March 2018

2018 | In Focus | March 2018Raising the Bar with Modern Manufacturing TechniquesGaithersburg Architectural Millwork

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

Raising the Bar with Modern Manufacturing Techniques

Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork

Seeing how many businesses start with only one hardworking individual and, through continued growth, become solid enterprises is something that never ceases to amaze. Gaithersburg Cabinetry & Millwork of Warrenton, Virginia is just such an entity. It was founded in 1981 and has become a specialized company that has garnered multiple awards for its stellar performance on unique and difficult projects.

2018 | In Focus | March 2018Perfecting the Art of PrecastCoreslab Structures

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

Perfecting the Art of Precast

Coreslab Structures

Precast concrete manufacturing company Coreslab Structures (OKLA) Inc. makes both structural and architectural precast concrete products. Over the course of its history, the company has been recognized many times for the work it does by many of the industry’s leading organizations including the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Precast Manufacturers of America (PCMA), American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI). Last year was the company’s fortieth year as a PCI certified plant. Thirteen of those years date back to the Thomas Concrete years of operation.

2018 | In Focus | March 2018Connecting the Front Line to the Bottom LineRLG International

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

Connecting the Front Line to the Bottom Line

RLG International

RLG International is a consulting firm with a unique approach to performance improvement through a focus on workforce engagement and Critical Path execution. Since 1983, RLG has been successfully engaging front line workers on operational and capital projects to deliver dramatic and visible performance improvement. It is proud of its reputation for integrity and does not take on a project if there is no opportunity for significant measurable progress.

2018 | In Focus | March 2018A Modern Experiment Rich in Potential3D Printing in Construction

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

A Modern Experiment Rich in Potential

3D Printing in Construction

3D (three-dimensional) printing has been maturing rapidly since the beginning of the decade, although the process can be traced back to a 1984 patent filing by a group of French inventors – Alain Le Mehaute, Oliver de Witte, and Jean Claude Andre. As Alain Le Mehaute recounts in an interview with the French website, Primante3D, their patent application was abandoned by the French General Electric Company where they worked. Just a few weeks after this initial patent application, Charles Hull filed a patent for a similar process that he called Stereolithography and was granted the patent.

2018 | Associations | In Focus | March 2018Representing Members since 1909General Contractors Association of New York (GCANY)

2018 | Associations | In Focus | March 2018

Representing Members since 1909

General Contractors Association of New York (GCANY)

1909 marked the founding of the General Contractors Association of New York (GCA), headquartered in New York City. As a trade association, the GCA represents the city and state’s unionized heavy construction and public works contractors involved with the construction of rail and mass transit systems, roads, bridges, building foundations and water and wastewater treatment plants. In other words, the essential infrastructure that those living in large cities often take for granted.

2018 | Associations | In Focus | March 2018Improving Quality of Life in North and South CarolinaCarolinas AGC

2018 | Associations | In Focus | March 2018

Improving Quality of Life in North and South Carolina

Carolinas AGC

“Carolinas AGC is a full-service construction industry association that provides workforce development, job leads, safety/education and training programs, government relations, advocacy, meetings for networking and business development, and everything else people in the commercial and industrial construction industry need. Our motto is ‘the trusted voice of construction in the Carolinas,’” states Dave Simpson, president and chief executive officer of Carolinas Associated General Contractors (CAGC).

2018 | In Focus | March 2018Quality for Over a CenturyNielsen Builders

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

Quality for Over a Century

Nielsen Builders

Nielsen Builders is a commercial construction company based in Harrisonburg, Virginia with a history of more than one hundred years serving clients in the region. The company specializes in large-scale commercial projects including elementary and secondary schools, universities, healthcare and assisted living facilities, warehousing, and more.

2018 | In Focus | March 2018Rebuilding Boston, One Project at a TimeG.V.W. Incorporated

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

Rebuilding Boston, One Project at a Time

G.V.W. Incorporated

Boston’s family-owned G.V.W. Incorporated construction company specializes in public and private sector construction in the state of Massachusetts. Among its diverse projects are ground-up contracts that range from seven-story buildings to schools and public facilities. It is also one of the state’s largest window installers and performs big and small interior renovation fit-outs for existing buildings. The company prides itself on its ability to keep up with its market’s needs. George Wattendorf, company president and son of its founder, shared the scope and history of the company with us.

2018 | In Focus | March 2018A Year of Strong GrowthLive Oak Contracting

2018 | In Focus | March 2018

A Year of Strong Growth

Live Oak Contracting

Live Oak Contracting is a third party general contracting firm with deep roots in Jacksonville, Florida. The company has completed projects throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States, as well as in New England. Live Oak was previously featured in the March 2017 edition of Construction in Focus; one year later, we spoke with Paul Bertozzi, Managing Partner and Founder of Live Oak, to learn about the exciting new developments Live Oak has undertaken.


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