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2019 | February 2019 | In FocusQuality Cranes for Every ApplicationDemag Cranes

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Quality Cranes for Every Application

Demag Cranes

How many corporations can boast two hundred years of excellence in product and service? Not many, but Demag Cranes is just such an organization and specializes in cranes, drives, and handling technologies. The company works within a host of industries including construction, steel and mining and is known for its quality and level of service. It boasts premium products and highly innovative solutions. We had the pleasure of speaking with Division Manager Jim Satow.

2018 | In Focus | November 2018Clothing that Works, to Make Work EasierML Kishigo

2018 | In Focus | November 2018

Clothing that Works, to Make Work Easier

ML Kishigo

Back in 2015, Construction in Focus wrote about ML Kishigo, the manufacturer of high-visibility safety clothes and equipment. The Brilliant series and Black series workwear were in their infancy back then, and the West Virginia warehouse was just up and running. One major issue back in 2015 was the influx of companies with little to no experience flooding the market with inferior non ANSI compliant products while claiming ANSI compliance. We caught up with President Greg Hayward.

2018 | In Focus | November 2018Manufacturing Quality Products with Quality Employees for More Than 30 YearsNPK Construction Equipment

2018 | In Focus | November 2018

Manufacturing Quality Products with Quality Employees for More Than 30 Years

NPK Construction Equipment

Nippon Pneumatic Mfg. Co. LTD (NPK Japan) has been designing and manufacturing attachments for construction equipment since the 1950s. NPK Construction Equipment, Inc. was formed in 1985 as a partnership between NPK Japan and business associates in Cleveland, Ohio. NPK Construction Equipment became the sole distribution and support network for NPK products in North and South America. We spoke with NPK President Dan Tyrrell.

2018 | In Focus | July 2018Superior Quality, Superior ServiceMatcom

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

Superior Quality, Superior Service


This is our second feature on Matcom, an industrial machinery moving company in business for over 40 years. Since our first article in 2016, the company located in Vaughan, Ontario has achieved significant growth and positive changes. We spoke with President Matt Rix and discussed his role in the company which is achieving new levels of excellence.

2018 | In Focus | July 2018Building Relationships for More than 70 YearsBloomsdale Excavating

2018 | In Focus | July 2018

Building Relationships for More than 70 Years

Bloomsdale Excavating

We wrote about Bloomsdale Excavating, a family-run company for three generations, back in November of 2015. It serves many industries but concentrates on excavation, blasting and miscellaneous concrete work for site development. Bloomsdale is also known for the development and implementation of safe mining practices that help other companies throughout the country. We spoke with Executive Vice President Pete Buback and President Scott Drury about the company’s many recent developments.

2018 | August 2018 | In FocusPutting Clients FirstSD Clifton

2018 | August 2018 | In Focus

Putting Clients First

SD Clifton

SD Clifton is a general contractor from Southeast Georgia with a history that spans thirty-two years. It has about twenty-five loyal employees, and it is a rare occurrence for one to leave. Devotion to safety and safe working sites along with its faith-based system have helped SD Clifton garner a solid reputation in the industry and many repeat clients. Finding the right subcontractors is a challenge, but this affects everyone in the industry. We spoke with Rob Clifton, the man in charge of business development.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Reaching New Heights from the Top of History’s StepsSterling

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Reaching New Heights from the Top of History’s Steps


The current boom in construction has amplified environmental concerns. One way to lessen the effects of a construction site is to use high-quality ground protection mats. Sterling, of Phoenix, Illinois has been working in the lumber industry since 1949 but has shifted gears over the years to concentrate on producing the best mats available. It takes great pride in its work, and we spoke with its Chief Executive Officer Carter Sterling to find out more.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Thinking Outside AND Inside the BoxOutpak Washout

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Thinking Outside AND Inside the Box

Outpak Washout

As the North American construction sector continues to grow, environmental concerns spike. Concrete washout is leftover residue created from rinsing concrete truck chutes, and the washout from a construction site is full of toxic materials that should not be anywhere near groundwater sources. There are different solutions in place, but new ones are needed, especially considering growing enforcement of the federal Clean Water Act.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Top of the Line Equipment at Top Lift EnterprisesTop Lift Enterprises

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Top of the Line Equipment at Top Lift Enterprises

Top Lift Enterprises

Top Lift Enterprises of Stoney Creek, Ontario specializes in heavy equipment sales and distribution. It works within several industries, and this diversification can be beneficial during economic downturns. This one-stop-shop includes a full parts and service department. We spoke with newly hired Ken Smith, general manager at Toplift North America, Top Lift Enterprises’ parent company.

2018 | In Focus | September 2018Quality, Safety, Satisfaction and Teamwork Since 1953JPW Companies

2018 | In Focus | September 2018

Quality, Safety, Satisfaction and Teamwork Since 1953

JPW Companies

JPW Companies, which includes JPW Riggers, JPW Structural Contracting and JPW Erectors, is now celebrating its 65th year in business. Construction in Focus wrote about this ever-expanding entity in August of 2017, but a lot has changed in that short period. The Tompkins Financial Building is completed; a new website is operational; a sales and marketing department was added; and a series of challenging projects completed. We spoke with Co-owner, John Wozniczka and the new Director of Marketing and Sales, Julie August, to find out more.

2018 | In Focus | November 2018Simply the Best Since 1959Forest Products Group

2018 | In Focus | November 2018

Simply the Best Since 1959

Forest Products Group

Founded in 1959, the Forest Products Group, a family run enterprise presently has four offices, two in Ohio and one each in North Carolina and Indiana. It is a specialty wholesale wood products distributor that places a special emphasis on its relations with suppliers and customers. New milling equipment has been brought in to improve efficiencies and keep up with the technological advances. It is excited about its growth into the North Carolinas. We spoke with Vice President Charlie Hess.


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