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Primera Carpet One Floor & Home
Written by Allison Dempsey

Your home is not only one of life’s biggest purchases but also your most prized possession, a place to feel safe and secure and express your individuality. Making those individual design choices, however, can be daunting and overwhelming. That’s where the experts at Primera Carpet One Floor & Home and their Prescott Valley Design Center can help.

Prescott Valley Design Center
The Prescott Valley Design Center is located in Arizona’s Primera Carpet One Floor & Home facility, which boasts more than 1000 styles of stunning selections beautifully displayed, making decisions easily accessible. Skilled designers can collaborate both in-person and virtually to help choose the ideal finishings for a variety of tastes and styles.

Homebuilders who send their buyers to Primera Carpet One Floor & Home prefer to select a partner to help homebuyers to colorize and experience a one-stop shop to select everything.

The center offers a wide selection of cabinetry, flooring, countertops and window coverings alongside any additional builder options from appliances and doors to plumbing fixtures and much more. In one easy sitting all these selections can be chosen without talking to four different people and travelling to multiple locations, saving time, effort, and money.

Whole house interiors are a specialty, and the showroom’s impressive wide selection helps homebuyers put together the complete design for their new home.

“The beauty of the Primera Carpet One Home & Floor Store is the branding,” says Louise Shorten, Chief Marketing Officer. “Primera is often best-known for its cabinetry installation work, and then we’ve got the Carpet One brand of flooring, so bringing the two together is a great marriage in the showroom. We’ve got the jewel brands, and it’s a double impact on the websites.”

Part of CCA Global
In fact, Primera’s Prescott Valley location is a part of CCA Global, the world’s largest buying group.

“Not only are we a part of Primera and have all the Primera products, but we also have the CCA Global buying power as well,” says Staci Harbison, Sales and Design Manager.

Along with its already busy schedule, the Design Center and retail showroom also has some big plans coming up in 2023, including a fresh, new showroom display system that allows buyers to scan QR codes to learn about products. “Scanning the QR codes allows them to also compare products side-by-side,” says Harbison. “If a customer or buyer is deciding between several different styles of carpet or hardwood, for instance, they can scan those in and the computer screen will do a price comparison while providing an excellent visual with an installed room scene. Warranty differentiations and pricing will be on a digital display attached to each group of materials.”

A “wish list” comes to life
Other exciting news includes the running of VEO software from BuildOn Technologies, only available for homebuilders’ clients. VEO Design Studio (VEO) is designed for homebuyers buying multiple products.

VEO is an exciting IT software solution: an all-encompassing design center system that manages the design center calendar and provides a step-by-step process for homebuyers to choose their options, including real-time estimates and ordering for homebuyers’ selections. It is an incredibly adaptable and robust system that enhances the design center experience by allowing homebuyers to create a product wish list from the comfort of their own home before they even step foot in the showroom. This is helpful when buyers come in for their design center appointment because they’ve already seen the range of options offered in the VEO system, made a preliminary selection, and are better prepared for the experience. Product samples for the preferred interior options are ready for the homebuyer to view when they arrive at the design center appointment, making the entire process more personalized, efficient, organized, and an altogether much smoother and more time-efficient process.

During their appointment, Harbison’s designers advise clients on how the products complement each other and the overall look of the home, while establishing the budget. “The VEO software visualizes the different room-by-room product options and their prices, alternative tile layout designs, a monthly mortgage payment calculator, and a model home viewer to inspire their interior design style,” says Shorten. “When the selections are agreed on, the system processes the order directly. It’s brilliant.”

Making choice less daunting
“It can be very daunting,” Shorten says. “As much as it’s exciting, it can be a little overwhelming to come into the showroom and have to make lots of choices throughout the whole house. We just want to take that away and make it stress-free, relaxing, and enjoyable; VEO helps us to achieve this,” she says.

“Although appointments generally take three to four hours, they vary depending on each individual’s needs,” Shorten says. Generally, however, following the VEO process means it’s less rushed and more focused in the showroom.

