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Meet Solo, an innovative global leader in the forestry, outdoor power equipment and plant protection industry since 1948 and the inventor of compression backpack sprayers and the first small two-stroke engine.
Finding equipment that not only works but also lasts can cause great headaches for equipment rental companies, construction distributors and building industry suppliers as well as end users who just want the job done properly and easily the first time. Those in agriculture and professional landscaping also know this frustration very well.

Especially famous for its construction, industrial and plant protection equipment, this U.S.- and Germany-based manufacturer has blown its loyal customers away with German precision and a no-nonsense approach to next-generation design for over 70 years. Not only is its innovative range of sprayers, cut-off saws, mist blowers, spreaders and other equipment made to last, but they are also cost-effective and easy to use and repair. For this tenacious team, success means quality and better benefits for end users, and it does absolutely everything possible to ensure that this mandate is fulfilled.

Solo guarantees its customers truly ergonomic design, excellent technical support, and readily available replacement parts. Its equipment is as solid and sturdy as its reputation, and its teams are dedicated to fast and efficient service and products at great prices.

In its bid to deliver the best machines on the market today, this industry leader never stops innovating and also has its own blow molding facility for the production of quality sprayers. Its use of powerful cut-off saws took seven years to develop and was brought to market in 2012. The vision for this model was to create a saw that could cut through just about anything with the least effort possible.

The cut-off saws also offer 12″/300 mm and 14″/350 mm blade capacity and run on top-performance, 81cc two-stroke engines that deliver 5.45 HP/ 4 kW of lighting power – all designed and manufactured in Germany. To enhance the user experience even further, a vibration minimizing system and rubber-sheathed handle allow operators to use the machines for much longer without becoming tired. An automatic choke system and One-Push-Stop technology allow the user an easy start every time.

Solo’s cut-off saws cut easily through the toughest materials: concrete, steel, asphalt, castings, and stone. Plus, the Solo team literally thinks of everything – and that includes waterless job sites. To curb the dust challenge presented by concrete and stone cutting, Solo has come up with the #8000150 and #8900850 water pressure tanks to ensure that the job is properly done in accordance with OSHA requirements.

All Solo saw engines are EPA certified and, apart from incredible cutting power, its 881 cut-off saw models also sport the world’s first iLube® fuel system. This unique fuel system was developed in order to save the operator from having to mix the typical 50:1 mixture of gas and two-stroke oil required for two-stroke engines to run efficiently. Instead of mixing or buying expensive premixed alternatives, these state-of-the-art machines offer two separate chambers for two-stroke oil and gas, respectively. From here, the mixing of the two liquids happens automatically, saving the engine from unavoidable damage caused by mixing the wrong ratio of liquids or by not ensuring that the oil is in optimum suspension.

The iLube® fuel system is also designed to alert the operator to low oil content by changing the pitch of its running speed and slowing down to idling mode. This is an intelligent lubrication system, which is what iLube® stands for. It is particularly favored by rental companies as the end user can be perfectly oblivious to the workings of two-cycle engines and still get the job done without any of the hassles of mixing. And, for the traditionalists, the 880 model has all of the features of the 881 but allows users to still mix their own oil.

The company entered the construction market in the early 90s, as well as the industrial and facilities maintenance sectors, which by its very nature also includes janitorial and sanitation equipment. This proved to be a great decision, and the rapid growth that followed allowed Solo to enlarge its manufacturing facility in early 2000. Today, just over 53,000 square feet are home to Solo’s U.S. manufacturing operation. Its competitive prices are made possible thanks to running a particularly lean operation based on Six Sigma values and methods, and the entire team works together to keep this operational.

“Our construction sprayers are made of high-density polyethylene, a very hard-wearing plastic that, in contrast to the metal sprayers often used in the industry, does not dent, corrode or crack. These sprayers are made to survive tough conditions and save operators incredible amounts of money as it not only curbs equipment wear and tear but is also less expensive than metal sprayers,” explains Tracey Harmon, Solo National Industrial Sales Manager. In addition, Solo sprayers are designed to hold a vast range of chemicals used in the industry without affecting the integrity of the tanks or any other part of the equipment. For the same reason, its TeeJet® compatible nozzles, for easy spraying of all liquids, are easily adjustable and can be switched equally fast. Tanks are also easy to fill and are translucent, making it easy to gauge content levels.

The origins of the company’s name are as interesting as its products are sturdy. The two German brothers, Hans and Heinz Emmerich, first developed a two-cycle mist blower which would allow traditionally gargantuan tasks to be performed by one person – from here the name, Solo. They realized that the motor could also power chainsaws, trimmers and many other power tools and set to work to develop more innovative products as well as the business as we know it today. Hans and Heinz decided to bring their manufacturing operation to America and it is now run by two second generation brothers: Andreas and Wolfgang Emmerich.

From small beginnings, the company has grown to an employer of over 250 people between its American and German facilities. Solo believes in teamwork, and its staff is loyal and entirely service-driven.

People are valued here, and Solo also has strong appreciation for organizations that protect the vulnerable and help the underprivileged. As such, it is a very big supporter of VersAbility, an organization that works for the inclusion of disabled community members in attaining rewarding and enjoyable job opportunities. They also form part of the Solo team and fulfill a very important role in helping out at the company’s facility in task-appropriate positions. “We love working with VersAbility as its people mean a tremendous amount to us,” says Tracey. The company also supports the local food bank and donates products to the local Lions’ Club annual fair in support of various community causes.

With so much happening, the Solo team is very positive about the year ahead and its future. Based on the trends of 2017 and early 2018, the company definitely foresees growth, especially in the commercial sector. “We are always improving on our designs and innovations to find ways in which to better benefit the end user,” Tracey adds. With such brilliance in both its offering and its company character, Solo is without a doubt not only an industry leader but a company that makes its community and its customers proud.



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