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Compact Excavator Sales
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It doesn’t really matter at what age one starts out in business. If you’re lucky enough to have a mentor, or any training at all, the first and most important thing that one is told to remember is to keep customers happy.
Like the industry legend that it is, Compact Excavator Sales LLC takes this concept one imperative step further in preempting its clients’ needs. Supplying compact equipment to the oil and gas, rental and construction industries, the company provides everything its clients can possibly need, leveraging its comprehensive website in this bid to serve. From full brochures on each quality vehicle to owner manuals, warranty claim forms and clarifying alternative terminology that could cause confusion, the company’s web presence brims with helpful resources, taking the guesswork out of ownership and saving clients a lot of time and frustration.

Formerly known as IHI Compact Excavator Sales, the company became the American KATO distributor and marketer in 2016 after the latter’s acquisition of IHI Construction Machinery Limited. Compact Excavator Sales has spent over 20 years in the industry and when it comes to compact construction equipment, it is able and ready to serve its clients’ every need. In keeping with its sterling service commitment, a sales support representative is always available to assist with whatever queries clients may have, whether technical or sales-related. The company’s expert staff always provide helpful solutions.

Its wide range of new and used compact equipment includes five different models of tough crawler carriers, or dumpers, used for carrying materials on work sites. These are popular in the oil and gas and construction industries and are also used in military and defense applications. The company’s Canycom rubber track concrete buggy is mobile on both wet and dry soil as well as on rocky and smooth terrain. It can do around 6mph with its 22hp engine and carry up to 16 cubic feet of material at a time. This hardcore workhorse comes in three models – each suited to different site conditions and applications.

In addition to this, the company offers diesel and electric mini excavators with optional silent hammer attachments that come in five sizes with anti-vibration shock absorbers. Its range of four skid steers also includes an eco-friendly, low fuel consumption option on both its track loader models. These are fitted with 24-gallon fuel tanks and sport improved handling thanks to joystick levers and other high-performance hydraulics, allowing for a smoother ride and better functionality.

Getting hold of parts and having vehicles serviced is as easy as it is procuring them. The team has a full range of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts available for all its equipment, matched by quality service plans. In addition, it prides itself on providing top-notch quality that will last for many years. However, the company does advise clients to be aware of the fact that even the best equipment needs servicing when working under heavy conditions, which is why the team ensures minimum downtime and speedy solutions. To guarantee great results, the company partners with UPS to ensure fast delivery of parts. Location is no problem as its dealers are well-distributed throughout the country, giving customers access to the type of service options that suits their operations best.

Compact Excavator Sales started out in 1994 as a family business distributor serving dealers and rental companies across the United States and South America. Owned by Mike and Markie Smith, it is located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and the company’s name has become synonymous with integrity and the absolutely sterling customer care that filters through to end customers thanks to dedicated dealers.

“All-in-all, there couldn’t have been a better pairing between IHI and KATO Works,” said Compact Excavator Sales owner Mike Smith. As IHI manufactured compact equipment like tracked-crawler dump trucks and rubber track cranes, the company was an ideal fit for KATO Works, a Japanese Equipment Manufacturing Company who manufactures large construction equipment. IHI Construction Machinery Limited was only one department of IHI, a Japanese heavy-industry producer originally founded as Ishikawajima Koehring Co. in 1952. With KATO Works’ acquisition of this single division, it will now take over from IHI as Compact Excavator Sales’ new partner, who will continue to distribute its traditional offering throughout the Americas.

As a trusted equipment supplier, Compact Excavator Sales belongs to a number of respected associations including Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). Moreover, it is also an American Rental Associate Member.

The company quotes Kimiyasu Kato, president of KATO Works, as saying: “There is no doubt the North American Market is one of the most important markets for our group. Together, KATO Works and CES will aim to increase and expand our sales in the U.S. by combining our resources.”

KATO Works originally started out as Kato Ironworks in 1895. The company produced its first internal combustion engine in 1923 and reinvented itself in 1963 when it changed its name to KATO WORKS CO., LTD. Today, it manufactures scores of heavy duty machinery and equipment, including mammoth hydraulic excavators that weigh anywhere between 16,000 and 101,000 pounds, rough as well as all-terrain cranes, trucks rigged with boring machines, street sweepers, and more. The company expanded at a tremendous pace, opening its own operation in China in 2006 and one in Thailand in 2016. This was of course in addition to acquiring IHI Construction Machinery Limited in the same year, which is now officially called KATO HEAVY INDUSTRIES CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO., LTD.

Compact Excavator Sales certainly appears to be committed to a solid future through this new alliance which has put it into an entirely new league in terms of advanced technology and manufacturing capabilities. This promises continued stability, quality, and service offerings together with a much increased geographic reach.

Something that is not changing is Compact Excavator Sales’ attention to detail and the quality of its relationships. As an industry legend with many years of top quality equipment sales experience, this team is accustomed to establishing genuine long-term relationships with clients. KATO quality will allow it to not only continue these relationships but to offer even more than before. The company’s association with KATO Works has clearly assured it of a long and illustrious road ahead.



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