33 Years of Speed and Perfection in the NY Construction Industry

Perfetto Contracting
Written by fmgadmin

Famous in New York State’s public works circles for its quick response time and quality work, Perfetto Contracting Co. Inc. is as much a part of the place as Brooklyn itself. The company has constructed a phenomenal amount of infrastructure in and around NYC, and has built a reputation as a trusted, noteworthy operator in its field.
Perfetto Contracting is especially well-versed in foundations and excavations. The family started the business in 1985, when it started laying the groundwork for playgrounds, airport runways and the like. Over the next few decades, Perfetto Contracting evolved into a very large infrastructure contractor, recently adding design-build projects to its extensive portfolio of public works due to high demand, and is teaming up with leading design companies in the New York area to put together bids on custom-designed construction projects.

As one of very few medium-sized contractors in the field, PCC is leading the way in embracing technology and the modern ways of doing business. It is highly diversified for its size, which allows it to offer its public clients the natural versatility that it has become so respected for. For the same reason, Federal contractors know who to call when they need a project completed ahead of schedule.

Chez Perfetto told us a bit more about the strong family business that he shares with his brother Matthew. Since the early days, the company has performed a lot of work on Governor’s Island, runway work for the Port Authority and the Department of Transportation, and today, it performs a great deal of road construction. “We’ve been very successful with the City. We are one of the contractors they turn to for help whenever there’s an emergency situation,” says Chez.

PCC has been especially instrumental in stepping in after disasters like Hurricane Sandy. The team also does a lot of emergency snow removal and is proud to be one of the City’s preferred suppliers when the going gets tough for New Yorkers. For Cesare, running this successful operation is all about good leadership, excellent team players and quality work – without which Perfetto Contracting wouldn’t have achieved the great heights that it has.

With the new generation joining the team, the company is ready to take on the new age of business. Cesare’s two sons Chez and Matthew recently joined the company, bringing with them the new era of design-build construction. Chez has brought his skills as a professional engineer to the Perfetto arena, allowing the company to meet the latest market demands and increased responsibility that is being placed on contractors. Perfetto Contracting has come a long way since its inception 33 years ago, and for Cesare, the secret to success is grit and patience. “If you put the time and effort into what you do and you stay on course, you’re motivated and come up with a better idea than your competitors, you’ll be a huge success,” he says.

True to this sentiment, the Perfetto team is as dedicated as it is nimble and has achieved a string of successes thanks to its combination of speed and precision. The company has completed a number of substantial projects – some as large as removing and replacing entire runways in record time and even received recognition for pre-schedule completion when it delivered a large Coney Island project in Brooklyn well ahead of time. This was no mean feat considering that it involved the entire reconstruction of not only a brand new road, but also upgrading a complex sewer and water supply system.

For PCC, staying ahead of schedule is its specialty and the company has repeatedly proven its capacity for keeping quality and speed in the same stable. Another key project was the company’s 2015 improvement and rehabilitation of the Hylan Blvd. overpasses that cross the I-278 Staten Island Expressway. This project entailed the deck replacement and complete rehabilitation of the North- and Southbound overpass bridges on one of the most travelled roads in Staten Island. Maintenance and protection of traffic was a substantial challenge and the project schedule was also closely monitored by local politicians. In true PCC style, the project was delivered an incredible four months ahead of schedule – a major achievement for both the City and the company. Traffic was greatly relieved in the borough of Staten Island and Governor Cuomo praised Perfetto Contracting publicly for completing the massive project so far ahead of schedule.

Perfetto Contracting Co. Inc. doesn’t only excel at building roads and bridges, though. The team boasts a strong creative engineering side to it as well which really comes into its own during the construction of award-winning architectural landmarks, like the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation’s headquarters, Bushwick Inlet Park in Brooklyn NY. This state-of-the-art, LEED Certified ode to green design features complex foundations and a green roof, as well as a number of other earth-friendly elements. Comfortably perched on the East River waterfront, the 40,000 square foot building reflects PCC’s versatility and adaptability when it comes to modern design and engineering.

Skill clearly matters greatly here and the company is dedicated to training novices to join its team of master craftsmen. It also takes in apprentices through sponsored labor union programs, ensuring that its future workforce has on-the-job training that adheres to the high standards the company’s reputation was built on. Perfetto Contracting especially encourages engineering interns from local colleges to join its training programs and finds the results incredibly rewarding. Training is also not only reserved for novices and seasoned staff are not left behind as everyone in the company keeps up with the latest technological trends in their field.

“Perfetto Contracting has a top-down approach when it comes to safety. From the owner to the laborers, they are all aware of the commitment to safety, which helps achieve Perfetto’s top priority, and that is to get all of the employees home safe at night. As a safety measure, Perfetto places cameras on almost every job site. There are several safety and insurance related benefits the cameras provide. They can strongly assist in the investigation of the claim (whether it be theft, first or third party injuries, etc.), as well as used as a training mechanism. Perfetto is always looking at innovative ways to become an even safer organization,” said James Vendetti, Director at Construction Risk Partners, a JLT Group Company.

Cesare sees his role as that of motivator. He believes in being there for his team, offering good support and driving and leading the business. He enjoys the fact that the company’s size makes it possible for everyone to be treated as family – even more so as Perfetto Contracting self-executes most of its work and at peak times, its staff count can reach up to 120 members. It has a number of employees who have been with the company for many years whose sons have also signed up for duty – just another way in which it is bringing the next generation in and making them a part of the company’s future.

Perfetto Contracting’s integrity and love of family goes far beyond its own people and the team does a lot of work for charity. It has built a number of baseball and soccer fields, as well as playgrounds for local communities and churches in the area. This year alone, St. Anne’s Church in Staten Island and St. Francis Mission in Brooklyn have been gifted with playgrounds for community children.

No business starts out huge. “We didn’t just jump from a small family-started business to a huge company. We’ve been growing steadily, and I think that slow, steady growth makes you a lot stronger,” says Chez. For him, the company’s future development will continue to be based on steady, controlled growth rather than overnight expansion. While simplicity is often harder to achieve than at first expected, the company’s recipe seems foolproof – work well and fast, grow slowly and love your family. With wisdom like that, the Perfetto Contracting team will surely build the City many times over in generations to come.



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