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Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Scott Group of Companies has grown significantly throughout the years thanks to continued investment in its people, its fleet, and its resources. Because of this growth, it found itself on the 2017 Profit 500 Ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies when it ranked in the top 200 for the 316 percent growth it has enjoyed over the last five years.

Scott Group of Companies is composed of parent company Scott Steel, Scott Design Build Inc., Scott Concrete Services, Inc., BC Phillips Crane Rental, and Scott Developments Inc., a collective that was designed to operate as a pre-engineered steel and conventional construction firm on a national and international scale.

The company specializes in metal building assembly, including pre-engineered steel buildings, conventional steel erection, and welding, under the leadership of Dan Scott, owner and chief executive officer of Scott Group of Companies. Over the years the Group has evolved, diversifying to include its own fleet of cranes, lifts, compressors, and welding machines, as well as a concrete company and more.

“Originally, I supplied and erected steel buildings, and then in 1999 or 2000 I bought a small crane company. From there I took over a general contracting company that was supplying a lot of buildings. They were my competition and then from there I started a concrete division to complement all the companies,” Dan Scott explained.

A breadth of specialties
Scott Steel has been in operation since 1989 and since then has developed a reputation for quality, on-time, on-budget installation. In addition to quality, the company also has a strong focus on safety. Its workers are equipped with qualifications and training in accordance with the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and other best practices.

Scott Steel also offers a pre-engineered steel building maintenance program that adds further value for its customers by taking the worry out of maintenance and repair, with warranty options available up to 20 years.

As a full-service concrete contractor, Scott Concrete brings the ability to perform all aspects of concrete construction to the table, including structural concrete, foundations, floors, slabs, and decorative architectural concrete, as well as excavation. It boasts the same wide range of proven experience, resources and talent that helped Scott Steel gain renown in the industry.

BC Philips Crane Rental supports Scott Group of Companies with the fleet, equipment and expertise necessary to deliver results. Established in 1987, pre-dating Scott Steel by two years, it boasts a fleet of cranes, boom trucks, spreader bars, buckets, baskets, dollies and more. Customers depend on BC Phillips Crane Rental for equipment rentals and sales of all terrain cranes, boom truck cranes, crawler cranes, rough-terrain cranes, mobile and truck mounted cranes, hydraulic truck cranes and forklifts, and the attainment of project permits and lift planning services. Its certified operators and well-maintained equipment are there when customers need them most.

Just as its motto states, “We build Canada one lift at a time.” BC Phillips Crane Rental is regarded for the professionalism of its operators and its 24/7 emergency services and project planning. The company is an authorized dealer for chokers, nylon belts, hoist cables, ratchet straps and other related accessories.

Rounding out Scott Group of Companies’ capacities and offerings is Scott Design Build and Scott Developments. From groundbreaking to project completion, it provides peace of mind that jobs will be completed accurately, on time and on budget, by simplifying the construction process for its clients.

Secrets of success
Throughout the years, one of the secrets to Scott Group of Companies’ success has been continued investment in resources, chiefly its people. As the best people produce the best output, the company has invested in training and a team-oriented culture. In addition to the advantages of competitive wages and benefits, employees enjoy a safe and respectful work environment.

When asked what has helped drive the growth being experienced at Scott Group of Companies Mr. Scott responded, “Good people. Bringing in good people, and I don’t just mean good construction workers; I mean good salesmen, good sales managers. With growth comes pain too, so it’s a struggle sometimes but you have to have your finger on the pulse at all times.”

Valuing its employees highly, Scott Group of Companies works with both union and non-union workers. “We have agreements with the iron workers and operators, but we also work across Canada with open shop guys as well. I think the guys enjoy the fact that they can work on these remote projects. They enjoy the travel and working in remote areas and seeing different parts of the world,” Mr. Scott noted.

Mr. Scott also credits his relationships with equipment supplier partners and banks. “Without a good supportive relationship with your bank or banks, it’s tough. Construction is a tough business to be in and those relationships have to be fostered continually.”

To support the growth being experienced, new people, new technology and improved processes are being brought on board to ensure the company’s high standards are never compromised. Scott is in the process of bringing on a new chief financial officer and chief operating officer, and is even looking to bring in partners to reinforce the strength of the upper management team. Investments have also been made in new accounting and operations software to further streamline operations. “This is the next step which is going to help us track where we are and where we’re going,” said Mr. Scott.

Serving diverse markets
Of Scott Group of Companies’ international range, Mr. Scott said, “Probably for the last 15 years we’ve been working out of the country, maybe even longer. Around 2001 we did some work in Bermuda for about five years, Bahamas for a couple of years and we did one small job down in South America and then we started working in the oil sands from 2004 until the crash in 2009, 2010.”

The Group serves industrial, commercial and institutional customers in various sectors such as mining, manufacturing, warehouse, waste and water management, retail, office buildings, residential, and hangars, as well as recreation centers, arenas and churches. Some of the current and recent projects undertaken by Scott Group of Companies include a hangar project for Air Canada at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, as well as projects for Harte Gold Corp. and Hudson Resources in Greenland.

Mr. Scott noted that, “You’re only as good as your last job so you have to do an excellent job from a schedule perspective. Obviously health and safety is very important, but you have to bring the project in on budget too, and then that rolls into the next job,” which is where Scott Group of Companies is exemplary.

Quality and safety
In addition to ranking on the 2017 Profit 500, the Group has been recognized for its commitment to health and safety on projects. In celebration of safety week, Ledcor Group held its first annual Safety Appreciation Day on site at the Air Canada Hangar 5 project. And on September 5, 2017, two employees of Scott Group of Companies, Allan Ferguson and Jeremie Caribou, were selected as the Safest Site Supervisor and Safest Site Worker respectively, taking home both awards in the safety category.

Indeed, Scott Group of Companies is tirelessly committed to safe work practices in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and other regulations required on construction projects. It also acts in compliance with the requirements laid out by the Mining Association of Canada and the Oil Sands Safety Association, and is a member of ISNetworld, AVETTA and COMPLYWORKS.

Scott Group of Companies always upholds its core values of safety, quality, schedule and cost, performing consistently on projects with the highest standard of service to ensure it remains a partner of choice on projects long into the future. As it continues to invest in its capacities and resources, the Group will only become stronger in that regard, offering even greater value to its diverse clients across Canada and around the world through its carefully assembled proficiencies and complete construction solutions.



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