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SRG Roofing
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

Founded over a decade ago, SRG Roofing started with a handful of employees, taking on small commercial and residential works. Building on its initial success, the business soon expanded to multifamily projects, which generated revenue allowing SRG to tackle larger commercial work and gain a reputation as one of the top companies in the roofing industry.
Today, with about 60 full-time employees, SRG Roofing employs approximately 300 individuals taking into account its valued associates. From very humble beginnings in a Texas garage to a respected national company with four locations, SRG has grown, but its core values have remained: accountability, integrity, optimism, innovation, and passion.

“Our whole mindset was to have a company where you can leave a legacy, a company where you can change and impact the lives of not only our employees, but the lives of the communities in which we work,” says company President Kevin Kirkwood. “And we are pretty good at keeping water out of buildings,” he laughs.

With its home base in Farmers Branch – a city in Dallas County, Texas – and locations in Denver, Colorado, Jacksonville, Florida, and Riverside, California, SRG is able to serve roofing needs across the nation. Providing outstanding quality work and competitive pricing, the company also offers 10, 15, and 20-year manufacturer no dollar limits (NDL) warranties to its clients.

For Kirkwood, roofing is much more than a profession; it is his passion. He represents the third generation in the roofing industry, as his grandfather was in the roofing and construction business and his father was a contractor. Founding SRG in 2006, Kirkwood’s vision was to create a national business, which was further fueled when business partner Steven Bolos came on-board in 2014 as co-owner. “When Steve and I partnered, that’s when a very dynamic opportunity happened, and Steven has been a phenomenal mentor for me, as well as a business partner.”

Like Kirkwood, Bolos shares not only a love of the roofing industry, but of fostering a company centered on culture, outstanding quality service, and respect for employees and clients. “Our business has been solidified and founded on our clients, who we refer to as partners,” says Kirkwood. “A customer is someone who goes up, buys something, and walks away; we refer to them as partners, and we partner with them. We are interested in how long they hold their buildings, how many buildings they have, what their goals are as an organization, and how we can partner – not only from a due diligence standpoint or maintenance repair standpoint – but long-term.”

Unlike some others in the industry, SRG is not in the business of “chasing roofs” and waterproofing projects just for the sake of getting work; instead, the company chooses to nurture and grow long-lasting relationships built on customer service, professionalism, respect, and trust. Often earning business through word-of-mouth from satisfied partners, SRG doesn’t have salespeople, but an entire office of trusted advisors. “We don’t want to sell anybody anything,” states Kirkwood. “We want to simply be advisors of, ‘here is the best case scenario and situation for your particular building,’ because not all roofs need the same type of attention.”

Licensed in 26 states
Experts in commercial, industrial, and multifamily projects, the team at SRG is able to tackle even the most challenging roofing projects. From low and steep slopes to fluid-applied roofing systems, building envelope waterproofing, job order contracting, service and repair, and preparing due diligence reports, SRG has you covered. Since the company is focused on creating long-term partnerships rather than one-off jobs, SRG also offers detailed annual roof maintenance programs. This involves professional inspection and assessment, along with a consultation to evaluate specific needs, determining how long the owner intends to keep the property, their budget, and a plan for their individual goals. While Kirkwood says investing in a new roof might not be as enjoyable as purchasing a sports car or a motorcycle, “it is one of the most valuable pieces of an asset in terms of real estate,” he says. “It’s the skin on the body, covering the mechanicals, merchandise, and valuable pieces of equipment and machinery.”

SRG Roofing is active across the United States with licenses in 26 different states. Usually focusing on the west, the team has taken on projects in Nevada, California, and south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and it is currently working on a project in Albany, New York. Focused more on partnerships with clients than geographic territory, SRG’s west office in Riverside, California, was created to meet the needs of several large partners the company works with on a national basis. “We went to California – not because we thought it would be great to go to California – but to put in an office simply to serve that client,” comments Kirkwood of SRG, which did the same thing in Colorado, Arizona, and its home base in Texas. “Long story short is, we will go where our clients are. We don’t chase storms, but we will go were our clients need us.”

Hard Rock Stadium
One of the company’s largest projects tied in to the $500 million renovation of the iconic Hard Rock Stadium in Florida. Home to the National Football League’s Miami Dolphins, the recent renovations to the 31-year-old stadium saw new audio, video and lighting, innovative fiber optic systems, 1,472-inch screens in every corner, 300-level patio bars, new food and beverage offerings, and more. For SRG, one of the largest projects the team has completed is coating the enormous Hard Rock Stadium logos. At 31,000 feet, the two logos were coated by SRG with AcryShield®, a first-of-its-kind fluid-applied system made by National Coatings Corporation. Founded in 1981, National Coatings remains the nation’s leading manufacturer of durable, high-performance acrylic elastomeric roof coatings.

As an Approved Applicator for National Coatings, SRG Roofing successfully applied 29,750 square feet of custom color-matched silicone roof coating, and provided the client with a full 10-year warranty covering labor and material defects. “National Coatings was the company that brought us that opportunity.”

One of Dallas’s top 100
Hosted by the Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business, SRG Roofing was recently recognized as one of the Top 100 fastest-growing privately-held companies in Dallas in the annual list. “We found out that we were in the Top 10, which blew us away,” says Kirkwood. “Few construction companies, let alone roofing firms, are ever even in these [lists] — it’s a lot of engineering companies, technology, and a lot of software businesses.”

For SRG, the accolade is enormous. One of the fastest-growing cities in America, Dallas-Fort Worth is booming in terms of its population and economy. With many massive businesses embracing the area – Toyota and Liberty Mutual, for instance – the team at SRG Roofing considers it a tremendous honor to be included on the Top 100 list, at number four. Along with this achievement comes growing recognition of the company and its abilities to take on large-scale roofing and waterproofing needs for clients.

Often, the company will refer smaller projects to other local, qualified, licensed companies, feeling its skills and professionalism are best utilized working for partners with multiple properties. “If you have a national portfolio of properties and you are looking for a partner, then we can absolutely provide the best value for your business,” shares Kirkwood. “Our entire business is structured around that type of mentality, meaning that if you partner with us, we expect transparency. We expect for you to call us for anything you need, and what you expect from us is to make sure that any need you have in terms of your roof or waterproofing, we will meet. So we are selective about who we partner with. We don’t take every single deal or opportunity that comes across our desk; often, we will refer it to other companies. Because when we take you on, we give you every bit of resource we have as a company.”

As selective as SRG Roofing is about the clients it chooses to partner with, the company is equally choosy about its employees. While skill sets are important, so is fostering SRG’s long-held values of quality, passion, and integrity, which truly make a difference in the community. This all comes down to the company’s culture – believing that if every employee is focused on the same goals, with a shared intensity and commitment, anything is possible.

“Our mentality is, if you’re just looking for a roofer to slap some tar up on the roof, we’re probably not the best choice for you,” says Kirkwood, “but if you’re looking for the best roofing and waterproofing construction partner available, then that’s what we want to be for you. And if you happen to be in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, then that’s where we’re going to go. That’s our culture, and that’s our motto.”

As for the future of the company, SRG would like to triple the amount of partners it has in next two years, as the team knows they are out there. “I would like to find and bring on more like-minded, trusted advisors, and triplicate what we already have. In a single word: more.”



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