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2021 | Construction Services | In Focus | July 2021Working for the Future, NowBentallGreenOak

2021 | Construction Services | In Focus | July 2021

Working for the Future, Now


The introduction of green building standards is a step in the right direction to promote sustainability in new building design and construction, while aligning with and meeting emissions-reduction targets. That being said, when it comes to existing buildings with legacy systems and equipment, these standards aren’t as simple to achieve, something that BentallGreenOak (BGO) knows all too well.

2021 | April 2021 | In FocusThings Are Heating up For Geothermal EnergyGeosource Energy

2021 | April 2021 | In Focus

Things Are Heating up For Geothermal Energy

Geosource Energy

Geoexchange is how geothermal energy, generated and stored below the Earth’s surface, provides efficient and cost-effective heating, cooling, and hot water to a home or structure. Because the temperature below the surface of the earth remains constant, exchanging heat is more efficient, making geoexchange more sustainable than conventional HVAC, at a fraction of the financial and environmental cost. Known as geothermal heat pumps or ground source heat pumps, these systems use the stable temperature of the ground to store heat energy so it can be pulled back out and distributed into a building using minimal electricity.

2020 | In Focus | March 2020 | NewsHousing AffordabilityWhat Does It Mean?

2020 | In Focus | March 2020 | News

Housing Affordability

What Does It Mean?

Affordable housing generally refers to the average cost of housing that can be maintained financially by a middle income earner. However, depending on the housing market you find yourself in, your income bracket, your desire to rent or own, the size of the dwelling required, and the age and condition of the structure, the meaning of the term ‘affordable’ varies.

2019 | In Focus | November 2019Synergy and SustainabilityEi Companies

2019 | In Focus | November 2019

Synergy and Sustainability

Ei Companies

Ei Companies is a multi-award winning energy consulting firm that has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the United States Department of Energy (DOE), as well as the non-profit and private sector, for its successful efforts to bring energy efficiency and sustainability to hundreds of thousands of homes and commercial projects. In doing so, the company is reducing greenhouse gas emissions by millions of pounds.


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