Drive, Dedication and Superior Product Fuel this Company’s Success

Inline Fiberglass Ltd.
Written by Allison Dempsey

Standing behind and believing in your company’s products is a point of pride for any business, and one that Inline Fiberglass definitely embraces on a daily basis. This all-Canadian, family-run organization manufactures high-performance, energy-efficient windows installed residentially and commercially across North America and worldwide, and is now adding a new line of entrance doors to its impressive list of accomplishments.

Considered leaders in thin-walled fiberglass lineals and the only fully integrated fiberglass window and door manufacturer in Canada, Inline Fiberglass boasts yearly continued growth along with a solid reputation strengthened by impressive word-of-mouth promotion in both the commercial and residential markets. Its ongoing success in the field of window manufacturing and installation has led the company to expand into the entrance door territory, with a recent launch that is sure to flourish in the years to come.

The new line of entrance doors all come standard with a multi-point locking system, are available in both traditional style and stile and rail, and feature an all-fiberglass slab component and frame working in tandem to ensure high-performance results not found in any other product from any other comparable company.

The reason for the high success of this particular product is found in both the design and the material used: fiberglass on fiberglass works in tandem as it does in the company’s already successful line of windows, expanding and interacting together at virtually the same rate, meaning they are both more airtight and longer performing. Inline Fiberglass also offers a variety of different colours for the doors, inside and out, with both smooth and textured finishes available. Customers can also choose a wood veneer if desired, with stains available in five different stains.

“We’ve already taken a lot of orders, and we’re in the stages of finalizing everything,” says Chief Operating Officer Bernard Rokicki. “The soft launch has happened, and while this is new thing for us, we want to go full out as quickly as possible. We’re definitely working hard and pushing hard every single day to get this done.”

But Inline Fiberglass is no stranger to hard work, dedication and innovation, proving itself over the years through its consistently produced high-quality products in a highly competitive field, ensuring it’s a world leader in the design, development and usage of high performance energy efficient windows. Inline is also proud to be the world’s largest all-fiberglass window manufacturer with the widest-ranging line of products, providing unequalled value with high-quality construction for both the residential and commercial markets.

Inline is a true business success story, but it has enjoyed its ongoing success by always retaining its core values of integrity and honesty, and creating and standing behind a product that both the company and its employees can be proud of.

While it’s always exciting to continue to build on success, it can also be risky: but when it came time to grow and expand the already thriving business, Rokicki knew what path to follow by listening to his already loyal customers.

“Every year we have experienced double-digit growth, providing lots of windows to people building homes, and the question kept coming up, ‘do you also have doors?’” he says. “Our customers wanted doors as well, and asked for both at once. So for us, being able to add this new product means our customers will finally be able to single-source everything at once.”

With its headquarters and main production facilities located in Toronto, Inline was originally founded by Rokicki’s parents and all five siblings work hard as employees who want only the best for Inline now and in the future. Originally working with aluminum, Rokicki’s father — a natural entrepreneur — switched from aluminum to all fiberglass in the 80s, realizing early on it was the future of good, solid and smart design.

The company’s unique speciality features a vertically integrated, pultrusion system that includes both painting and assembling the windows, with the pultrusion technology done in-house: a complex design and process system.

“Being able to engineer and facilitate is something we specialize in,” explains Rokicki. “Pultrusion is half science and half art. And because we are a fully vertically integrated company, we also pultrude for other window companies. Taking it another step further, we developed pultrusion in-house, and are regarded as a world leader in window pultrusion technology.”

Inline’s windows, doors and production equipment are all sold around the world, and the company conducts thorough testing at its state-of-the-art facility to ensure it maintains the highest quality in both performance and energy efficiency. Its leading product — thin-walled fiberglass lineals — are used in a variety of applications, and as a fully integrated manufacturing operation, the company also designs and pultrudes in-house standard and custom lineals.

While you may be familiar with the use of fiberglass, you may not know that it is a natural insulator that doesn’t conduct heat and cold and virtually doesn’t expand or contract, and while most door and window frames are composed of different materials working together, such as glass and wood or glass and vinyl, using fiberglass on fiberglass results in minimal expansion and contraction, as the materials work together as a unit, which is why Inline’s product is so vastly different from other companies, and ultimately superior.

Pultruded fiberglass use in windows and doors also provides strength, longevity, low levels of conductivity — it’s 500 times less conductive than aluminum — and is environmentally friendly and non-corroding. A stable material, fiberglass is strong enough to handle the extreme heat and cold found across North America and around the world. Environmentally, fiberglass has low energy consumption and a long life expectancy, making it a highly environmentally friendly choice in the construction industry. It’s also used very successfully in a variety of structures that handle high weight loads such as bridges.

“We’re filling a void in the market,” says Rokicki. “There are other companies doing something similar to us, but no one does it as well. We are consistently in the top 100 window manufacturers in North America, of which there are likely more than 10,000. And we are the largest all-fiberglass company. That’s all we do, and we do it the best.”

Energy Star Canada gives Inline the highest ER rating fiberglass window and the company consistently lands in the Top 5 and Top 10 in a variety of categories. Its windows can be found in numerous dwellings, including private homes and cottages, apartment buildings, universities, police buildings, hospitals, student residences and fire stations.

“We selected one thing to specialize in and we do it well,” says Rokicki. “And while others may attempt to do something similar, we do it much better.”

Inline Fiberglass has been at the head of the class for years and shows no signs of slowing down. With its combination of experience, dedication and a drive to deliver a superior product, the company plans to keep designing and delivering for years to come.



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