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One is in distinguished company when Luxcom Builders enters the room. This stylish industry leader is recognized as one of Florida’s biggest home builders with a collection of well over four hundred prestigious industry awards, and its road to the top was every bit as inspiring as its design. Headed up by Founder and Chief Executive Officer Oscar Barbara, this driven team of perfectionists earned its reputation for quality and design through its commitment to its clients.
In 1989, Oscar Barbara founded Luxcom Builders, starting out in the construction business all by himself. With no mentor, training, or experience, the going was genuinely tough. However, Oscar got going and never stopped. In fact, within only two years, this driven visionary, by now in his mid-twenties, had turned Luxcom Builders into the twenty-ninth-biggest developer by volume in all of Miami.

The skylines of south Florida and Miami are world-famous for glamorous, laidback luxury, something in which the company has had a big hand. In fact, with its sleek design approach and love of modernity, the company very much contributed to the area’s character.

Luxcom Builders is based in Coral Gables, Florida and serves the area of Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County, although it has been known to work as far as the Bahamas on occasion. With over 10,000 completed units, over a million square feet of commercial work, and scores of satisfied customers, Luxcom Builders is at the forefront of sophistication, quality lifestyle design, and modern building concepts.

This innovative construction giant takes particular pride in its attention to detail and ability to evolve with fast-moving markets. In addition, the company is utterly committed to its communities, its clients, and its vision of developing extraordinary products. These include a range of luxury residential developments like high-rise condominiums, large-scale residential developments, exclusive ocean-front estates, resorts, and many more. On the commercial front, the Luxcom offer includes shopping centers and other retail spaces – many of which the company holds privately – together with a number of rental communities.

Its history is nothing short of impressive. When the young, recently-married Oscar set out to refurbish his new family home in 1987, he had no experience in the field. “I didn’t even know what a 2 x 4 was. The piece of wood could be on the floor next to me, and I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that that was a two-by-four-inch board. I knew nothing,” he says. “But I knew I needed to succeed.”

With absolutely no support and no advisor to ease the way, Oscar was on his own. However, he was determined to make it in the building industry, and that is exactly what he did. Luxcom Builders became one of the leading developers in Miami and it has not stopped growing. “I always say thanks to my wife and my marriage for getting me into a career that I would never have got into otherwise. It was the perfect calling for me, and it has become my life and my passion. It’s not a job,” says Oscar.

Here, there are no throngs of middle managers blocking access to top management. Instead, employees are given the freedom and the authority to make decisions on challenges at hand, and management is available on the ground every day. “At Luxcom Builders, we do not entertain bureaucracy. We’d rather cut all the red tape and focus on getting business done effectively and quickly. We want our trade partners to know that when we shake hands on an agreement, that deal is honored as a matter of course,” says Oscar.

Thanks to technology, the business has evolved dramatically over the years. It improved construction capabilities, style, and materials. Technology has also changed how the company operates and does research, with design-build processes speeding up dramatically over the last two decades. While each project is close to his heart, a particular favorite for Oscar is Mosaic at Venetian Parc in Kendall, Miami. The residential development has 604 units with more than twenty-five floor plans available. This is the company’s largest single development to date.

His other great pride and joy is Auto Vault, a prestigious car vault where collectors can keep big-ticket horsepower stabled in suitable luxury. The well-secured vault off Marina Mile in Fort Lauderdale offers easy access to private international jetports, and discerning collectors can select the interior design to suit their individual tastes and collections.

Another very proud moment came in 1998 when Oscar completed Capobella on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. The inauguration was especially significant in his career’s history as Capobella was its first high-rise. At the young age of thirty-eight, Oscar led that project to fruition and cemented his reputation in the industry. Very much ahead of its time, the building is modern to its very core, even by today’s standards and has become a landmark on the beachfront.

When it comes to his success secrets, Oscar is clear. For him, passion is the driving force of business, and his recommendation to young start-ups is to make sure that they do what they love. “First make sure you do what you love, and then make sure that you do it right or don’t do it at all,” he says. With such singular commitment comes big sacrifices, but in his experience, patience and tenacity are always rewarded.

“Honoring your word and not letting people down is another important key to longevity in any business. Without that, you won’t get far,” he says. Coming from a man who had to cancel his honeymoon twice to honor his business commitments, that is a pretty serious piece of advice. All those sacrifices certainly paid off for Luxcom Builders, and in a very big way.

The company’s affiliations are numerous. As a founding member of the Future Builders of America Foundation of Florida Home Builders Association, Oscar considers being of service to the industry to be a great honor. The company’s hard work and dedication were recognized when, in a touching award ceremony, Oscar’s son awarded him with acceptance into the Florida Atlantic Building Association’s Hall of Fame. “It was a very emotional moment for us. We are still extremely honored by this gesture,” says Oscar. This privilege is bestowed on only the most outstanding, honest, and big-hearted construction companies in the industry, and Luxcom’s reputation for excellence and philanthropy is right up there with the best.

Oscar has also been named “Builder of the Year” by the Builder’s Association of South Florida (BASF), industry “Trendsetter” by Florida Trend and “The Achiever” by Miami Today.

Luxcom’s community contributions are particularly generous. The compassionate company gives significantly, especially to causes related to children and life-saving work. The CEO is also personally very involved when it comes to the company’s charities. Oscar is on the board of the Saint Jude Children’s Hospital, one of the biggest in South Florida, and the company works with Habitat for Humanity and has been named ‘Volunteer of the Year’ by the Baptist Children’s Hospital Foundation. “Family is very important to us. I have two granddaughters who are the loves of my life, even though I love all my kids equally. Helping each other and sharing our help is very important to us,” Oscar says.

While the company faces the same industry challenges of rising costs and land shortages as every other developer, its outlook is positive. For Oscar, staying grounded is the most important factor in remaining successful. “My motto for all our staff is this: Think of your family. Whatever difficult requests and challenges you get faced with, do what is right by your family, and you’ll be good,” he says. It was with these wise words that we said our goodbyes.

In an age of easy-come-easy-go success, it is always refreshing to find people like the Luxcom team who back up words with action and who honor life by living their passion. While Luxcom Builders is a big player in the building industry, there is definitely no denying that its passion for people and constructing iconic developments combine to give its customers and the world only the best of itself. And that goes a really long way.



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