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Len Riegler Blacktop
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Len Riegler Blacktop is a case study in hard work, dedication and quality relationships. A closer look at the firm proves that there is still room in the market for small businesses with the right outlook to expand and take on the big ones.
In 1954, Len Riegler Blacktop started as a small family business and operated from a home basement in Kentucky. With Len Riegler working in the field and his wife Mary running the business operations at home, the company quickly emerged as a top local provider of asphalt services. Fast-forward to 2017, and it has over ninety employees, 150 pieces of equipment and is a leading provider to the Kentucky-Ohio-Indiana tri-state area.

Now based in Florence, Kentucky, Riegler Blacktop is much more than a single-service provider. In the 1990s, the firm saw a spike in growth as it entered the subdivision market. From that success, it took a leap to investing in an asphalt plant in 2006.

Len Riegler Blacktop was able to achieve expansion at a rapid rate by taking on new capabilities. Today, this diversification of supporting services has proven to be a success, influencing an astounding four hundred percent growth over the last ten years. “The people before us laid the foundation for a very solid reputation, and we take that very seriously. We want to make sure we do the same thing to carry on the legacy and ensure that Riegler is a quality name,” Mike Riegler, General Manager of Len Riegler Blacktop, explained.

Last year, Len Riegler Blacktop completed its largest project to date. The team constructed the parking lots and roadways for a life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark, titled the Ark Encounter located in Williamstown, KY. In addition, the firm has been actively involved in Cincinnati, Ohio’s recent construction boom including work around several new big-box buildings in proximity to the Cincinnati airport.

With over sixty-three years of history behind it, Len Riegler Blacktop has managed to accrue a long list of project completions. However, a closer look at its most recent successes proves that the next sixty-three years may just be the best yet.

Riegler Blacktop has a large footprint in both the private and public sector. It has a vital role in the public paving market, often completing large projects for municipalities, government organizations, and schools. On the private end, the firm is involved heavily with new construction and property maintenance, property management, and even some residential work.

Although the company started as a predominately paving and seal coating enterprise, it took on an ambitious diversified approach in the last ten years. Using its in-house construction expertise, Len Riegler Blacktop seamlessly shifted into concrete, excavation and various support services. “Diversification has allowed us to grow into a lot of different sectors,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing R.J. Riegler.

When clients come to Len Riegler Blacktop, they are provided with both quality services and the benefit of a streamlined and centralized process. The company has in-house capabilities to take ownership of projects from the planning phases to post-completion maintenance. “Any time you have the ability to offer the (clients) a one stop shop on things or the ability for us to manage things – that is always what customers are looking for,” said R.J Riegler.

This is a significant point of differentiation and part of the reason for the company’s growth in recent years. When it comes to paving companies, there are few competitors able to offer the breadth of services of Len Riegler Blacktop. It has the equipment and the in-house staff for its all-encompassing approach. A unique element of the process is an in-house civil engineer who takes the one-stop-shop approach to a new level by ensuring that planning and permitting can also be managed through the firm.

The firm’s approach has many benefits for clients as Riegler Blacktop can both finish a project and maintain it for twenty years. With fully-integrated services, clients know that the project schedule is managed to tight deadlines and budgets. Moreover, by keeping one point of contact, the extra hassles of and associated costs of multiple subcontractors are diminished.

Most importantly, with Riegler Blacktop management at the helm of a project, clients rest assured each phase is completed to the highest standard of quality. “Customers are always looking for someone they know they can call and trust, and they know it will be taken care of. We give them that here” said Mike Riegler.

Strong client relationships are the ultimate testament to a firm’s work, and there are very few businesses in the country that can top the longevity of the client relationships that Riegler has. Some of Riegler Blacktop’s clients have been working with it for over thirty years, and the company stands as a shining example of what quality service and a commitment to professional relationships can do. “We want to get customers for life. That’s our mentality; so we make sure we do a good job on (projects) every time.”

The firm has built a name that is synonymous with quality, and to do that, it has a commitment to fostering an environment of learning and excellence amongst its staff. “We take a lot of pride in the people that work here. The team we have together, most of them have been with us for a long time,” R.J. Riegler said.

Part of the company’s strong knowledge base comes from its policy to train up staff and promote from within. “We have been in business for sixty-three years, and we are planning on this for the long haul, so it is important to have guys around us that also have those same values, and that is a key part of our success,” said Mike Riegler.



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