Paving The Way

All County Paving
Written by Pauline Müller

From pathways to parking lots and everything in between, there is no corner-cutting when it comes to All County Paving’s asphalt applications and project management consultation services that reach clients across the United States.

Quality road and paving surfaces are easily taken for granted until one is met with potholes and other potentially hazardous defects from shoddy. This is why some of America’s largest retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Wholefoods, and Target trust All County Paving to deliver project management, asphalt surfaces, milling, and sealcoat solutions to ensure their customers’ comfort and safety.

Other clients include real estate investment trust Welltower, Kimco Realty, and the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens as well as homeowners’ associations, residential and commercial property and management boards, asset management companies, municipalities, general contractors, and project managers.

The company’s traveling crews are based at its two divisions in the state of Florida. Its national department is based at its Delray office while it also has an office in Orlando. From here, crews serve clients across the country in places like North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and further afield. In having national capabilities, the company belongs to the industry group The Pavement Network, from which it can obtain industry best practices and attend annual meetings to plan for the future with like-minded companies across the nation.

All County Paving was brought to life by Mark May who established it as M&M Asphalt Maintenance, Inc. in the 1990s. Neil Ortner was the next owner, followed by Ken Goldberg and Jeff Cohen who purchased the company in 2009 and changed the name to M&M Asphalt Maintenance, Inc., doing business as All County Paving.

The company’s integrity and respect have created real results. It has welcomed so much business in recent years that, just over two years ago, streamlining its operations for ongoing growth was crucial to its health. First up were a Lean Six Sigma business analysis and restructuring processes that would eventually improve its overall efficiency by an estimated 45 percent. It is also now using customer relationship management tool Salesforce to improve its service delivery while its Bid2Win software ensures that its estimations team offers accurate pricing assessments.

Today, the company boasts nearly twenty-five new operational systems – all putting the right people in the right places at the right time and ensuring that everyone is clear about what is expected. The investment has paid off, and management is proud.

Introduced to the firm by Blomberg Consulting, the new operational systems are backed with an entrepreneurial operating system (EOS) that equips managers with the skills they need to take ownership of outcomes in a whole new way, so they become a part of the business, rather than simply working for it. While 2020 was a sticky year for around the globe, the men and women at All County Paving effectively implemented four new software systems, made several changes to operational systems, and dealt with the unique challenges presented by COVID-19.

“Our people are really bright. We’ve had so many great resources here that we weren’t using the right way. Now that we have a plan in place and a process to identify their talents, we’re able to hone in on what they can do for the company. This has helped us tremendously,” says Samantha Evans, Director of Business Process and Communications.

“What makes [our people] so great is that they each view All County Paving as if it was their own: putting careful details into the customer experience while watching the bottom line and profitability so that the company can be successful as a team,” Evans adds.

And this is not mere talk. The company’s seven to ten percent growth is astonishing, especially considering the huge changes and challenges the past year has brought. While its services are always in demand, irrespective of depressed periods in the economy, there is no doubt that setting its processes straight is delivering huge financial gains.

This company’s work is as solid as its product and its commitment to outstanding construction, service, and integrity, has positively changed the rough-and-tumble stereotype for which the asphalt paving industry is sometimes known. “We aim to provide the highest level of customer service resulting in an unparalleled end project,” says Ken Goldberg, President and co-owner. And, as the holder of a general contractor’s license with a combined thirty-five years in the industry plus all Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) requirements and certifications, this company certainly knows its field.

The company is well-accustomed to receiving accolades; it has been recognized on Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction magazine’s list of top contractors for six consecutive years since 2014. It also won ‘Best Paving Job’ at the National Pavement Expo & Conference in 2019. But, more than all these awards, All County Paving’s greatest recognition is for its flagship projects.

One of its greatest projects was the Turnpike AET Phase 8, a paving project of just under 140 miles, stretching from Palm Beach County to the Osceola County border, Florida. The project was done in collaboration with Traffic Management Solutions when the highway was upgraded to a completely electronic tolling system. Then there was the State Road 9 (Interstate 95) bridge deck replacement, a project on which All County Paving performed asphalt resurfacing of fifty lane miles of the I-95 in St. Lucie County, Florida.

The Hard Rock Stadium mentioned earlier – home base of the Miami Dolphins, National Football League (NFL) – was another of the company’s great victories as it demanded all of its skills: project management, drainage, earthwork, paving, curbing, sidewalks, sealcoating, striping, and signage, all in anticipation of this year’s Super Bowl in February. Finally, another big moment represented itself when the company milled and paved 160,000 square yards for the Boca West Country Club’s homeowners association.

Adding to its great workmanship, service, and customer care, All County Paving takes its communities’ wellbeing to heart, and many charitable organizations and community projects benefit from its largesse. It offers its services where needed as well as volunteering time and money to worthy causes. Some of its beneficiaries include the local Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, and Toys for Tots. The team also lends a hand at Food for the Poor, Inc. as well as Breast Cancer Awareness 5K events.

As if COVID-19, new operational and software systems, and other major changes are not trying enough, skilled labor and employee shortages, legal issues, and insurance coverage take their fair share of solution-finding each year. While its new EOS system goes a long way to solve these with its ‘right person right seat’ approach, the team has to remain vigilant to prevent and deal with any legal issues that may arise in a typical, high-stakes construction environment. To this end, thorough systems and procedures afford its employees, clients, and their clients the best protection.

And with its goal of becoming a $170,000,000.00 market leader and innovator, All County Paving is building ever bigger and better roads and more beautiful neighborhoods. It is, in its owners’ words, a company “where team members work because they want a career, not just another job.”

The decision to transform has changed its future forever. “Through Lean Six Sigma and EOS, we have made great strides as a company. Change is never easy, but continuing to assess the progress made over weeks, months, and years helps to solidify the hard work and push to continue to strive for excellence,” says Goldberg, proudly.



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