condition assesments to roofing and waterproofing projects—Roof Management provides more than 25 years of experience in the field in roof management, overseeing 2.4 billion square feet of roofing for the world’s largest real estate owners and investors.

February 2024 | Specialty ContractingAt SWAT, People Are the Backbone of the BusinessSpecialty Welding and Turnarounds (SWAT)

February 2024 | Specialty Contracting

At SWAT, People Are the Backbone of the Business

Specialty Welding and Turnarounds (SWAT)

Boasting superior productivity, exceptional commitment to its employees, and a safety program unparalleled in the industry, Specialty Welding and Turnarounds (SWAT) implements outstanding execution capabilities for a wide range of services including specialty welding, general mechanical services, project management, cooling towers, catalyst services, and more.


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