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Mechanical contractor Sylvester & Cockrum provides a full complement of building systems services for everything from single-family homes to massive industrial buildings. For commercial, institutional, industrial and residential customers, the company designs, installs, repairs and maintains a range of solar, electrical, security, control, plumbing and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
When all goes well, most of us have the luxury of taking building systems for granted. They quietly do their jobs in the background, allowing us to comfortably live our lives with all the modern conveniences to which we have become accustomed. And an effective building system starts with thoughtful design.

Sylvester & Cockrum, Inc. can be involved in a building’s systems from the earliest planning phase through the complete lifecycle. Its experience also extends to repairing existing systems and retrofitting older buildings with updated technologies. Since the company was founded, it has expanded its capabilities to be able to complete every aspect of the work in-house, including all necessary welding and custom metal fabrication for even the largest ductwork.

It puts customers first and works hard to build lasting partnerships by performing quality work at competitive prices, finding the best solution for their needs and following this with unparalleled customer service. It covers all projects under warranty and even provides financing options in collaboration with leading credit providers. Clients appreciate having comfortable environments while reaching cost and energy targets; by treating customer relationships as the top priority, the company has attained a ninety-eight percent customer retention rate.

In many ways, a building is much like the human body. Plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical and support systems all must be tended to and kept healthy. Sylvester & Cockrum Inc. has in-depth experience in all of these fields and more.

Solar electricity generation is the newest aspect of building systems. Sylvester & Cockrum’s solar and electrical group operates from its Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Bluff City, Tennessee locations to install photovoltaic (PV) solar and geothermal energy projects throughout the country, though mostly in the Southeast. The solar division does everything from design-build to implementation on both ground-mounted and rooftop installations up to five Megawatts. Developers and prime contractors have hired it to complete projects on retail and grocery stores, hospitals, universities, warehouses, solar farms and military bases, and Solar Power World ranks Sylvester & Cockrum’s solar division as one of its top five hundred contractors in the United States, in 146th place.

The company’s mechanical division does the full-service installation, maintenance and renovation of HVAC and plumbing using modern methods and machinery like coil lines and plasma tables. Jobs include everything from residential duct cleaning and water treatment system installation to mechanical design and fitting process piping – the pipework that moves materials used in manufacturing and industrial processes.

The company has completed jobs for a huge variety of clients including educational institutions, hotels, industrial manufacturing facilities and commercial properties. Hospital industrial and mechanical projects, such as intensive care unit (ICU) room construction or renovation, require specialized skills, and the company’s technicians are more than qualified.

The mechanical division has years of experience in mechanical and plumbing projects in the United States and for the defense departments of countries in the Middle East and Japan. Its crews have worked on Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) and Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) projects on various military bases. It has also done both renovation and new construction of HVAC, plumbing and control systems at Fort Bragg, Langley Air Force Base, Scott Air Force Base, Fort Gordon and Pope Air Force Base on HVAC, plumbing and controls for data centers, dormitories, dining halls and barracks.

In addition to standard plumbing systems, Sylvester & Cockrum’s plumbing division designs and installs commercial kitchens and bathrooms as well as heaters and water mains. The company’s bonded and fully-licensed plumbing technicians also install efficient hot water recirculation systems and other commercial plumbing.

Full electrical services include everything from LED cost-saving estimates to installing and maintaining computer cabling, underground electrical distribution, control systems, electrical services in dangerous places and power machines. Technicians even deal with permits and paperwork.

The company’s custom security packages include a range of state-of-the-art technology systems to keep businesses and homes safe from intrusion with access controls, motion detection, day-to-night automatic transition cameras, digital video, wireless color touchpads, smartphone accessibility and alarm monitoring.

Last, but certainly not least, the commercial and residential HVAC divisions provide full-service professional solutions including system evaluation and the integration of various brands of automated temperature controls, heat pumps and central air conditioning systems for new and existing furnaces. It also installs generators. Routine commercial and residential HVAC maintenance plans prevent problems and conserve efficiency. Systems are inspected and cleaned, and technicians’ in-depth records mean clients can track the system’s performance.

Owning all this equipment is not a one-time expense for building owners. Over the lifespan of a building system, customers will have costs related to in-house staff and administration, major repairs, parts, energy use, downtime and eventual equipment replacement. Sylvester & Cockrum’s facilities management services can extend the lifespan of equipment and lower those annual costs associated with owning and operating it.

It carefully examines how the facility is used and implements solutions to reduce carbon footprint and energy use. Regular machine maintenance will happen four times annually, at a time convenient for the client. Customers are given a logbook and asset condition reports that assist them in budgeting and planning for future upgrades and replacements. Proactive maintenance contract services help customers’ systems work more efficiently and reliably so they can concentrate on their business rather than worrying about the building.

Should a client have a maintenance contract and be in need of emergency repairs, the company guarantees that factory-trained technicians will be at the facility within two hours of logging the call – day or night, with the minor exception of long-distance travel.

This attentiveness to customer needs all began in 1985 when Sylvester & Cockrum was founded by Richard Sylvester and Steve Cockrum as a mechanical contractor building ice-skating rinks up the East Coast and in Great Britain. For many years, this was mainly a mechanical company. It grew, handling multi-million dollar systems projects for hospitals and commercial buildings, and, over time, a market emerged for work like air conditioning, plumbing and electrical installations and maintenance. This full-service mechanical contractor has grown greatly and now handles huge, multi-million dollar projects. Its BuildZoom score of 111 places it in the top four percent of North Carolina’s licensed contractors.

A large team of dedicated personnel forms the foundation of this business. It has roughly 120 experienced, first-class, bonded, licensed technicians with the skill sets to tackle any problem. Certified welders, electricians, master plumbers, in-house metal fabrication experts and specialized technicians like medical gas installers make this work possible. Technicians also go to ongoing factory training to stay up-to-date with the equipment of all major manufacturers. People look out for one other, and their efforts are rewarded, making this a place where people want to work.

Finding good tradespeople is a challenge in the current market, so the company holds seminars to show young people the possibilities. It offers weekly in-house training and education for eligible, keen young people in fields in which it predicts future skills shortages. High school students get the opportunity to complete internships or work with technicians to get a feel for the industry. Once they get state certified, they are welcomed into secure positions. Its work helps fund many such candidates who would otherwise not have the opportunity to land quality employment.

As well as helping young people get established in a trade, there is a great effort to give back to the community in other ways. Some employees help non-profit homebuilder Habitat for Humanity. The company also supports such charities as the Ronald McDonald House, where lodging is offered near hospitals to families whose children are in the hospital for lengthy periods. Sylvester & Cockrum Inc.’s teams often volunteer here, making sure that vulnerable parents have one less worry.

Sylvester & Cockrum Inc. is licensed in Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina with three regional offices and headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. From there, it has served companies across the country and abroad. It will soon open a fourth office and is looking to expand considerably in the next few years while keeping the quality, professionalism and integrity on which it was built.

A company knows it is doing a good thing when customers say that they love remembering only one name and number, regardless of the service they need. And when dealing with any building system issue, Sylvester & Cockrum, Inc. is a phone call away.



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