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G. Fedale Roofing & Siding is not a typical contractor. Here, things are done differently. Just like a building envelope is only as good as its roof, a company is only as good as its team. For this formidable team, success is based on reputation, and any possible errors are corrected quickly and efficiently.
Having this company on any project is like having someone taking care of the heavy lifting for you. When it comes to adapting to client demands, the company understands that being the best means delivering superb craftsmanship and versatility, consistently, and its impressive list of referrals and testimonials is proof of that.

Its roots may be firmly secured in Newport, Delaware, but the company’s reach goes far beyond its headquarters in this beautiful part of the country. Its services are available throughout a 150-mile radius that includes Pennsylvania – where it has two more offices – as well as New Jersey and Maryland, along with a fourth office in Lewes, Delaware.

By staying ahead of market trends in an increasingly competitive setting and ensuring that its people are as multi-skilled as possible, this industry heavyweight keeps international partners like CBRE Property Management confident of its roofing and siding capabilities. No matter what type of roof or roofing challenge it encounters, chances are this company can take care of it using an expansive portfolio of quality products like Timberline American Harvest roof shingles. The company does not only do installations and repairs, either. A major part of its work is advising clients on the best solutions to suit any situation.

G. Fedale Roofing & Siding also provides gutter and window installations and stocks James Hardie fiber cement siding. For this very popular siding replacement, it holds the highest level of installation certification as an ‘Elite Installer.’ To add to this list, it recently became a Pella ‘Platinum Certified Installer,’ which is the highest Pella certification available for installing its top-of-the-range windows.

The company is also impressively well-staffed. This means no waiting as there is always a project manager ready to assist.

For general contractors, property managers, large-scale property owners, and homeowners looking for a service provider they can trust, the company of choice is G. Fedale Roofing & Siding. This trusted contractor has no shortage of up-to-date knowledge and decades of experience to install any project with the best workmanship and quality products available today.

After fifteen years in the roofing industry, this family-owned and operated company is as ready as ever to serve its loyal clientele with passion. It holds an A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation and received the Torch Award in 2015 for its strong business ethics. It is also a certified Firestone Red Shield™ warranty provider, a proud member of GAF President’s Club ‘Master Elite’ installers, and a ‘Certified Applicator’ of Carlisle’s advanced roofing systems.

G. Fedale Roofing & Siding has grown into a regional industry leader in both residential and commercial markets. “Today, we can install almost any roofing system. People in the industry who are good at what they do tend to gravitate towards us because of how we do things and how we manage our projects. We have consistent, knowledgeable, and available project managers who act as a link between everything that goes on in the field and the client,” says Founder Glenn Fedale, Junior.

The company has a strong culture of excellence that results from its commitment to its craft. “There are a lot of often true stereotypes out there about contractors. Through our leadership, we defy these stereotypes both internally and externally in how we work with our clients,” says Marketing and Project Consultant Kevin Fetterman.

The company has turned its name into a summary of the core values that Glenn Fedale originally set for the company when he founded it. “Each letter in the word stands for a different value. Family, experience, dedication, attitude – as in a great one – leadership, and education –inspiring employees to continue learning,” Co-owner and Vice President of Sales Adam Fedale explains. “We take a lot of time explaining these to customers. We may not always be the cheapest, but we’re okay with that because we have a really scientific approach to costing that allows us to remain a strong market presence and to honor our guarantees.”

Here, honoring guarantees is a pretty big deal. “Most contractors only last between five and ten years these days. We often get calls from people whose roofs are under guarantee, but the companies who did the work aren’t around anymore,” he adds.

Safety is another important feature of G. Fedale Roofing & Siding’s company culture. Employees partake in quarterly safety courses, and all hold Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification cards that ensure access to and safe conduct at high-risk facilities like refineries, manufacturing plants, and the like.

