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Legacy Service knows that the quality and condition of roofs, windows, and sidings not only drastically influence the market value of a property, but also affect its structural integrity. All three of these components play an important part in keeping the structure of a house dry, which makes quality the key.
Legacy Service has a philosophy of doing the best work in the field, standing by its word and helping people. “Our customers can always count on us for reliable and trustworthy work. That is what our company is based on,” says Marketing Director Dmytro Muzychko.

From its headquarters in Southampton, Pennsylvania, this driven company serves commercial and residential clients throughout its own state, as well as Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Hard work and old-fashioned ethics are its secrets to success, and its expert employees are always ready to lend a hand. While Legacy Service fabricates much of its own metal sheeting and composite wall panels, or sidings, it also joins with the best manufacturers in the trade. These include some really big names, and this allows it to install components that meet even the highest standards.

The company started in the residential market in 2001 after being founded by Tomas Kalkys, whose engineering background stood him in good stead when he found himself head over heels in love with American architecture but noted a few major flaws in the remodeling industry’s standards. Tomas set out to raise the industry bar and succeeded in a great way. Following a few years working in the residential market, Legacy Service spent a few tough years breaking into the commercial sector, where it has worked with a host of businesses like hotels, offices, and much more. Once established, it discovered how hard current operators were making it for residential clients to get decent service.

“People’s warranties were not being honored, and the service was shocking. That is why we decided to go back in and help people to get the service in the residential field that they deserve. We went back into the residential market out of a need to help,” says Dmytro.

Here, the best industry practices rule and all its staff are trained to uphold its high level of quality and reputation for trustworthiness. Its determination to always do the right thing is paying off, and the company has doubled in size in the past few years. The phenomenal achievement has, in turn, stimulated continued growth. It was also made its way onto Roofing Contractor’s 2018 ‘Top 100’ list as a top performer nationwide and was listed on Inc. 5000 for the first time this year. The company is also noted by porch.com as one of Langhorne, Pennsylvania’s best roofing companies.

Its customer service is focused on communication and reliability, and only the best people are hired. Its commercial team is huge, with fifty employees and over three hundred field workers who keep this division running smoothly, while around fifteen employees run its residential division with just over fifty field workers. “We are proud of all of our projects because we put our heart and soul into every single one of them,” says Dmytro.

In choosing roofs, Dmytro’s advice is clear: metal roofs are harder wearing and better value. The company also advises that asking the right questions is very important when spending your hard-earned cash on a roof. The three most vital components to be considered are the underlay, ventilation, and what material would suit your needs, budget, and local climate best.

The underlay is a crucial component that keeps the building dry. This water-resistant barrier goes between the roof and the roofing deck and can significantly extend the life of a roof when installed correctly. This is especially important in areas with heavy winter months, such as northeast America. Sufficient ventilation and insulation will also control moisture in attic spaces and protect roofing from severe temperature differences that exist between the inside and the outside of the building. If the roof is unprotected and this deficit goes unchecked, it can cause serious damage in terms of warping and cracking, depending on the material. Insulation also goes a long way to regulate the interior temperature of a building, keeping it cooler in hotter temperatures and warm in colder temperatures.

As an external addition, siding has the power to give any frame building an entirely new look, and the company offers a wide array of choices from James Hardie fiber cement to wood, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and vinyl. There is a material for every budget, and the company gladly guides customers in choosing the right option.

When it comes to windows, its top sellers are the fiberglass Beechworth windows by James Hardie. Nothing beats this product from the standpoint of quality, beauty, and longevity. “That gives an authentic look and feel combined with top-notch quality. It delivers the best results by far. It really is the window of the future,” says Dmytro. As northeast weather is extreme, the window also goes a long way to keeping energy bills down.

These windows display extremely low thermal expansion and are constructed from three main components, namely a sheet of glass held by an outer fiberglass frame that is joined to an inner, wooden frame. As fiberglass is unbelievably strong and stable, it does not change shape or size, whatever the weather. The wood frame is stylish and blends with interior styles as they come in many different looks and sizes. Legacy Service fits these windows with great pride and trust in their lifespan.

In addition to windows, roofs, and sidings, Legacy Service also installs gutters, skylights, patio doors as well as Dec-Tec, a soft, water-resistant, fireproof membrane that protects decks from high traffic damage. It also has a do-it-yourself department where it offers all the support and information needed to complete installations.

As part of its quality guarantee, the company holds various accreditations, including membership with the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Only an estimated 3.5 percent of roofing contractors have had the honor of being granted membership under the stringent standards set by NARI, and Legacy Service intends to do everything it takes to remain a member of this circle.

Legacy Services strongly feels that experience is simply not enough to cut it in this trade. Despite its decades of experience, the firm prides itself on its technical knowledge, industry commitment, and its A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Its scores of happy customers stand testimony to its great work and are the ultimate reward.

For this company, it is not all about go-getting. Legacy Service is also a very generous giver. “Tomas isn’t only a great person. He is passionate and always tries to help people,” says Dmytro. “We really love and trust in people. This company is all about people,” he adds. It supports several charities and organizations in the Philadelphia area that work for causes like cancer research in the Philadelphia area.

To look toward the future, it sometimes helps to take stock of where one started and the journey from there. In this case, the road may have been long and challenging, but with the hard work and dedication of good people, the Legacy Service team has, without a doubt, made it to the top.



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