Celebrating the Uniqueness of Each Member Company

Patrick Mechanical Limited
Written by Allison Dempsey

Featuring a dynamic collaboration of industry-leading entities—each with its distinct expertise and uncompromising commitment to excellence—the Patrick Group of Companies embraces a synergy that is greater than the sum of its parts. In the realm of modern business, the Patrick Group of Companies shines as an embodiment of collaboration’s power. With each company excelling in its field, they’ve unified their strengths to provide an unmatched customer contracting experience.

This synergy, fueled by unwavering commitment to excellence, offers clients a single source for all their contracting needs, whether it’s remediation, repair or new industrial development solutions. The Patrick Group of Companies stands as a testament to the transformative potential of collective expertise and shared dedication, setting a new standard for industry collaboration.

Comprising PSL Patrick Sprack Ltd., Patrick Mechanical Ltd. (PML), Greater City Concrete Works (GCCW), Bisschops Industries, Legend Mining Contracting, BadRiverBoats, One Source Home Services, and S2 Metal Fabricators, the group’s success lies in its commitment to quality service, workmanship, and dedication to employee engagement.

“Our strength lies in our diversity, and we celebrate the uniqueness of each member company, upholding their individual identities and areas of specialization,” says Emilia Pauze, Manager of Continuous Improvement.

From mechanical, oil and gas, concrete, buildings, and rehabilitation of dams and critical infrastructure, to fabrication, HVAC-R, metal works, mill expansion, new mine development, and more, the group’s services cover the industrial, institutional, and commercial markets. “We deliver a seamless, single-source approach to projects of any scale, tailored to your exact needs,” Pauze says. “Our arsenal of distinctive skills, strategic partnerships, vast experience, and unwavering dedication places us miles ahead of the competition.”

Patrick Mechanical Limited (PML)
Patrick Mechanical Limited (PML), established in 1989, is a pioneer in addressing the industrial, commercial, and institutional contracting requirements of diverse authorities, businesses, and sectors across the province of Ontario.

Based in Sudbury, Ontario, PML is staffed with more than 125 highly skilled workers, including engineers, craftspeople, and professionals working together to guarantee that every project is tackled and completed utilizing the highest calibre of knowledge and craftsmanship.

“For more than 30 years, Patrick Mechanical has been the leading company in Northern Ontario for large-scale construction, contracting, mining, and industrial projects,” says President Doug Patrick. “PML is a leader in meeting the industrial, commercial, and institutional contracting needs of governments, corporations, and mining industries across the province.”

In specialist disciplines and trades such as mechanical contracting, bespoke steel fabrication, plumbing, heating, and process piping, as well as millwrighting and allied services (with a completely equipped fabrication shop and fully qualified employees committed to offering the highest quality of workmanship available), PML is acknowledged as a leader.

Utilizing more than three decades of experience, the company has worked with clients from all over the province and nation to develop and effectively complete large-scale, exceedingly complex projects. In completing construction designs and strategies for its government, corporate, and industry partners, Patrick Mechanical is renowned for its in-house ability to grasp the complexity of a project, regardless of size or scale, and overcome any challenges, issues, or technical barriers.

PSL Patrick Sprack Ltd.
PSL Patrick Sprack Ltd. is one of the fastest-growing mechanical service providers in Northern Ontario, providing exemplary work and a superb reputation coupled with extensive experience in the mining, commercial, industrial, and institutional markets. Established in 2006, PSL has grown into one of the most highly regarded contractors in Ontario, offering its services both regional and globally.

“We are an ever-expanding and diversifying HVAC company with a record and reputation for steady customer growth and satisfaction,” says Scott Sprack, Owner and General Manager. “We focus on the use of the latest technologies and mechanical diversity,” providing innovative industrial energy solutions in mine ventilation, oil and gas, overhead garage doors, electrical, petroleum, indoor air quality, rental equipment, and its new division, generators.

PSL’s HVAC-R division has been exceeding the needs of Northern Ontario customers with a variety of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and rental HVAC equipment on a 24/7 schedule, offering services that range from planned maintenance—both preventative and full-coverageؙ—to inspections, diagnostic services, repairs, retrofits, and new installations for commercial and industrial mechanical systems.

Greater City Concrete Works (GCCW)
GCCW was founded in 2007 in Lively, Ontario, to deliver concrete forming and placing services to the local industrial, commercial, and institutional construction markets.

“Under a gradual growth plan, the group has expanded its capabilities into small scale earthworks and the company also offers general contracting and design-build services while retaining a focus and expertise in complex concrete sections’ forming and placement,” explains General Manager, Andre Auge.

“As we expand our service offer, we are better able to safely manage deliverables, control costs and consistency, and manage risks that are discovered through the life of projects for our clients. This is a critically important value proposition especially with supply chain and resource constraints on complex remote projects. As an example, dam rehabilitation projects we’re undertaking in remote areas in Northern Ontario require: fine-tuned plans; timely collaboration with our vendor partners, engineering consultants, and client representatives; and the assignment of a well-equipped, versatile, and creative workforce that can propose and safely execute solutions often resulting from the discovery of unexpected circumstances,” Auge explains.

Bisschops Industries
Bisschops Industries—founded in 2007 in Sudbury, Ontario as a sheet metal and HVAC contractor—has shown steady growth ever since and now provides refrigeration and air conditioning as well as electrical service and maintenance.

“Bisschops continually works to improve and upgrade existing mine ventilation systems,” says Jason Bisschops, Operations Manager. “We provide construction and maintenance service to all sectors of the mining industry, including surface buildings, process areas, and underground environments.”

