After 40 Years, Greenberry Industrial Still Gives the Best

Greenberry Industrial
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To summarize Greenberry Industrial’s standard list of contracting and fabrication services whilst doing justice to its footprint is nearly impossible. This mega-company runs myriad departments that include many specialized areas such as plant maintenance and shut down facilities, tank construction and repair, and many more, and the company’s list of successfully completed projects also spans a breadth of industries…
While Greenberry Industrial is highly respected in all of these fields, it is particularly well-known for its hydro and marine work. With its specialized deepwater-access capacity, Greenberry Industrial has made its mark with superlative cold-weather welding procedures and state-of-the-art modular fabrication methods.

Amongst the company’s collection of prestigious projects is the $21.7 million contract it was awarded by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. The work comprises replacing the reverse-flow gates at the John W. Keys III Pump Generating Plant, which is part of the Grand Coulee Power Complex in Grand Coulee, Washington.

All throughout its various and distinct eras, Greenberry Industrial’s reputation for solving complex problems and projects with resourcefulness, creativity and collaboration has stood it in good stead. Its employees are what make this company exceptional, and for this reason, Greenberry Industrial is all about family. The proof is in its staff retention, with most employees remaining for an average of nine years – quite an achievement for such a large corporation. Its extensive footprint stretches across America, with facilities established all the way from the Northwest to the Atlantic Coast.

The company wasn’t always this big, though. It first saw the light in 1974 as ‘an act of survival,’ when Robert Pond started building surface oil storage tanks, during the oil crisis of the early 70s. He also fabricated structural steel for the agricultural industry. Times were desperate and Robert’s losses were great. One of his greatest setbacks was when he discovered that he was under-insured after all his hay- and Christmas-tree hauling equipment was destroyed in a fire. Not one to give up, Robert Pond’s Industrial Business degree from Oregon State University and his good name pulled him through. Folks believed in him and a few people invested money in his small tank and structure fabrication business. From these humble beginnings, a giant 45-year old corporation grew, and today his son, Jason, is proud to head up this great operation as CEO.

True to its traditions, Greenberry Industrial is always evolving and expanding its horizons. “The team’s expertise in sophisticated welding processes and technology is taking Greenberry Industrial’s complex fabrication capacity into a whole new sphere,” says Jason. “Our fabrication projects are becoming more technical. We can’t over-emphasize the importance of having disciplined, highly skilled people who can bring it all to life.” To ensure that it only gets the best people for the job, the company supports welding programs at local community colleges and is in the process of expanding its internal training facilities to elevate its workforce’s skills.

When it comes to quality employment, there is good news for millennials who want to make great money. Wages in steel fabrication are climbing dramatically, and as a result, the industry offers a lucrative career choice for many. With countless rewarding career options in this field, Greenberry Industrial is going the extra mile to cultivate and welcome new talent into its rewarding and secure ranks.

Here, safety and quality reign supreme. It is such a part of the culture that the company’s longevity, growth and success have all been ascribed to what it essentially sees as a singular concept. Task-level planning and precision execution ensure that workplace hazards are mitigated and that activities can be performed in a safe and healthy environment. For Greenberry Industrial, safety and quality is a unified philosophy that has ensured its rock-solid 40-year legacy in the global market. Its international clientele demand nothing less than perfection and the company’s rigorous standards ensure that it over-delivers on all its projects.

Greenberry’s countless awards are but a hint at its dedication to craftsmanship and quality. It recently won Engineering News-Record’s Regional Best Project Award for a head box replacement that was designed and manufactured for International Paper. The instruction was to replace or upgrade multiple approach piping and mechanical systems, and to add new slitting equipment on an existing, operational container board of a giant paper machine. Downtime was to be minimal. Greenberry was charged with the major responsibilities of pre-shutdown, shutdown installation, commissioning and the start-up support of all its new equipment and piping systems. The paper machine was to receive the most comprehensive overhaul in its history. The largest component was the installation of the new primary head box, and needless to say, despite the project’s complexity and challenges, all went well and the job was completed with a sterling flourish. The reward of acknowledgement for integrity and innovation was greatly welcomed and appreciated by the Greenberry team.

To be sure, Greenberry Industrial is all about giving the best, and this goal also extends to the environment and other worthy causes. The company does everything in its power to lighten its impact on the earth. Low VOC paints are a given wherever possible and recycling and correct waste disposal is a priority. The company’s generosity is well-known across the country. A few of its beneficiaries include the Special Olympics, The Children’s Cancer Association, The Good Samaritan Hospital and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The Girls and Boys Clubs of America also benefit from its sponsorship.

It’s been a long road to achieve the success that it shares so generously with so many today. Jason assures me that he had no way of achieving what his dad did until the late 90s. He describes his father as more hands-on and more technically minded, whereas his personal contribution lay in his business acumen. “I could take the business from being closely-held by 15 employees who worked in a 100-mile radius, to a business with several hundred employees that operates internationally and in multiple states at a time, with nine-digits in revenue,” he shares. “While my dad was technically much stronger than me, my business skills are stronger.”

For Jason, business is about building strong relationships with your employees and customers. His advice for achieving this is to offer a high level of service and excellent overall value. As a fabricator that builds to spec, these aspects are of great importance.

Of course, the relationship with one’s client doesn’t end when the goods are delivered. Machinery needs to be maintained and in the process, so are relationships. To this end, Jason believes that Greenberry’s greatest strength is in its diversity; with so much on offer, there is no reason for customers to search for complex solutions or services elsewhere.

With its astute business ethics and family values, Greenberry Industrial has its heart firmly set on a great and stable year ahead. It remains famous for providing brilliant new opportunities and an extensive portfolio of services and manufacturing processes. Jason confirms the trend: “We are going after the latest technologies and equipment to make us more competitive,” he says.

Of course, it takes a lot of hard work and planning to get ahead of the crowd, but there is no doubt that Greenberry Industrial is set to do what it takes to leave its competitors in the dust this year.



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