While its show-stopping list of big-name clients like Whiting-Turner, Buccini/Pollin Group, and Pettinaro is forever growing, the company started out as a weekend sideline. At the time, Glenn Fedale Jr. worked for a high-end residential and commercial roofing company. He learned the trade from every possible angle. It turned out that his then-to-be mother-in-law needed a new roof for her house, and after she got a few quotes, Glenn offered to do the job. She accepted, and from then on, Glenn was the family’s go-to person for roofs.

As he did the work in his spare time and did not conflict with his employer’s business, he had his boss’ blessing. “He really taught me a lot and used to say that, ‘If you do good work, you’ll always be busy.’ To this day, we are good friends. He comes to our company Christmas celebrations every year, and we go out for dinner every once in a while. When it comes to quoting on projects, we always rather bow out rather than go directly into competition with him,” says Glenn. This company does not use the traditional idea of ‘business is business’ as an excuse for aggressive behavior. Instead, integrity always leads the way.

G. Fedale Roofing & Siding also provides commercial and residential roof assessments. As roof problems are often not isolated it is worthwhile to have this task done professionally. If, for instance, a chimney area is leaking, it could indicate a greater, more widespread weakness in the system. In such cases, it is especially important that a qualified professional does a thorough survey of the situation, because patching could lead to further difficulties that can leave disaster in its wake.

Another craft in which the company is particularly well-versed and famous for is standing-seam metal roofing. The more intricate the structure, the bigger the challenge, and the happier G. Fedale is to display its skills. “Metal roofing is an art in itself. Many companies won’t touch it because it is so difficult. Well, we became so skilled at it that, even though we were a significantly smaller company then, we won an American Metal Roofing project of the year award about seven or eight years ago for Wilmington’s Big Fish Grill on the Riverfront’s roof,” says Glenn.

As skilled as it is in this field, metal roofing is not the company’s signature service. Instead, it is very much favored for its shingle and flat roofing systems like thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) used mainly in commercial roofing and desired for the energy efficiency it lends to buildings. It is also well-known for its ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) systems. These rubber-based sheeting systems are used on flatter roof types.

“We really focus on our customers’ needs, and they all have different pain points that they need solutions for. We offer the best warranties in the industry, especially on commercial building projects, multi-family projects, and more. We are so strong in the business that many of our suppliers have us listed as preferred installers of their products because of our great reputation,” says Co-owner and Vice President Allen Fedale.

It is not just its customers’ welfare it takes to heart. G. Fedale Roofing & Siding contributes generously to its local communities. It the area’s biggest sponsor of Habitat for Humanity and has its own charity. Roofs from the Heart Foundation sponsors roofs free of charge for deserving families. The company runs an annual contest in which people can nominate families in need of a new roof. The turnout last year was fantastic, and the company received over four hundred nominations. The winner was awarded an architecturally-designed shingle roof with an expected lifespan of over fifty years, and from the reaction of the 2016 winners, the joy and blessing that this gift brings to people in need goes beyond the ordinary.

G. Fedale Roofing & Siding has both its heart and its head in the right place. Looking ahead, smart strategic growth is at the top of its list. To achieve this, the company is set to increase its sales volume both in its commercial and residential divisions, while remaining dedicated to maintaining quality and profitability. An important contributor to this goal will be to keep a sustainable pricing structure. This will no doubt go a long way towards securing its continued longevity, viability, and relevance in an ever-evolving market.

Its hopes and dreams are not all anchored in its own interests, either. A large part of its aim is to make a meaningful impact on its local communities. “We would like to establish good things to help our communities. We want to look back at what we did and feel proud. For us that’s why we do what we do,” says Allen.

Its sights are set high. Over the next five years, the company is aiming to expand by fifty to seventy percent, with the ultimate goal being to double in size. To achieve this, its service footprint will be growing significantly in years to come, bringing excellence and quality roofs and sidings to surrounding areas that currently do not form part of its service portfolio.

“We feel that we can move into these areas and bring our professionalism and quality work to make a real difference,” he adds. With an already hearty selection of services, the company is set to increase its skills and products even further. This is an exciting prospect indeed, as there is nothing like having a team of strong, trustworthy people at your service when it matters most.



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