That internal process means checking and double-checking everything, which makes Primera Carpet One “almost error-free.”

“This is a point of pride for us because we do it very well,” says Harbison, who has recently returned to Prescott Valley after some time away. “We have internal checking procedures, which we’ve had for many years, and that’s part of the reason I returned,” she explains.

“When homebuyers are selecting cabinets, countertops, flooring, elevated tile work, showers, and fireplaces, it’s complex!” she says. “This is another benefit of VEO, as it is a logical process, keeps everything organized, and reduces errors.”

On the rare occasion that something goes awry, it’s addressed with an immediate response via a “first responder,” she says, which is important in the building industry.

“Things happen, but it’s how you address it that makes the difference, and we do that so beautifully here. We get in front of it, and that’s what makes Primera Carpet One stand out. We don’t just do; we care and strive for excellence in all aspects of our scope of work and service.”

Doing something right
The store has been in business since the late ‘70s, and for a small-town area to have a business thrive for so long means it must be doing something right, she adds.

“We strive for world-class service here, and that’s throughout our business model,” Harbison says. “That’s from the time we see a retail customer or a buyer, to the very end. We service our work. We completely take care of everything.”

Shorten also praises the team and their expertise. “There’s a lot of experience in this store,” she says. “It’s a dedicated team of experienced individuals who’ve been with us for a very long time. This is invaluable to us and our customers.”

“Repeat clients are frequent as they trust us,” comments Harbison, “sometimes returning years later to make additional purchases for a different area in the house. It’s a highly competitive market in Prescott Valley, particularly on the flooring side, so it’s important for the company to promote its skills and customer care.”

She adds, “We have integrity. People come back after years and years when they’re ready do another project. All that repeat business speaks to our professionalism and the team’s expertise. We wouldn’t have the return business that we have without it.”

As for challenges, they’re the ones all businesses are facing now, including supply chain, inflation, and economic challenges, but Shorten feels Primera is still faring very well on that front.

“Our reputation helps us to secure business and not feel so threatened,” she says. “With our reputation we can stand alone. Obviously, we’re aware and sympathetic to the environment in which we’re operating, and it’s a challenge for anybody selling anything right now. We’re just so committed to delivering above and beyond. We do as much as humanly possible to make everything happen and happen on time.”

Team dedication
Rising to the challenge also means making clients feel welcome every time they enter the store, says Shorten.

“We do pull out all the stops,” adds Harbison. “We all work as a team and every single person here is so dedicated to figuring out how to make it happen. I’m happy to be back because of the integrity of Primera and the can-do attitude and the positivity of the workforce. Everybody is so upbeat and digs right in and tackles anything that needs to be resolved.”

That can-do attitude will be welcome while bringing the VEO design studio software to fruition this year, and when it comes to remodeling the flooring part of the business next year.

“We’ve got lots to look forward to, lots of new exciting things to offer customers to further improve their experience,” says Shorten. She says, “Our goal is to deliver the ultimate experience for homeowners and new homebuyers. “We have our people to help and support them all the way through their interiors journey, which we appreciate means everything. We’re fully invested in helping them make their home all it can be.”

At a Glance
Primera is a privately owned and operated company, employing over 400 staff across five states. Serving a wide range of customers, including homebuilders, home centers, commercial developers, general contractors, interior designers, and retail customers, with a full range of consultation, design, purchase, delivery, and installation services in cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and window covering products, Primera strives to provide all clients with the greatest experience possible when selecting a home’s interior.

Experienced, on-staff designers are available in the showrooms to offer advice, support and help with every element of creating the dream space that best fits the ideas and investment. With locations in Tempe and Prescott, AZ; Denver, CO; Colorado Springs, CO; and Las Vegas, NV, Primera is easily accessible in the Western States.

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Carpet One Floor & Home is North America’s leading floor covering retailer, with more than 1000 independently owned and operated locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Carpet One Floor & Home stores are known for their broad selection of carpet, wood, laminate, ceramic, vinyl, and area rugs, including exclusive brands like Bigelow and Lees.

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