A Fusion of Art and Science

Woodbridge Home Exteriors
Written by Ryan Cartner

Woodbridge Home Exteriors is a construction company specializing in home exterior remodeling, with an impressive 25 years of experience in the industry.
Throughout the company’s history, it has worked diligently to build a solid reputation for quality work, and has won a number of industry awards as a result. The firm has been named among the top 500 remodelers, and among the top 200 exterior remodelers in the United States by Qualified Remodeler. It has also been granted service excellence awards from Replacement Contractor and Guildquality. From Preservation Window and Siding, Woodbridge was given the Dealer of Distinction award which is a prestigious accolade that looks at high-quality installation and service standards, design expertise, established and consistent reliability, customer satisfaction, and more. These are only a few of the dozens of awards that Woodbridge has earned over its 25 years of service.

The company has three locations throughout the United States. Its headquarters is located in Texas and serves metropolitan centers including Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin, as well as surrounding cities. Woodbridge also has offices that serve the entire states of Oklahoma and Kansas.

As an exteriors company, Woodbridge works with windows, doors, siding, and soffit and fascia, but beyond basic installations, the company’s experience has enabled it to develop an aptitude for designing exteriors that can reduce energy related expenses and improve the overall aesthetic quality of the home. Woodbridge is more than a construction company; the firm is a partner of choice in home improvement, well qualified to reduce the cost of running a home and increase its overall market value.

The right windows can vastly improve the look of a home, but beyond aesthetics, they can also reduce energy costs. Windows can improve indoor lighting and ventilation, and Woodbridge windows are state of the art when it comes to temperature control. With patented technology that helps to control the amount of heat gained or lost through the window, and optional triple pane windows that can even protect sun-exposed fabrics from fading, Woodbridge windows are on the leading edge. They are durable, they help to reduce the need for air conditioning in the heat and heating in the cold, and they will reduce utility expenses all year long. There are different styles, no-fade colors, and textured finishes available to suit any home and Woodbridge will custom fit them to meet the needs of the customer.

Entryway and patio doors also come in many styles, but no matter the look, they serve a few very important purposes. Primarily, the door to a home must be secure. Woodbridge entryway doors are made with a solid steel construction containing 49 percent more steel than what is considered standard, and the deadbolts are reinforced with steel blocking. The company’s patio doors are made with solid vinyl frames and steel-reinforced panels, and come with an optional keyed lock. Safety is a primary concern, and Woodbridge doors are designed to protect.

Beyond safety, these doors are designed, like the company’s windows, with energy efficiency in mind. Using state of the art weather stripping and a spacer technology known as Warm Edge, these doors lose less heat than competing models. Normally, the panes of glass in a sliding patio door are held apart with an aluminum spacer; the problem with this is that aluminum has very high thermal energy loss, which amounts to poor insulation around the edges of the glass. “Warm Edge” is a technology that, through various means, loses less heat or cold through the edges of the glass than conventional aluminum spacers. Woodbridge windows and doors use this innovative solution to insulate homes and save energy, which is a significant gain for the environment and for a customer’s utility costs.

Certainly, Woodbridge homes are energy- and cost-efficient, but beyond these qualities they are also strikingly beautiful. Everything the company offers is designed with both form and function in mind. The company uses an insulated vinyl siding, built to last and aesthetically gorgeous. There are a number of ways that poor siding choices can reduce the overall visual quality of a home. Siding can be painted unevenly, or it can fade over time from the sun. Woodbridge vinyl siding is made with these considerations in mind, and as a result the siding it offers is uniformly colored and polymer coated to mitigate these problems.

Siding can often be cut so short that unsightly seams spoil the look of the exterior. Woodbridge siding is deliberately cut long to significantly reduce the number of seams and improve the overall look of the home. Using insulated siding means losing less heat in the cold season and maintaining the consistency of the internal temperature year-round. This makes for a more comfortable living environment, less energy consumption, and lower energy-related costs for the homeowner. Woodbridge’s insulated vinyl siding is simply superior to alternative solutions. Woodbridge siding is durable, it’s energy efficient, and it’s beautiful.

The soffit and fascia of a house are the underside of the overhang of the roof, and the vertical edge board that connects the top and the underside respectively. With Woodbridge vinyl siding and trim, many of the common challenges associated with soffit and fascia are eliminated. Unlike wood or metal solutions, the durable vinyl will prevent chipping, denting, rust, and rot long into the future. Woodbridge’s products are carefully designed with longevity in mind, and the company stands behind this promise with some of the best warranty packages in the industry.

Woodbridge is committed to quality, and in order to uphold this commitment it has carefully designed its work around products that the company’s experts know they can trust. The vinyl window panels, the doors and the siding used by Woodbridge are covered with a lifetime warranty that includes both labor and materials and covers hail damage, seal failure, and even glass breakage which is a rare quality in a warranty package. This warranty lasts as long as a customer lives in the home and is even transferable when the home is sold, increasing the overall value of the home for the real estate market.

To be sure, exterior remodeling can be expensive. This can be a challenge for homeowners who need to repair damages or simply want to improve the overall look of their home. Woodbridge understands that trust is a two-way street, and that helping a customer through financing options helps to enhance the reputation of the company. Woodbridge offers opportunities for up to 100 percent financing that can be suited to any budget. As a result, customers have the opportunity to get started early with home improvement projects that will in turn help to showcase Woodbridge’s work.

The exterior of a home defines its curb appeal, and helps to create a comfortable environment for the family living within it. A combination of innovative technology, aesthetic charm, and quality workmanship, exterior remodeling is a fusion of art and science that Woodbridge Home Exteriors has developed over 25 years into an expertise unparalleled in its territory. With a selection of high quality, reliable products, and a team of experts to install them, the company has built a solid reputation for long lasting work, and the firm stands behind it with the best warranties in the industry. Woodbridge makes homes comfortable and beautiful, and its portfolio of work will continue to expand with more and more stunning homes long into the future.



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