Currently, “being a part of the single largest mine development site in Northern Ontario has allowed us to prove that we are capable of handling such projects of this capacity,” he says. “We’ve achieved a unique status in Northern Ontario serving the commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors and we proudly remain committed to our customers locally and across the North.”

S2 Metal Fabricators
Focusing on the industrial, institutional, and commercial structural steel segment has allowed the S2 Metal Fabricators staff to achieve expert status in those fields. With a total capacity per shift of 200,000 tons per year, this company participates in steel fabrication for mining, mineral refining, petrochemical, hydroelectric, private, and governmental environments.

“S2 Metal Fabricators can accommodate customized, heavy load structural steel for any application,” says General Manager Jeff Crump. “When it comes to industrial painting, we don’t just deliver paint; we deliver perfection,” he says. “With our specialized expertise in prepping industrial coatings, we’re not simply a service provider—we’re your strategic partner in achieving impeccable quality steel fabrication and finishes.”

Founded in 2020 by the Patrick Group of Companies, BadRiverBoats was formed in response to a need for its workers to access remote worksites in Northern Ontario, Canada.

“We build custom, high-quality aluminum workboats for construction, Ministry, and commercial applications,” explains Guy Gallipeau, General Manager. “We specialize in aluminum boats, but we can take any customized orders, like carbon steel and more,” he explains.

“Our handcrafted aluminum boats embody the perfect blend of form and function, resulting in a stunning visual appeal that’s matched only by their practicality. Crafted for performance, their superior handling capabilities make them the ultimate solution, setting a new standard in versatility and reliability that no other option can rival.”

Eye on The Patrick Group
Of course, this dynamic and ever-evolving group of companies also focuses on promoting the many opportunities it offers, via recruiting efforts to maintain its growth, which includes hiring more welders.

“Our search for exceptional talent never stops,” says Pauze. “Whether it’s an experienced professional or a fresh face in the industry, we go beyond the ordinary to match a profile with the right role… we accommodate and support them based on their strengths.”

“Our focus is to seek out experienced individuals from different backgrounds and ethnicities who want to learn the trades while we provide opportunity, education, and training through government apprenticeships and programs,” agrees Bisschops.

The group of companies proudly embraces diversity, which is reflected in its multicultural workforce comprising individuals from Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and beyond, bringing a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences, adds Pauze. “Our recruitment philosophy is about the long term,” she says. “We’re not just filling positions; we’re inviting them on a journey of growth within our group of companies.”

To that end, the group actively participates in a variety of events, not sitting and waiting for talent to come to them but seeking them out via job fairs and networking events, providing a platform for prospective candidates to engage with the team directly.

The hardest place to mine
“Our journey continues to be one of growth, innovation, and collaboration,” Pauze adds. “We are tremendously lucky as a group to cut our teeth in the eminent mining centre of the world. Since we have growth as a big team, we can go out of the Sudbury basin and bring value to mines. It’s a world-class mining centre, not only the best in the world but the hardest place to do mining.”

By taking on and succeeding in these challenges, the group of companies has forged a solid reputation in the industry, with an unyielding commitment to quality at the core of its operations.

“By aligning with the client’s standards, we earn the privilege of collaborating with anyone, regardless of the complexity of the task,” Pauze says. “Our reach extends to building a robust supply chain, capable of custom manufacturing that fuels innovation.”

Pushing the envelope
The client base the company services features major market shareholders including companies from Brazil, Switzerland, Africa, and the U.S. “As they continually push the envelope in health, safety, and quality, we’re entrusted with the task of meeting and exceeding their expectations,” says Patrick. “Working alongside industry trailblazers, we’re not just service providers; we’re collaborators in their pursuit of being the best in class.”

As with all companies in all industries over the past few years, this group experienced challenges during the pandemic but emerged successfully by joining forces, aligning its efforts, and growing its workforce.

“Over the years we’ve been part of many exciting and reputable projects in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors,” says Pauze, “including a single largest mine development site in Northern Ontario that’s proof that we’re capable of handling large-scale projects.”

Other challenges include, as always, securing talent, particularly among the young workforce, and the industrial capacity of real property, going outside the regional marketplace. Moving forward, the companies look to continue to add employees, maintaining stability while growing sustainably, says Patrick.

Inspiring people
“We’ve shifted from an owner-operated to an employee-operated company,” he adds. “We have KPIs to support that movement, self-monitoring for the stakeholders, the most important ones being the employees.”

The companies are also focusing on improving and building efficiency within the organization to help them better market their strategic partnership while also growing their team and continuing to be the best companies to work for, says Pauze. “We want to inspire our people, and we’re always looking to secure more talent.”

“In the mining industry, success is a result of seamless coordination and strategic partnerships,” adds Crump. “We can coordinate and integrate strategic design and engineering partners.”

Patrick agrees: “A group movement is better than an individual movement.”

Maintaining its solid reputation in the industry is also vital, and will continue to help set the group apart from its competitors. “We have synergy within our internal strategic partners and the ability to work together to execute any project scale,” Patrick says. “Our reputation with our client base is one of delivering our promises, honouring and managing our own risk, bringing a problem-solving approach, and learning from our challenges.”

It is the result of that internal synergy, commitment to precision, an unshakable reputation, and a penchant for problem-solving that will keep the group of companies successful moving forward.

“We have a thirst for knowledge,” Patrick says. “We’re not just setting the standard; we’re raising it, and creating a legacy of excellence that’s truly unparalleled.”



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