A Small Firm Doing Big Things

Solmar Development Corporation
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Solmar Development Corporation is a residential and commercial real estate builder and land developer headquartered in Concord, Ontario that is producing some of the most exquisite homes in the province, from the classic style single-detached models to townhomes, condos and commercial properties of the highest calibre.
With a meticulous attention to detail, the option of luxury materials and finishes of the highest quality, and outstanding customer service, Solmar Development Corporation has built a sterling reputation and is a firm that consistently demonstrates the highest standards of quality and excellence.

“Our hands-on family business approach makes a huge difference,” shared Giuseppe Paolicelli, general manager of Solmar Development Corporation. “We are a small company but we do a lot of big things. We pay a lot of attention to every detail.”

He added, “We own our own land, we buy our own land and we develop our own land. We are primarily a land developer,” though its roots trace back to the trade of bricklaying and the tradition from which the construction industry was born.

Paolicelli, a site supervisor in the past in a career that spans decades in the industry, is the son-in-law of Benny Marotta who established Solmar Development Corporation 29 years ago. Marotta started as a bricklayer, taking his craft and translating those skills into the success of the company today.

“He started as a bricklayer and he was working for a bricklaying company,” said Paolicelli. He had his own bricklaying crew and then had his own company and then started doing custom homes; from custom homes, he started doing production homes and then got into land development.”

Marotta has been the sole proprietor of the business since the day of its founding and has been supported by his family and long-tenured staff who are now considered an extended part of the family.

The employees at Solmar Development Corporation share the same passion for excellence and drive to produce unmatched quality that originated with Marotta when he started the business nearly 30 years ago. Since the early days of Solmar Development Corporation, Marotta has hired youthful talent that shows promise, dedication, a good work ethic and the desire to learn and gain experience alongside the best in the industry. This is the secret to the long-tenured professionals amongst its ranks who share Marotta’s philosophy.

“It’s all about the people that we have. We couldn’t do what we do if we didn’t have the competent, experienced, educated, dedicated people we have working for us,” acknowledged Paolicelli.

This commitment to excellence in delivery is the reason Solmar Development Corporation has been able to secure as many repeat and referral buyers as it has throughout the years. Its homeowner referral program helps it to demonstrate its appreciation for its purchasers who share in the company’s success by promoting its products and thus, its growth.

“We’re very hands-on. I use the term, ‘control freaks’. We have to know everything that’s going on in every aspect of our business, from the selling and design stage to the construction stage and the final product; we’re involved in every aspect,” said Paolicelli, noting that, “It’s really about giving people a good product.”

In addition to great relationships with its employees and its purchasers, Solmar Development Corporation also enjoys a good rapport with its contractors, again developing long-standing, repeat business relationships with a core group of contractors upon which it has come to rely.

This is also true about the cities and their respective governments in which it operates. As Paolicelli noted, “As a small company that does a lot of big things, one of the most important things that we have been able to establish is we create great relationships with all of the municipalities that we do business in.”

Niagara on the Lake is a region of Ontario that Solmar Development Corporation has, as Paolicelli described it, “absolutely fallen in love with.” Solmar Development Corporation recently completed The Cannery, a community of 230 homes in St. Davids, Niagara that boasts proximity, amenity and luxury features and finishes that helped the project sell out in no time at all.

Now, a second development is being undertaken in Niagara on the Lake. The Windsor recently began selling at the beginning of June, 2017 and brings a truly unique, yet prestigious, townhome offering to the community. The project is doing well and has become a source of pride for Solmar Development Corporation.

Solmar is also working on an immaculate project in the heart of Mississauga that will have a substantial impact on the city’s already prominent skyline. Edge Towers will consist of over 1000 units in three towers of 35, 45 and 55 storeys high that project an aesthetic like no other high-rise in the area.

“That’s a very exciting project that we will be launching in the beginning of September,” said Paolicelli. The project will offer great access to the planned Hurontario LRT that is expected to begin next year and promises luxury and proximity that even the young professional can afford.

On each and every project undertaken, quality is never compromised, only exemplified in the work Solmar Development Corporation has completed. For Paolicelli, quality and service are key to a satisfied purchaser and lay the foundation for repeat business relationships. From the design phase, through construction to project completion, customer service is always foremost.

“I think nowadays, customer service, giving people the proper service that they deserve, is probably one of the most important things in any business when you are selling a product, it doesn’t matter what the product is,” said Paolicelli. “We stress customer service at every level.”

Paolicelli walks through every build upon completion before the project is handed over to a purchaser to ensure that nothing was overlooked. “All of my contractors know that I won’t accept mediocrity. I just won’t allow it,” stated Paolicelli.

Solmar Development Corporation employs quality control professionals as well as site supervisors to guarantee a keen eye for detail, to ensure performance of the highest quality and safety standards that will leave purchasers satisfied and happy in their new homes and spaces.

Looking to the future, Solmar Development Corporation is going to continue to do more of the same, bringing exceptional projects of the highest standards of design, craftsmanship, service and aesthetics to the markets it serves, continuing to be a small firm that is making a significant impact.

To see Solmar Development Corporation’s distinct offerings and its signature of excellence visit www.solmar.ca, its head office and design studio, or one of its many sales offices around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Its sales team and professional design consultants are available in person, by phone or via email to answer all of your questions and bring your design visions to life.



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