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Tomar Construction Group
Written by Pauline Müller

With the complexities and red tape often encountered in civil construction, it is good to know that there are contractors who put integrity before profit. East Brunswick, New Jersey-based Tomar Construction Group is one such company.

The company has built an impressive portfolio of civil construction, hydroelectric power plants, marinas, bridges, pump stations, solar, and general construction projects and other plant-related work. It is perhaps best known for constructing and rehabilitating wastewater treatment facilities, indicating its popularity among municipalities and local governments, vendors, and subcontractors across the greater New Jersey and Pennsylvania regions. Contrasting its local projects are its international works in the United Arab Emirates and India, which focus on constructing and managing theme parks and large stadiums.

Led by President Tomas Mottackal, this formidable team takes great pride in its work. In an earlier interview, Mottackal made it clear that, while being the lowest bidder is a big deciding factor in awarding contracts, it is the company’s reputation for quality and its culture of doing business under a zero-litigation policy that secures the trust of its clients and lands it scores of public contracts.

Tomar Construction Services values people who take the initiative, and so, autonomous decision making is encouraged. Employees are supported in this through an ongoing training program that aims to cement a company culture rooted in always doing the right thing. On the whole, Tomar’s experience is that independence cultivates a sense of responsibility and creativity and that these traits are of the essence in a company where everything that can be fabricated in-house is.

Its field support is another crucial aspect of the company’s success and is led by a management and administrative team that includes top performers in the civil, mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering industries in addition to construction managers.

Mottackal is known for erring on the conservative side when it comes to managing company resources. As a result, the company, with an international reach and a great awareness of its civic responsibilities, has grown into an entirely independent operator with a wide selection of self-performed trades and services. It also has in-house fabrication and manufacturing facilities that include a full electrical division, a mechanical and metal fabrication division, and much more.

Having most of its trades in-house allows the company the liberty to select trusted specialty subcontractors that align with its values. Not only does this let it be much more nimble and cost-effective, but it also gives the company greater quality control and enables it to meet deadlines without having to pressure third-party contractors into cooperating on timelines.

Its industry professionals strive to do the right thing, and this is at the heart of all the company’s work, meaning that tremendous care is taken not to do anyone wrong, ever. “While these principles don’t always work very well everywhere in the world, we live in a beautiful country where we can do successful business upholding these values,” Mottackal says.

Mottackal is astute and dedicated to being of service, and previously served in the Indian Air Force before setting off to explore the world. He worked mostly as an electrical engineer in Europe and Africa and then came to the U.S.A. and founded the company in 1998. It was his travels that inspired his resolve to one day create a business where employees would become like family.

The result is a group of people who are pleased to be a part of this forward-thinking firm and are willing to do everything they can to make its name known. And since it opened its doors, Tomar has seen significant and sustained growth thanks to this.

After starting as a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor, it has expanded its offerings into the remarkable range of work from which its clients now benefit. The company is driven by its expertise and vision and bids on increasingly larger projects, establishing new milestones on every project.

Throughout its long history, there have naturally been numerous proud moments. Some of these include the Preakness Health Care Centre project in New Jersey; work for the Plainfield, Jersey City, Trenton, and Newark housing authorities; and projects for North Jersey District Water Supply Commission in East Windsor and Stony Brook Regional Sewerage Authority in Edgewater, New Jersey.

Apart from its robust quality assurances, Tomar leads its market through its empathy for people. Even on its website, an emphasis on integrity and stressing a healthy work-life balance come before business. And this is not common in an industry as tough as this one. So to attain this, it emphasizes effective communication, which it sees as the gateway to healthy relationships both onsite and in the office.

Its foremost concern appears to be doing the right thing in the right way, and with that goal firmly enshrined in its company culture, the business can only flourish. This is a place where people matter and where doing good work leads the way – a most refreshing take on construction in an age where money does most of the talking.



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