Built to Last

R&B Metal Structures
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

For almost sixteen years, R&B Metal Structures has served customers across Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida and continues to earn the business of both new and repeat clients. The company offers a wide range of high quality metal buildings from carports and garages to barns, storage buildings, agricultural structures, industrial, boat and dock covers, and much more.
R&B Metal Structures is a proud family-owned business now in the hands of the second generation. From its headquarters in Jackson, Georgia, the company serves customers throughout the Southeast, installing an estimated seven thousand buildings per year. It also has an installation and sales center located in Gainesboro, Tennessee, just east of Nashville.

The company’s two owners spent months working on business strategies before officially launching in 2003. Previously, one worked as a quarry manager who was invited by a friend in Virginia who operated a similar company to come to Georgia and take over the territory.

R&B refuses to compromise on quality and its products are designed, engineered, and manufactured to be long-lasting and extremely functional. The company’s manufactured metal structures have practically limitless uses and are used for residential, recreational, and commercial purposes.

R&B’s products can be as small as a single or double-car cover for residential purposes to buildings as large as classic red barn-style garages, triple side entry combo garages and more. Its building are used as RV covers, carports, open barns, narrow, deluxe or traditional full dock covers, machinery covers, horse shelters, and for many other uses.

One of the company’s recent projects was an eight-stall muffler shop for a small business. Its structures include batting cages for school systems and garages for maintenance storage used by the highway section of the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).

Its manufacturing process uses the best materials available – primarily steel from mills in the Southeastern U.S. – installed by highly experienced crews who provide exceptional, friendly customer service. R&B uses dedicated installation crews. As a result, all of its buildings are put up by experienced people who care about the reputation of the product. The majority of the company’s customers arrange to create their own concrete pad, and R&B takes care of manufacturing and installation.

Standard structures are engineered and made from twenty-nine-gauge sheet metal with fourteen gauge frame components, while certified structures are made using engineered drawings, are available in a range of custom widths and lengths. Certified structures have peak braces and trusses, engineered anchor systems like rebar and hollow wall anchors (HWA) or concrete anchors as well as engineered bracing systems that can handle up to 150 mile-per-hour winds and thirty pound-per-square-foot snow loads.

R&B is able to meet the metal building requirements of all clients whether they are looking for commercial, residential, or agricultural products. By working closely with customers, the company will help them determine the necessary structure type, frame and roof, sides and ends, lean-tos, and doors and options.

It provides a range of choices, and buyers can select from a variety of sizes, styles, and either standard color or premium forty-year color options. Customers can choose the best door style to meet their needs, including walk-in, roll-up, and oversized roll-up doors. And to complement the overall look of the carport, storage shed or other metal structure, buyers can add skylights, windows, Dutch openings, insulation, wainscoting, interior paneling, and more to create a specific look. Additional anchors, corner braces, and roof braces are also available.

“All of our buildings are made to order, custom-built for whatever the customer wants,” says Ben Giovannetti, the company’s long-time chief financial officer. “No building is necessarily identical to the last.”

And unlike buildings from other companies, metal structures from R&B come with a twenty-year rust-through warranty for standard buildings and a limited lifetime warranty for certified structures.

R&B has grown in response to overwhelming demand and now has about eighty full-time staff with years of combined construction experience.

It is proud of its employees and helpful dealers alike. The company sells its metal buildings through over eight hundred qualified dealers in the U.S. Dealers can answer all questions and help customers make informed decisions about what buildings would meet their needs. They will help answer customer questions about concrete guidelines, creative uses for metal carports, the benefits of steel agricultural buildings as a solid investment for farmers, and more.

Among the company’s hundreds of successful dealers are auto shops and dealerships, hardware stores, agricultural equipment suppliers, and others. Dealers make a commission and are not required to pay for franchise fees, marketing materials, training, or signs. All promotional materials are covered by R&B.

R&B Metal Structures has a base of dedicated, long-time staff and is on the lookout for new workers to meet demand. “Retention has not been a problem, but growing outside of that has,” comments Giovannetti. The company is one of the largest employers of Butts County, Georgia.

“We really want to galvanize ourselves in this geographic area that we are in,” states Giovannetti, “and be known for one of the top metal building companies in the Southeast.”

The company is focusing on fully saturating the existing areas where it works and promotes itself through its website, social media, and long-term relationships with vendors who represent the company in local communities. Fostering long-term, close relationships with suppliers also continues to earn it industry-wide respect and repeat business.

R&B Metal Structures is dedicated to ensuring that it provides clients with the best products and customer service possible. This commitment to quality has led to the company maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.



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