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2021 | General Contracting | November 2021Approaching the Mid-Century Mark in a Power PositionMidwest Drywall Co., Inc.

2021 | General Contracting | November 2021

Approaching the Mid-Century Mark in a Power Position

Midwest Drywall Co., Inc.

Midwest Drywall Co. Inc., (MWD) is thriving as it prepares to mark its fiftieth anniversary next year. COVID-19 threw the Wichita, Kansas-based wall and ceiling drywall subcontractor something of a curveball, but it has endured. Since it was last profiled in the November 2019 issue of Construction in Focus magazine, the employee-owned firm has opened an office in an additional geographic location and continues to take on large projects as it approaches a corporate milestone.

2020 | December 2020 | In FocusDesigning for Wellness and Energy SavingsCMTA

2020 | December 2020 | In Focus

Designing for Wellness and Energy Savings


Award-winning, rapidly-growing engineering firm CMTA helps design buildings with energy-efficiency and wellness in mind. It is an approach that has proven popular as the Louisville, Kentucky-based company expands. This focus on healthy buildings is particularly relevant given the danger of COVID, a virus that spreads quickly in enclosed, poorly-ventilated spaces.

& Plumbing | 2020 | August 2020 | Electrical | In Focus | MechanicalA Flourishing Family Business Since the 19th CenturyThe Geiler Company

& Plumbing | 2020 | August 2020 | Electrical | In Focus | Mechanical

A Flourishing Family Business Since the 19th Century

The Geiler Company

Founded nearly 150 years ago, The Geiler Company of Cincinnati, Ohio is a woman-owned, family-run business that provides heating, plumbing, and cooling services for residential and commercial clients. Specialties include installing, repairing, and servicing plumbing systems, process piping and refrigeration, pump-related work, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The company is weathering the COVID-19 lockdown and looking forward to the future.

& Plumbing | 2020 | August 2020 | Electrical | In Focus | MechanicalSurviving and ThrivingDamon-Marcus Company

& Plumbing | 2020 | August 2020 | Electrical | In Focus | Mechanical

Surviving and Thriving

Damon-Marcus Company

Damon-Marcus Company has stayed busy while keeping its workers safe throughout the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown with comprehensive measures to maintain employee health in the face of the coronavirus. This full-service mechanical contractor is based in Bartlett, Tennessee and licensed to work in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. The company offers welding, plumbing, mechanical work, sheet metal, pipefitting, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) projects. It also performs maintenance on HVAC and plumbing equipment.

& Plumbing | 2020 | Electrical | In Focus | July 2020 | MechanicalHelping Building Owners Reduce Energy Use and Utility BillsWatershed Technologies

& Plumbing | 2020 | Electrical | In Focus | July 2020 | Mechanical

Helping Building Owners Reduce Energy Use and Utility Bills

Watershed Technologies

Watershed Technologies Inc. offers a suite of services and solutions designed to conserve energy and lower utility bills in multi-residential buildings. This Toronto-based firm uses audits and technological tools to measure and monitor a building’s water and energy consumption, and the data is then presented to clients along with cost-reducing energy conservation measures.

2020 | In Focus | March 2020Bigger than EverFluid System Components

2020 | In Focus | March 2020

Bigger than Ever

Fluid System Components

The focus at Fluid System Components (FSC) has not changed since Business in Focus profiled the company in late 2017. The De Pere, Wisconsin-based company continues to manufacture and distribute fluid power products and systems for clients in the mobile equipment and industrial sectors. And it still offers stellar customer service.

2019 | December 2019 | In FocusNew Mixers, New Technology, New ProgramsProAll International Manufacturing

2019 | December 2019 | In Focus

New Mixers, New Technology, New Programs

ProAll International Manufacturing

There have been significant developments at ProAll International Manufacturing, Inc., since the firm was profiled in the September 2017 issue of Construction in Focus magazine. Based in Olds, Alberta, ProAll designs and manufactures concrete mixers and mixer controls for a global clientele. The company will be launching a first-of-its-kind line of lightweight, aluminum mixers and a telematics system next year while a mixer trade-in program is in the works.


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