June 2018

2018 | In Focus | June 2018Sustainable Roofing Products and ServicesPenfolds Roofing and Solar

2018 | In Focus | June 2018

Sustainable Roofing Products and Services

Penfolds Roofing and Solar

Penfolds Roofing and Solar offers roofing services for new construction and reroofing services for residential and commercial buildings in the metro Vancouver area. Approximately sixty percent of its work is residential; thirty percent is commercial, and ten percent is new construction. It has a service and repair division that can handle all types of roof repairs and maintenance, including emergency services.

2018 | In Focus | June 2018The Midwest’s Dedicated Experts in Aggregate EquipmentTHECO Inc.

2018 | In Focus | June 2018

The Midwest’s Dedicated Experts in Aggregate Equipment


Founded in 1988, THECO Inc. has proudly been providing the upper Midwestern aggregate industry with materials processing equipment and top-tier service for several years. Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, the company is experiencing phenomenal growth due to its strong leadership and expert staff. Always looking for ways to help the customer, the business operates based on the number-one goal of complete customer satisfaction.

2018 | Associations | In Focus | June 2018AED Fights for Its Members, at All LevelsAssociated Equipment Distributors (AED)

2018 | Associations | In Focus | June 2018

AED Fights for Its Members, at All Levels

Associated Equipment Distributors (AED)

Associated Equipment Distributors (AED), headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, is an international trade association within the construction equipment industry that serves its members well. For almost a century, AED has epitomized the crucial role that distributors play in the American economy. And as its membership grows, so does its influence in working for the best interests of its members.

2018 | In Focus | June 2018Nationwide “Explodes” Into the AV FutureNationwide Audio Visual

2018 | In Focus | June 2018

Nationwide “Explodes” Into the AV Future

Nationwide Audio Visual

Among the many business lessons Shawn Quinlan has learned over the years, one of the most important is how vital it is to adapt to changing markets and technologies and to do so quickly. And while this is true of many industries, it is especially important when it comes to electronics.

As president of Nationwide Audio Visual (operating as a division of Nationwide Electronics Ltd.) for the past twenty-seven years, Quinlan has overseen much of the company’s growth.

2018 | In Focus | June 2018Culture by DesignK2M Design

2018 | In Focus | June 2018

Culture by Design

K2M Design

K2M Design®, Inc. is an award-winning, entrepreneurial design firm focused on Building Relationships Based on Trust and Results, creating the Power of 2: People and Projects. With a unique culture and leadership model, K2M’s architects, engineers, interior designers and asset managers are engaged and empowered; as a result, both the people and the projects they undertake thrive.

2018 | In Focus | June 2018Highly Sophisticated Construction ProjectsCRB

2018 | In Focus | June 2018

Highly Sophisticated Construction Projects


CRB was founded over 30 years ago as an engineering firm, and the construction side of the business was formed 10 years later to support the sophisticated projects designed by the engineering group. CRB focused on serving the biopharmaceutical market that requires advanced facilities, and in the first 10 years, CRB had difficulty finding builders with the skills to construct what the engineers had designed. CRB’s Construction Services Group was born to fill that specific need.

2018 | In Focus | June 2018A Family Business Focused on More than the Bottom LineThompson Concrete

2018 | In Focus | June 2018

A Family Business Focused on More than the Bottom Line

Thompson Concrete

Thompson Concrete is a family-run business that’s looking at major growth while performing extensive charitable work. Based in Carroll, Ohio with a small branch in Kentucky, this concrete contractor primarily works in the commercial, site excavation and foundations sectors. Thompson Concrete self-performs its services and has grown from a handful of employees to a team of over 250 individuals.

2018 | Associations | In Focus | June 2018Developing Strong Foundations for Cast-In-Place ContractingConcrete Foundations Association

2018 | Associations | In Focus | June 2018

Developing Strong Foundations for Cast-In-Place Contracting

Concrete Foundations Association

As important as it is to keep up with the latest developments in safety, it is tough for typical, cast-in-place concrete contractors to find the time to get away from business to educate themselves in industry trends. This is why the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) stepped in to save the day. The association works exceptionally hard to serve companies that specialize in in-situ concrete casting.

2018 | Associations | In Focus | June 2018Not Your Grandfather’s SteelThe Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

2018 | Associations | In Focus | June 2018

Not Your Grandfather’s Steel

The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) is headquartered in Schaumburg, a northwestern suburb of Chicago, Illinois. It was founded in 1924 when leadership came together to assist one another in industry practices and business matters. Fostering a spirit of collaboration, CRSI works with changes in the building code to make sure steel reinforced concrete remains a competitive construction material.

2018 | In Focus | June 2018Innovative AestheticsNawkaw Corporation

2018 | In Focus | June 2018

Innovative Aesthetics

Nawkaw Corporation

Formally established in Toronto in 1988, Nawkaw Corporation has grown to have an international presence. It is now headquartered in Athens, Georgia and has offices across the United States, Canada and Australia since its ability to solve problems related to masonry color is appreciated around the world. Projects include restoration and corrective coloring, applying colors to concrete and masonry, and other commercial services including cleaning, surface preparation and graffiti removal.

2018 | In Focus | June 2018Concrete Specialists Who CareGrand River Construction

2018 | In Focus | June 2018

Concrete Specialists Who Care

Grand River Construction

Americans are pioneering people who are internationally respected for their strong work ethic. As such, the country was built by scores of truly great contractors. While there are countless big players out in the field who excel at what they do, this one recently caught our attention. Grand River Construction, Inc. in Hudsonville, Michigan, appears to do things differently. Looking at its service statement, it quickly becomes apparent that this commercial and industrial general contractor’s foundations run deep.

2018 | In Focus | June 2018The Woodard WayWoodard Cleaning and Restoration

2018 | In Focus | June 2018

The Woodard Way

Woodard Cleaning and Restoration

Originally, Woodard Cleaning & Restoration primarily performed carpet cleaning services for homeowners and businesses, but it evolved into dealing with problems such as water and fire damage and mold removal. Today, it has grown to 250 employees with four buildings located in Rock Hill, Missouri, and it also deploys its services in partnership with companies in other areas like Boston or New York for disaster relief situations, such as after Hurricane Sandy.


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