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Southeast Concrete Systems
Written by Ryan Cartner

Southeast Concrete Systems is a contracting company specializing in commercial tilt-up concrete construction throughout the Southeastern United States. With a focus on providing complete turn-key concrete builds, the company has the capacity to work on projects of any size, from smaller 20,000 square foot additions to existing structures, to complete large-scale tilt-wall builds of new structures of any size, for customers operating in many varied industries.
Tilt-wall, or tilt-up construction is a specialty of Southeast Concrete systems. Tilt-up is a building technique that is becoming more and more popular in concrete construction. The idea is that concrete elements such as walls, columns, and supports are formed flat on a concrete foundation, and then tilted up into their final vertical position using cranes. The process is highly economical, and very efficient in terms of how quickly a project can be completed, but requires a great deal of complex coordination during the build process.

Southeast Concrete Systems has built an expertise in the tilt-up building process, and has worked on many very complicated structures that demonstrate its ability to organize challenging projects. Beyond Tilt-wall construction, the company also works in cast-in-place structures, foundations, slabs, and decks. Southeast Concrete has the expertise to handle any concrete construction project.

The Southeast Concrete Systems workforce consists of a highly dedicated team of employees who collectively represent more than one hundred years of experience in the construction industry. The company has made an effort to foster a culture of collaboration that has resulted in a team that is committed to the quality of the work it puts out, and to the success of the company as a whole. This dedication means that Southeast Concrete systems has seen every project it has ever been involved in through to completion, in the face of any and all challenges that may have arisen.

The company is committed to a three pillar approach that includes a dedication to high quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and a promise of unparalleled service to customers. Having built manufacturing and warehousing facilities in the industrial sector, office buildings, retail outlets, assisted living and care facilities, schools, correctional facilities and even residential apartment buildings, the company has a solid portfolio demonstrating its capacity to build high quality structures for diverse customers, and the resulting buildings are widely regarded as among the top construction projects in the region. Southeast Concrete Systems makes a dedicated effort to keep its pricing fair and competitive regardless of the unrivaled level of care that it puts into each and every project, and goes above and beyond to work closely with the client to meet all of their needs.

Service is a key focus for Southeast Concrete Systems. The company’s reputation for exceptional customer service is a result of its attention to detail and its commitment to respecting the customer’s vision in every aspect of the project. From the earliest phase of the build through to the final closeout, Southeast Concrete works very closely with the client to instill confidence and to ensure that they are content with the work every step of the way. This approach – keeping the customer in the loop throughout – greatly reduces the potential for any issues, and results in a relationship that will last beyond project completion toward repeat business going forward.

Indeed, instilling confidence in the client is key to the success of a project, and Southeast Concrete Systems accomplishes this in a number of ways. Beyond simply having the proper licensing to perform the necessary work, the company is also bonded to ensure that the project will be completed on time, on budget, and according to the contract. Southeast Concrete Systems assumes this liability with full confidence, and the team has never taken on a project that it couldn’t complete to the satisfaction of the client.

Further still toward this endeavor of providing clients with the confidence to trust Southeast Concrete with their project is a commitment from the company’s ownership to be deeply involved in the process. Both company President Ken Blumbek, and CEO Adam Pearlman, consider the quality of each project to be a personal responsibility, and they back up this promise by being as accessible as possible to the client at all times, and by paying close attention to the finer details of the project throughout the process. The relationship between a building owner and a contractor can, in many cases, be prone to frustrating communication lag, but with Southeast Concrete Systems there is a constant focus on open communication and collaboration between all parties.

The company offers preconstruction services in order to help clients make important decisions related to their projects. Budgetary quotations are offered to repeat customers in order to help them get a general idea of the overall cost of a project. Budgetary pricing is a rough estimate that can be given without necessarily having all the details of the project available. This type of quotation is generally offered to a customer who is interested in determining the viability of a build before investing in architectural drawings. The ability to evaluate a project in this way with minimal information is something that requires a great deal of expertise, and Southeast Concrete Systems has a wealth of experience in this area.

Once the specifics of a project are clearly defined, many of the turn-key components such as laying foundations, slabs, decks, or the building of concrete structures that are either cast-in-place or tilt-up can be very accurately estimated. Accurate estimation is a key component to a successful project as it helps to prevent cost-related problems and keeps everyone on the same page. This is another skill that Southeast Concrete Systems has developed over many years and many projects.

Of course, safety is a primary concern for Southeast Concrete Systems. This means ensuring the safety of the workers on site during the construction of a project, as well as ensuring that best practices are followed so that the quality of the work will stand the test of time and the structure will remain safe long into the future. Workers are provided with safety training, safety professionals are on site, and third-party safety inspectors are brought in to assess the equipment being used, the processes being employed, and the job site in-depth. This commitment to the safety of its employees is an important principle underpinning the way Southeast Concrete operates.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and the exceptional level of expertise within the ranks of the Southeast Concrete Systems team, from the workers to the supervisory staff, can be seen in the quality of the work. Building specifications and industry standards are followed to the letter, but the team’s workmanship far exceeds this baseline. Southeast Concrete is committed to proper planning so that the initial project forecasts are accurate in terms of budget and schedule. Close coordination between all parties helps to further ensure that the project stays on track, and the company is dedicated to keeping the lines of communication wide open. When the project nears completion, Southeast Concrete considers a timely closeout to be of the utmost importance. These are some of the many fine details that the company takes great care to manage so the project remains as painless as possible for the client.

Southeast Concrete Systems has worked on many extraordinary projects throughout the southeastern United States over the course of its tenure, and has developed an impressive portfolio in that time. It is a company on the rise. With a dedication to quality workmanship, a commitment to customers, and a capacity to rival any concrete construction company in the region, Southeast Concrete Systems has a very bright future ahead.



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