A Deep Dive into Pomerleau’s Culture

Written by Grace McGrenere

Pomerleau, a leading construction company, has not only made a mark with its pan-Canadian projects, but it has also distinguished itself through its vibrant and inclusive culture. By fostering an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and personal growth, Pomerleau has built a strong foundation for employee success.

This year, Pomerleau is welcoming a new CEO, Philippe Adam, the company’s former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. The new leadership will guide the company as it takes on larger projects in the coming years. With all these exciting changes occurring, one thing remains the same at the company: its deep-seated values.

Core values
At the heart of Pomerleau’s culture lie its core values, which provide a guiding foundation for its employees.

Excellence, adaptability, love, innovation, and authenticity are the pillars upon which Pomerleau operates. Authenticity drives ethical decision-making and fosters trust both internally and with clients. Love is nurtured through teamwork, knowledge-sharing, and creating an environment where diverse perspectives are upheld and respected. Pursuit of excellence is a constant driving force, encouraging innovation and continuous improvement. Adaptability enables Pomerleau to embrace change, stay ahead of industry trends, and navigate challenges with agility.

Employee well-being
Pomerleau recognizes that its greatest asset is its people. To ensure the well-being of its employees, the company has implemented various initiatives including, in 2019, the PX3 ecosystem of in-house professional development programs specific to career and personal development. The dedicated training centre has in-house designers, and the company works with external vendors to provide more general training opportunities, like health and safety. From interns to project directors, Pomerleau invests in talent from day one.

This investment goes beyond training. Mental and physical well-being are prioritized at the company. Several programs have been established to encourage employees to put their health first, including the Pomerleau Challenge. Since 2009, Pomerleau has been hosting challenges to promote well-being and perseverance and raise money for charities across Canada. Participants are given the resources to train together prior to the event. Together, they work toward a common goal, while building relationships and learning from one another—something that is witnessed on the company’s sites daily.

This year, Pomerleau celebrated the fifth edition of the Challenge by taking over 500 participants and 75 volunteers to Bishop’s University campus in Sherbrooke, Quebec, to live Pomerleau’s values through exercise and team building. This was the company’s largest Challenge yet. It featured 15 obstacles that tested communication, problem solving, and collaboration skills. The company provided each participant with high-quality training resources prior to the event. Offices across the country trained together for months to compete, and the results were astounding. Together, they completed each challenge, and raised $112,000 for Tree Canada and the Canadian Mental Health Association. The proceeds from the Challenge will be used to regenerate forests and set up mental health initiatives. Additionally, the wood used in the construction of the various events will have a second life and will be reused by Bishop’s University and the organization REVE nourricier to build planters for urban agriculture, which will create a lasting impact on local communities.

Read about some of the participants’ experiences below:
“I had the best experience with my teammates. Our team was synergetic, and we really had a lot of fun! This event helped me learn more about some of the colleagues I come across every day, and it made me feel part of something bigger: a work family filled with love and collaboration!” – Justine Amélie Kellenny, Human Resources Advisor – HR Services Development

“What a unique experience! At Pomerleau, we often talk about family and taking care of each other. This includes sport, which is a way of feeling good mentally and physically. For three months, we were lucky enough to have access to indoor sports classes. The goal made me want to push myself! The day of the Challenge was magnificent and memorable! In teams of seven colleagues from across Canada, we overcame 15 challenges. The key was communication and collaboration, an extra challenge when you don’t speak the same language and don’t know each other. I don’t know of any other company that offers its employees such a wonderful time! I can’t wait for the next challenge!” – Julia Pigny, Senior Special Projects Manager

“Training was an opportunity to get back into shape, but the most enjoyable part was doing the workouts with my site crew.” – Julie Loiselle, Health and Safety Coordinator

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and ESG
Pomerleau’s culture thrives on innovation and sustainability, with a strong focus on integrating new technologies and environmentally responsible practices. The company encourages employees to think creatively, embrace new ideas, and push the boundaries of what is possible in the construction industry.

This year, the company released its first Integrated report, a combination of its Activity and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) reports. Last year, Pomerleau outlined its ESG commitments and objectives through its platform, Perspective. This year, the company is demonstrating how the plan has been put into action. The company’s dedicated team of ESG professionals are executing initiatives that reflect the six priorities they have outlined: Climate Change, Circular Economy, Community Relations, Indigenous Relations, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and a Culture of Innovation.

The strategy is in line with several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including number ten: reduced inequalities. In 2022, the company achieved one of its goals by communicating its DEI statement and instating Respect and Civility training across the company. Pomerleau has always been committed to creating a work environment that enables its employees to fulfill their potential and to ensure that all of its teams and stakeholders feel represented in the company’s ways of doing things. The company has adopted a strategy based on one single ambition: promote DEI, focusing first and foremost on respect.

Pomerleau seeks to integrate DEI as a fundamental part of all of its practices and processes. This year, the company has two goals. By 2023, Pomerleau strives to establish an advisory committee and deploy a training and coaching strategy with the aim of raising DEI awareness among Pomerleau’s managers. The company also plans to complete the review of its key talent management processes to better integrate DEI into its ways of doing business. This report and the company’s commitments have become an active driver for recruitment as younger professionals especially seek socially responsible companies.

Future forward
By fostering a collaborative environment, Pomerleau encourages employees to work together, share knowledge, and contribute their unique perspectives. This culture of collaboration fuels innovation, driving the company to continuously explore new technologies and sustainable practices that shape the future of construction.



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