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All County Paving is primarily in the relationship business. “We’re interested in long-term relationships and repeat business,” says Ken Goldberg, President of All County Paving.
Goldberg and his business partner Jeff Cohen, Vice President, purchased All County Paving in 2009. Battling through a national recession by building relationships one at a time, they have expanded their business to include three offices in Florida and a National one in North Carolina.

“We have three offices in Florida which handle all of our local Florida business. We have a National footprint; we have a sales office in North Carolina. Our National office works all over the continental U.S.,” says Goldberg. The National office primarily works on big box stores, distribution centers and shopping centers, as well as single tenants such as Walgreens, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Verizon.

Part of a National organization known as The Pavement Network, All County Paving works with other reputable companies across the U.S. to share resources. This network shares local expertise and has created a best practices standard. “We share our financials, we share ideas and we do each other’s work around the country,” Goldberg explains. “We have trust and confidence in each other. That’s one of our strongest growth points.”

All County Paving specializes in areas of asphalt paving, repair and milling as well as seal coating, Home Owners Association (HOA) management, and site development. “We do pavement management solutions. We can do anything you can walk on, drive on or play on – from your front door to the highway, as long as it doesn’t grow,” says Goldberg. “That includes new construction of parking lots and roads, concrete sidewalks, drainage, infrastructure, signage, striping, car stops, and traffic calming devices.”

Pavement is a great option for clients looking for a long-lasting, quieter, low-maintenance and eco-friendly solution over concrete. Not only does it cost 40 percent less, it is all recycled. “Almost all the material we use is all recycled. We mill it, grind it up and then it goes to a dump truck back to the plant,” says Goldberg. “We pride ourselves on saying that the product we use is the number one most recycled product.”

There is a lot to feel proud of. At the beginning of the year, All County Paving won the Parking Lot of the Year Award from Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine. The 250,000 square-foot parking lot was for Century Village in Boca Raton and was completed in under two weeks. All County Paving is well-known in Florida for its projects with retail clients, schools and universities, commercial clients, apartments and condominiums.

Most notably, the team had the opportunity to build the new parking lot for the Miami Dolphins. In 2017, All County Paving was selected by the Miami Dolphins to construct their parking lot. “We reconstructed the entire parking lot. It was valued at $8.5 million – we did it in four months – which included new drainage, rockwork, concrete, demo, paving, seal coating and striping,” says Goldberg. “When the opportunity came for the bidding process, we were on the top of the list for them. They knew that we were a reputable company; we had the resources and the capabilities to perform it. And we performed. It was literally our best job ever.”

When not turning heads with high-profile jobs, the most common work All County Paving performs are municipal road repairs or work for HOAs and planned communities. Municipal road repairs and HOA work entails anything from asphalt paving to maintenance, repairs, sealcoating, striping and signage. For HOAs, the company will pave an entire neighborhood and perform the maintenance.

“Maintenance includes making sure that broken car stops are replaced and any asphalt damage is repaired. If there are any drainage issues they’re addressed right away,” Goldberg explains. “Maintenance also ensures the striping, every two to three years, is restriped correctly using the right materials and methods.” Seal coating is also an option for those who want a more protective layer from sunlight, the natural elements, oil and water.

Building entire neighborhoods requires a combination of many skill sets most pavers don’t have. Goldberg explains, “There are a lot of guys that can pave driveways really well but they can’t pave roadways. The guys that pave roadways can’t do parking lots.” Each job requires a different set of skills and completely different equipment. Smaller companies often have difficulty shifting between tasks, but larger ones like All County Paving do not.

Certainly, paving entire neighborhoods requires patience, diligence and planning. But no job working outside in the elements, especially in urban areas, is without its challenges. “You have to accept that there are certain things that will not always go well like weather issues, equipment issues, tenant issues when you’re on a property, issues with permitting and municipalities and the Department of Transportation,” says Goldberg. “It’s how you respond to the challenges that makes the difference.”

The difference at All County Paving is that, “we don’t walk away from anything. If we make a mistake or there’s an issue, even if I’ve got to rip out the entire job, I’ll do it. I’ll take a loss to make sure we keep that relationship going forward.”

Because All County Paving can handle big jobs, the team also uses superior equipment. “A lot of people use smaller pavers where they only weigh 18,000 to 20,000 lbs. We use bigger pavers that we can use on a highway that are 40,000 lbs.,” Goldberg says. These larger pavers do a better job establishing a rolling pattern. Superior rolling patterns create superior levels of compaction, and the final roll minimizes any cold joints or seams. These details make the difference between long-lasting and short-lasting asphalt.

“We start with making sure it’s properly planned. We bring only the best and newest equipment available in the industry,” says Goldberg. “We have the most highly-trained personnel, and most importantly, make sure they’re supervised professionally and everyone in the organization has an eye for detail.”

Jeff Cohen, Vice President, adds, “I think besides providing excellent quality work, our customer service is far superior, I feel, to our competitors’. I think our customers know that and that’s why they seek us out specifically.” This expertise in paving and respect in the industry is why All County Paving won Top Contractor from Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine for four years straight from 2014 to 2018.

The team behind Goldberg and Cohen is well-rounded, and many have a breadth of experience in the industry. Out of the 185 people who work for All County Paving, most of the site managers, salespeople and office managers worked their way up through the ranks. “First and foremost is to promote from within,” says Claudia Carreras, Human Resource Manager for All County Paving. “If you come in and you show us you have initiative and you have an interest to either become a foreman or a project manager, and we see that you work, we won’t make you stay in that position over the years like some companies. We’ll fast track you because we see that you have the incentive, the initiative and the skill set.”

Employees who show potential and are good team players are promoted. All County Paving likes to place employees in many roles, because they make for better managers. Carreras explains, “One of our top salesmen started working out in the field doing production paving.” This has an impact on coworkers. “They’re very happy when they see some of their coworkers moving into different roles. They’re excited about it, and they’re much better-rounded employees, because they know many different aspects of this business.”

Regardless of stature, employees receive benefits. “We offer a very competitive package which is health, dental, vision, PTO, vacation, we have a company sponsored group pension and profit-sharing plan, and we also have a lot of employee events that we participate in,” says Carreras. Management isn’t just in the business of building long-term relationships with clients, but with their staff as well.

To be sure, All County Paving is large enough to help with any project your company needs and small enough to give each project that special, personal touch. The challenges on any outdoor job site are numerous, so having a close relationship with a paver that uses teamwork and diligence and has the ability to adapt under pressure to changing circumstances is crucial. With a National scope, this team is able to handle any type of paving clients can dream of. All County Paving is an award-winning, relationship-focused company that builds and maintains pavement solutions.



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