Collaborating with Clients

CTA Construction Managers
Written by Robert Hoshowsky

For the past sixteen years, CTA Construction Managers has excelled at providing clients with a range of superior pre-construction, construction, and post-construction services. Its strong focus on working with customers and partners in the spirit of collaboration has allowed it to proudly deliver in excess of one billion dollars of award-winning projects with integrity and the highest possible degree of professionalism.
Based in historic Waltham, Massachusetts, CTA was founded by Lyle Coghlin and Patrick Tompkins in 2000. Today, it has grown to a full-time staff of thirty-three and performs in academic, civic, commercial/retail, and residential sectors, with an emphasis on municipal construction. The company operates mainly in Massachusetts, primarily in the eastern area of the state, and has fostered numerous successful, long-term relationships across the state.

Although it does not have a set value for projects, works over recent years have ranged from $5,000,000 to $68,000,000. For projects of all sizes, CTA Construction Managers is highly proactive and takes great pride in communicating openly and honestly with all clients.

The company is a proud member of the respected US Green Building Council (USGBC) and adheres to the principles and mission of the USGBC, namely the promotion and implementation of sustainability-based practices in America’s construction and building industry. The team at the ‘green’ builder has years of experience in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and many other areas of sustainable building including Massachusetts High Performance Green Schools Guidelines as administered by the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (MA-CHPS) performance standards.

Over the past seven years, CTA has “championed the construction and renovation of ten LEED-designed buildings and fourteen MA-CHPS-designed buildings,” according to the company. All of these projects went on to receive LEED Silver (or higher) certification or MA-CHPS certification.

“Many of the green projects that we complete translate to additional compensation from the government agencies that help fund the projects,” says CTA Project Executive Paul DuRoss. “The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is committed to green building.”

With almost two decades of construction experience and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Villanova University, DuRoss has served as a project superintendent, project manager and project executive since he joined CTA in 2002. The company, he says, continues to educate itself about ever-changing green design practices and sustainable construction. It maintains systems and handles certifications for owners if required, and prides itself on the expertise of all employees.

CTA Construction Managers has over $800,000,000 of work completed or in progress that is either LEED, MA CHPS or Enterprise Green Communities certified. It works with clients to achieve many environmental initiatives. These include stormwater control systems, water use reduction of twenty to thirty percent, gray water systems, rain collection systems, permeable paving systems, use of recycled materials, energy efficient performance systems, using local materials, lighting controls, and a range of energy-efficient performance systems.

A number of projects, including the Mountview Middle School (Holden), Hingham Municipal Power and Light (in Hingham), the Abe Lincoln Elementary School (in New Bedford), and the Beverly High School (in Beverly), have involved photovoltaic systems. Other initiatives, such as green roof systems on the Lexington DPW & Parker Elementary School in Billerica, bio-retention systems (Lexington DPW), and solar wall heating at the Hingham Elementary School, have been used on a range of schools and public structures.

Additionally, CTA has successfully implemented a variety of geothermal well systems for heating and cooling. These have been used on projects at the University of Massachusetts New Police Facility, the Fiske Elementary School in Lexington, and the Hopkinton Public Library in Hopkinton.

Successful construction management is a process requiring collaboration to create a relationship founded on professionalism and integrity. Partners are involved in the overall process, and by working as a unit from the beginning, a favorable outcome is achieved. This is particularly important when it comes to understanding and appreciating client needs and objectives.

“We remain client-focused by always putting the owners’ interest ahead of our business objectives,” says DuRoss. “At CTA, we treat our partners – architects, consultants, subcontractors, and vendors – fairly, by being empathetic to our project team members’ goals and constraints. We work jointly, complementing each other’s strengths with our own unique expertise and creativity, to not only make projects successful but to ensure the planning and construction process is enjoyable and memorable.”

Precisely planning every stage of a project in done with project management systems such as building information modelling (BIM) software to generate and manage data for commercial/retail, residential, academic and civic works. BIM is an outstanding tool for every stage of all projects, including phase planning, cost estimation, and design development and review. Through technologically advanced programs like BIM, 3D modeling, and a host of other information-based solutions including web-based document sharing, the company provides the highest-quality project management services available.

In 2014, America’s top one hundred green building contractors generated an impressive $48.71 billion in revenue. In 2015, CTA Construction Managers ranked #82 of the hundred largest sustainable building contractors in the nation by Engineering News-Record (ENR).

CTA has been the proud recipient of many accolades for its sustainable works. These include the Green Difference Award – Project Green Schools by The Massachusetts House of Representatives for the Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, New Bedford; the Green Award, Association of Builders and Contractors, LEED/Sustainable Design for the East Elementary School, Hingham; and the Green Award, Association of Builders and Contractors, LEED/Sustainable Design for the UMass Amherst Police Station, Amherst.

Additionally, CTA has been awarded for its outstanding work in other areas by the American Public Works Association, Public Works Project of the Year Award for the Samuel Hadley Public Services Building, Lexington; the Historical Preservation Award for Excellence in Rehabilitation, Restoration & Adaptive Reuse, Massachusetts Historical Commission, 2008 (for the Harvard Public Library, Harvard, and others.

Over the years, CTA has seen a significant increase in LEED and other green building initiatives across several sectors, largely as a result of client demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly projects.

“The overall market is more aware of green building nowadays,” comments DuRoss. “The workers on site on our projects have become accustomed to the changes from indoor air quality control to waste management procedures. Documentation has become easier as well with the majority of product manufacturers now understanding the reporting and product information requirements to foster sustainable building.”

The company provides preconstruction, construction, and post-construction services such as site logistics planning, construction feasibility, design evaluation, construction document review, cash-flow analysis, contract development, information management, and quality control. It also performs mechanical, electrical and plumbing coordination, arranges certificate of occupancy, does building systems training (including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, technology, security), and more. All services are delivered with the utmost professionalism and respect for safety.

CTA is responsible for the construction of many municipal buildings which are extremely important to communities and believes in giving back through philanthropic efforts, including supporting local schools with scholarship foundations, helping local food pantries, and supporting fire and police organizations, along with sports booster clubs and scouting organizations.

“At CTA, successful projects are the result of strong management and the high levels of operational efficiency we employ in executing and delivering our services,” states DuRoss. “We are a proactive builder. As construction advisor to our clients, we realize and respect their valuable resources.”

“We believe in open and effective communication. Transparency fosters trust. Trust builds long-term relationships. That is why successful projects begin with CTA Construction, and great building starts here.”



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