Ushering in the New Era of Building

Millennium Construction, Inc.
Written by Claire Suttles

Millennium Construction, Inc. was launched with a purpose: to simplify the building process for customers by bringing the best approach to every building design and construction project. The team recognizes that each project is different and is committed to giving the time and consideration needed to meet their unique needs with customized solutions.

The Appleton, Wisconsin-based business offers general contracting and construction management services as they usher in “the new era of building,” in which the team works closely with customers, who always come first. Embracing this new era requires a highly personalized approach, in which the team views each customer as an individual. They eschew a one size fits all mentality, recognizing that no two projects, or customers, are alike. Instead, the team listens and responds to customers, viewing one another as trusted advisors. They also make sure to pay close attention to all the various project details in order to ensure that every customer need is addressed as expected.

This customized approach requires flexibility on projects, so the team is “not just doing it a certain way that we’re comfortable with, but stepping out of our comfort zone, figuring out what that customer wants for their individual project, and trying to meet their needs the best that we can,” says Marketing Manager Hunter Plamann.

Maintaining communication throughout every stage of the project is key to accomplishing this customization. “We keep checking in with the customer and making sure that everything is going smoothly through the whole process, making sure that the communication is constant,” Plamann says. This approach has earned Millennium Construction an enviable place as one of Wisconsin’s top construction companies.

The company’s flexibility allows Millennium Construction to offer a range of services. The team can handle all components of a project, from hammering out the initial concept all the way through to completion, including comprehensive project management services. They can take on any type of building design or building project, no matter the size or special requirements. This could include anything from a small, brick and mortar retail space all the way to a sprawling, industrial manufacturing facility. The team knows how to make the most of any space—whether they are working within a small footprint or a massive one—to maximize efficiency.

The team recognizes how critical it is to have a comprehensive preconstruction plan before breaking ground. The company’s design-build services cover every aspect of this planning, from determining the scale, materials, and budget of the project to figuring out how to take the first step toward its completion. Safety is another vital consideration, so the company’s safety planning begins long before the construction process starts. Partnering with experienced architects, the team will handle code reviews during the building design to make sure all components of the completed build meet code, from plumbing and electrical to fire safety and more. The team also provides a complete set of plans and building specifications—including civil / site engineering, plumbing, HVAC, architectural plans, and electrical drawings—for customer review and approval. Customers often need to advertise their “coming soon” commercial construction projects, so Millennium Construction delivers interior and exterior color renderings of the building design to display at the site and generate excitement around the new project.

Customers can choose either a lump sum or an open book contract. The team will work with skilled subcontractors or use their own talent; the company maintains a staff of experienced designers, project managers, and tradespeople. Construction services cover everything from site work, masonry, concrete, and steel to framing, finishes, and plumbing / HVAC / electrical.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder Millennium Construction has a wide variety of projects under its belt. Sectors served include commercial, industrial, agricultural, assisted living facilities, municipal and governmental facilities, and more. The company’s completed design-build projects can be found throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan and range from Starbucks coffee shops, hotels, and veterinary clinics to manufacturing facilities, luxury condos, and public works facilities.

One aspect that stays the same throughout this wide range of projects is a commitment to environmental design. The team feels a joint responsibility to keep the health and wellbeing of the planet at the forefront of each and every decision regarding the design or construction of a project. As a LEED-certified company, the team understands the impact their work has on the environment—and wants to actively mitigate that impact. They are “trying to push that area of construction and not just doing it in ways that have worked in the past,” because today that “might not be the most efficient way,” Plamann explains. “[We are] trying to keep pushing boundaries and making a positive impact.” The team is eager to pass their knowledge of green construction practices on to customers and guide their projects to be as eco-conscious as possible.

A tightknit, family-oriented company culture supports the team as they work hard to support their customers. “The foundation of the company is [a] core group that is great together,” Plamann says. “It’s like a family environment in the company. I think that foundation really helps people who end up working with us because it makes them feel like a family. It has a different feeling than a big construction company.”

Plamann experienced this warm, welcoming atmosphere personally when he was a new hire. “I started with the company two years ago, and at first it was just an internship, but then Jesse [Van Boxtel, President] and a lot of the other guys were always super welcoming to me. Any idea I had, they were always very open to it; the culture is really strong that way. No one is too caught up in their own ways that they’re not going to help someone, whether that’s the customer or someone in the company.”

Times have certainly not been easy recently, but the company’s strong foundation helped Millennium Construction weather the storm. “Obviously with COVID in the past couple of years, that was a very big challenge that everyone had to go through,” Plamann says. “But I think for Millennium, we did a great job of getting through it and just trying to keep doing what we could do at that time and trying to find new ways to go about how we do things to still have success.”

As Millennium Construction moves forward, maintaining flexibility will be key. “The company is very open to new ideas and innovation and aims to keep pushing toward being a better company each and every day,” Plamann says. “We’re heading toward the next stage of the company and starting to get bigger and bigger.”

The company’s close-knit culture is another aspect of the business that the team will hold onto as they grow. In the process, they will be focused on “keeping the same values while still expanding,” Plamann says. “I think the company has a very bright future and I’m excited to be a part of it.”



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