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May 2022Tim-ber!The Future of Wood in Construction

May 2022


The Future of Wood in Construction

In the midst of the post-war building boom in 1949, just when steel and concrete skyscrapers reached impossible heights, Egon Glesinger wrote The Coming Age of Wood, published by Simon & Schuster. In it he described the global importance of wood as a raw material and predicted an increased demand for it in the future. At the time, no one took notice. Now they are.

2022 | April 2022 | Architecture & EngineeringLiving With NatureImplications for Architecture

2022 | April 2022 | Architecture & Engineering

Living With Nature

Implications for Architecture

As I was researching how architects are integrating nature into the built environment, I recalled an interview I had done for my Art Talk newspaper column in 2015 with realist artist Angelica De Benedetti. She was exhibiting a collection of nature-themed oils and watercolour paintings entitled Nature’s Breath, and shared insights into how nature and even paintings of nature can induce feelings of well-being, which may have implications for architectural design and the positive effects it can have.

2021 | Construction Services | December 2021Straight Talk About Smart ConstructionAxis Construction and MODLOGIQ

2021 | Construction Services | December 2021

Straight Talk About Smart Construction

Axis Construction and MODLOGIQ

It was our pleasure to catch up with John Buongiorno, Director of Axis Construction’s Modular Division in Hauppauge, New York, and Jim Gabriel, the new owner and President & CEO of MODLOGIQ, located in New Holland, Pennsylvania, previously featured in Construction in Focus in 2020. These industry leaders share their experience of the benefits, challenges, and future of modular construction, and a fruitful kind of collaboration.


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