Delivering on Promises

Turn-Key Processing Solutions
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

A myriad of factors contribute to optimal plant operations and this is true across industries. From the design of the plant to the equipment and the workflow, operations require extensive planning, vision and management – and the place to go for those things and so much more is Turn-Key Processing Solutions (TPS).

TPS is an operations company through and through. Drawing on decades of expertise and in-house knowledge that surpasses the competition, it provides clients with cost-effective, budget-friendly and performance-capable solutions for their operations.

“We take a look at things from an operations standpoint – what are the most efficient operations out there? It could be a low-cost producer; from there, we engineer the plant for that model, for a low-cost producer model,” explained Jason Gisel, Partner and Senior Project Manager.

He added, “Most companies do it in a different direction: they engineer the plant and they’re not doing an evaluation of the operation right alongside the actual engineering of the plant.”

Through its consultative operations approach of evaluating projects on a pass/fail basis, TPS can guarantee its work from the start. Through project feasibility studies on the front end, it can save its clients money and time, and can ensure project viability from the outset as the plant is built to suit the equipment and the operation’s end goal.

TPS’ unique approach is derived from its founding and evolution, first as a consultant and later as a turn-key provider of an integrated suite of operations engineering, procurement, construction and management (EPCM) services. It was the early success of TPS’ consultative approach that catalyzed new opportunities for the company to implement the changes and suggestions the team identified during the consultative stage. As increasing numbers of clients turned to the team for their rich expertise, the company added procurement, construction and management services to its skill set.

It is the knowledge and expertise of its people that has made TPS a prime competitor in the market. The company’s consistent performance and unwavering commitment to client success has given it a reputation as a trusted partner that is dedicated to helping clients optimize the results of every decision.

One has to look no further than TPS’ portfolio to see the caliber of work it delivers and the size and complexity of the projects it undertakes. Regardless of a project’s size and scope – whether the project at hand is a $10 to $15 million aggregate plant project, a $20 to $30 million gold mine project or a more complex $130 million frac sand plant – the goal of the company is to deliver on its promises.

A broad skill set
Gisel explained that TPS takes a “Mayo Clinic approach,” whereby, “we have clients who are troubleshooting problems and we’re trying to come up with the best solution for them. We actually have what we call a collaboration meeting where we take all of our top end process people and we all get together and we evaluate the problems from different outlooks to come up with the right solution.”

Through collaboration TPS can, as Gisel noted, “Make sure we’re watching out for our clients on the front end. We don’t want them spending any money. We look at things as if it were our own business if we were starting it and we don’t want our clients going out and spending money that wouldn’t be a good business solution.”

The strength of TPS lies in its ability to bring together cross-functional, knowledgeable professionals with extensive operations experience to collaborate on projects. These team members bring unique perspectives and thoughtful, highly innovative solutions to the table, ending in results that meet client-specific needs and requirements across diverse industries and sectors.

Serving a broad cross-section of industrial clients in the aggregate, bulk material handling, cement, frac sand, mining and material processing sectors, whether a client requires a complete EPC or EPCM solution or prefers a design-build approach, the goal is always to “make sure we are going to deliver on our promises and our commitments,” Gisel explained.

For industries where minerals and resources are processed and material handling solutions are needed, for example, TPS is there providing fixed bid solutions, full accountability and the highest value for the lowest possible cost without compromising quality, safety and performance.

A talented team
With over 500 employees across five locations, engineering locations in Utah, Kansas City and Tennessee, and two manufacturing operations in Wisconsin and Missouri (helping to control timelines from a manufacturing standpoint, in addition to providing construction support nationwide), TPS can ensure consistent results. The company wisely controls its workflow to deliver on timelines, budgets and desired operational efficiencies.

Achieving this level of success on project after project is only possible because of the top-level talent TPS has assembled. As Gisel noted, “The nucleus of the company started out as operators, so we all come from the operating background,” and bring a deep level of expertise and experience to every project.

The TPS team is composed of operations experts who understand the desired end results and have a system to ensure optimal results. They can confidently take clients from conception through to construction, offering added value and support through the management of commissioning, start-up, and operating and legacy costs. When multi-million capital projects are on the line, failure isn’t an option.

“We have the top project managers out on the site to make sure they are the stop-all for the quality and the safety. We also have numerous safety staff, which isn’t different from most out there supporting projects, ensuring that safety training is done,” said Gisel.

He emphasized the importance of safety for TPS. “As a company, we put safety as our number one priority – our focus point. If you can do it safe, that means you’re doing it right,” and right in this case means that the resulting plants boast maximum product mix flexibility and product yields, doing so at the greatest level of productivity with less downtime, less maintenance and at the lowest operating costs.

As a service provider supporting major clients in industries where reputation matters, TPS exemplifies integrity, reliability and excellence in management. From design through to start-up and commissioning, the company seeks to build partnerships based on trust and a track record that speaks for itself.

TPS wants to be the preferred resource for resource-based industries. Its team has the knowledge, expertise, experience and demonstrated ability to deliver on every aspect of plant optimization by solving problems, mitigating risks, and formulating solutions that deliver unparalleled performance, profits and ultimately, the viability of its clients’ capital projects nationwide.



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