Make Families Happy, and National Awards Will Follow

Park View Homes
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

Some builders are strictly in the business of making houses. Park View Homes creates both award-winning houses and highly desirable communities. And there’s proof.

As the company behind Merrickville Grove, the Bellamy Farm subdivision in Smiths Falls, and other gorgeous, liveable developments, Park View’s projects are precisely planned and thoughtfully constructed, in the Ottawa, Ontario area.

“We tend to build in smaller communities, like Smiths Falls, Merrickville-Wolford, Kemptville, and Beckwith—not right in the heart of the city,” says Architectural Designer Logan Davidson. Renowned for exceptionally well-made homes, Park View is proud of its reputation as an award-winning builder striving for houses that are better for both the environment and the client’s budget.

The company is also behind Energy Star® Certified Homes. Built to high environmental standards, Energy Star Certified Homes provide many benefits compared to conventional properties. More tightly air-sealed than typical new homes, Energy Star Certified Homes have improved indoor air quality, upgraded mechanical systems, fewer drafts in the winter, and more efficient cooling in the summer.

For homeowners, this means cost savings of 20 percent or greater over typical homes. According to the Government of Canada, “A home is the largest purchase most of us will make. By choosing an Energy Star Certified Home, you will appreciate the difference of a home built to a higher standard.”

Range of properties
At Park View, prospective buyers can choose from a wide range of styles and sizes of homes to meet their needs, budgets, and lifestyles. This includes new and pre-construction homes, bungalows, and townhomes, which are increasingly popular. Since the family-owned business was launched in 2001, one of its key strengths remains its adaptability to evolving market conditions.

Since the pandemic, many homeowners living in larger urban centres with equity in their homes have sold their properties and moved to the Greater Ottawa Area and Park View Communities. “There’s been a big jump in the last year with a lot of people leaving Toronto and coming to Ottawa because they can buy a house in Ottawa with the equity of their current home in Toronto,” says Davidson.

The company quickly saw a rise in demand for generational homes, designed with separate suites for parents or in-laws. “We adapt as best we can, and provide a home for everybody,” says Davidson, adding that Canada’s rising mortgage rates are also influencing purchases, especially for first-time buyers eager to enter the market. This has fanned a need for more townhomes, especially since 2020.

Park View projects centre on creating communities which young families and older persons alike can call home. Even when building in tighter subdivisions, the company is generous with lot sizes and strives to go beyond minimum requirements. This provides less of a ‘jammed-in’ look, affording nicer streetscapes, bigger backyards, and more usable green space.

An indication of the demand for the company’s products is the community of 162 townhomes in Smiths Falls, all sold out. Then, in the heart of historic Merrickville, the Merrickville Grove project will include about 83 townhomes, while other works in progress number about 200 additional townhomes. “We’ve upped the ante on townhomes to meet the market need and affordability,” says Davidson.

Community spirit
It is harmonious collaboration with local representatives that continues to earn the company the respect of Ottawa-area townships such as Smiths Falls. Instead of producing a collection of cookie-cutter houses, Park View takes a bird’s-eye view that takes the entire area into account. For new homeowners and communities, this results in striking natural amenities, like designated wetlands and walking trails connecting to parks.

“It’s a nice step forward for a greener community, and we’ve led the way with how we designed it and what we provided,” says Davidson. Park View Homes has an obligation to the areas in which it builds and understands that it’s being entrusted to create not only well-made, energy-efficient homes, but also to make the local surroundings special.

“We do Energy Star homes, which are saving 20 to 30 percent on energy consumption compared to typically-built homes by today’s standards,” remarks Davidson. “That’s a testament to our quality as well because we build to a higher standard. All our homes are third-party verified and must meet certain standards for airtightness and energy reduction. So [the homes themselves are a big part of it], but I think it’s the small-community feel, which is what we build our brand around, that really sets us apart.”

Family success story
Park View enjoys an unusual workplace environment where all employees are treated like family. Before coming to Park View five years ago, Logan Davidson worked for larger corporations and found that the dynamics were different at Park View.

“They definitely make it a place where it’s easy to work but it’s also enjoyable to work,” he says. “They’re a large family, and they extend that family offering to employees.” Big into team-building, the company often gets staff into activities like barbecues, golf, volleyball, bean bag games, and more. “I think that goes back to the environment,” says Davidson. “If the environment is good and the staff are happy, then it’s a good experience for our clients.”

National award winner
Along with receiving frequent praise from buyers, Park View continues winning awards for its outstanding work. In 2022, the company took First Place at the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) National Awards for Housing Excellence. The honour was bestowed on Park View for the Best Detached Production Home 2,101 to 2,400 square feet for its Sussex model.

Also referred to as “Modern Country,” the Sussex boasts incredible construction and finishes, including nine-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, large windows, wood accents, and natural stone.

The Sussex also received the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) 2021 Housing Design Award for Best Production Home: Single Detached – $1,000,001. “We have been a finalist every year since 2018,” Davidson says. That was the year he encouraged Park View to join the GOHBA, which benefits the company through its seminars, networking events, marketing, and more.

“Those two awards were massive for us,” Davidson shares. “They took our product to another level of recognition and pushed us to keep raising the bar. If you stay stagnant, you’re going to fall behind, but with these awards, you get a taste of winning.” The whole team attended and it really motivated them. “Now we let people know that when they buy that home, they’re buying a nationally recognized, award-winning home,” one that both exceeds client needs and blends seamlessly with its surroundings.



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