Over 30 Years of Quality and Service

EXXCEL Project Management
Written by Pauline Müller

Imagine my delight when I came across Hank, EXXCEL Project Management’s Chief Dog Officer and Dog-Friendly Friday ambassador, posing on the company’s team page. Naturally, this handsome lad was a very refreshing find. More importantly, however, it says a lot about this company’s heart for animals and, even more so, people, because construction is all about what the customer wants.

The proof is in its leadership’s approach to business. “The lessons I learned as a child from building go-carts, model planes, or working with tools on my family’s farm set the stage for what I do now. Whether I am building relationships, an organization, or facilities, I am a builder. I have always been a builder and a learner,” says F. Douglas Reardon, Chief Executive Officer, on the company’s website.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, EXXCEL Project Management has served longstanding and new clients in the industrial, commercial, and retail markets with trusted real estate investment, development, design-build, construction, and property management for over three decades, celebrating its thirty-third birthday this year. Whether customers are in need of new construction or renovation, EXXCEL is always ready to assist with professional, friendly service and work that stands the test of time.

Good people form the mainstay of this company that has both withstood many national and international storms and flourished in the face of global economic adversity. By focusing on building solid relationships and returning customers, the company has delivered projects comprising more than 125-million-plus square feet, mainly of distribution, food processing, and light manufacturing facilities and other property across forty-five states.

The company was founded in 1989 to merge elegant, smart architectural form with what it calls value engineering. This system results in buildings that perform better, as the designs closely follow customers’ requirements and values, hence, value engineering. Achieving this starts with asking the right questions. That is why the team sets up a roadmap that clearly defines every specification for the function of a building or complex at the beginning of each new project. The company is proud to answer and mirror its customers’ needs in every design-build project as closely as possible.

This approach has served EXXCEL, and its clients, well over the years. With impressive projects for giants as diverse as DuPont, an international chemical company; ODW, a well-known, third-party logistics firm; Kubota, the world-famous construction vehicle fabricator; and McGraw Hill, a large publishing house, the company’s work speaks for itself. It also built a beautiful Harley Davidson dealership, service center, and retail space in Titusville, Florida, in 2019.

The company prides itself on working with designers who keep up with modern trends. As such, it is as comfortable and adept at serving start-ups as it is working with some of the country’s Fortune500 companies.

EXXCEL’s diverse and sophisticated set of services allows clients access to everything they need with a single, familiar supplier. Some of the chief gains of this model include transparency, speed of planning completion, and simplicity in execution made possible by its teams seamlessly collaborating across disciplines. Its project management teams also contribute to cost control across all trades on every project. The company combines being a general contractor with construction management when its clients need a project partner that they can trust.

In its role as construction manager, EXXCEL also allies with project owners to procure proven suppliers for design and construction work. Alongside this, its expert construction management professionals prevent project complications by isolating and mitigating potential risks during the early stages of construction.

The company’s reputation for distinction rests on its core values of safety, alignment, betterment, and speed. EXXCEL ensures that projects are completed to the highest standard while always keeping budgets and pricing in mind, creating value for its customers.

The concept of safety is extended to include the holistic wellness of each project contributor’s emotional, psychological, and spiritual health. The value of alignment and betterment speaks to the team’s goal of working toward continuous improvement in everything they do. Speed describes the company’s commitment to completing projects to the highest standards and either signing off earlier than or on the agreed date. A dedication to exploring fresh, more effective ways of working runs through the entire organization, so its popularity does not come as a surprise.

In fact, one longstanding client has honored EXXCEL Project Management with several awards over the past few years. Butler Manufacturing, a large national metal building fabricator, has bestowed upon the company recognition like Builder of the Year, National High Volume Builder, and The Butler Club awards.

EXXCEL also takes care of its employees. While it has high expectations of its teams to help set it apart from competitors with outstanding service and project delivery, it does make all the hard work worth their while in ways that are often more generous than the industry average. As the company covers such an enormous region, it is always searching for exceptional professionals with a genuine passion to make a meaningful contribution to a growing industry.



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