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Boyce Excavating
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Boyce Excavating is a fourth generation family contractor that takes great pride in offering a diverse range of excavation and earthwork services, as well as equipment sales and support for clients whose projects can range from as small as $50 to as large as over $22 million.
Boyce Excavating was founded in 1939 by Jack Boyce and is headquartered in Slate Hill, New York. After Jack’s passing, his widow Marjorie and her two sons John James (Jack Jr.) and Donald continued to advance the family business, remaining committed to providing the foremost in excavation and earthwork services.

Jack Jr.’s son, Garry Boyce Sr., would later take the company’s helm with his partner, Don Boyce Jr. Garry Sr. would eventually become the sole owner until 2005 when the fourth generation of the Boyce family, Garry Boyce Jr. assumed control of the company, growing it significantly while further reinforcing its reputation in the market.

Not only did Boyce Excavating exponentially grow its workforce and its fleet under Garry Boyce Jr., it also grew its geographic market footprint to accommodate the extensive growth. In 2014, the company moved into its new location in Slate Hill which made room for the employees and the fleet and enabled it to expand its capacities and offerings.

Just two years later, in 2016, in recognition of how far it had come, Boyce Excavating was selected as a finalist for Equipment World’s Contractor of the Year award. This was a great acknowledgement for the company as it had grown without sacrificing the level of service quality and safety it brought to projects and work sites each day.

Boyce Excavating remains committed to developing the talent, the resources, and the personalized approach to projects that is necessary to optimize performance and output. Projects are completed on time and at a competitive price point.

In the early days, Boyce Excavating was primarily an excavator and throughout the years it evolved to become a full-service earthwork provider. While earthwork constitutes nearly 50 percent of its projects, there are a number of services upon which its clients have come to rely. For example, the company offers commercial, residential and industrial site work, as well as water and sewer line services, building demolition and road construction, slope stabilization and erosion control, asphalt paving, curbing and sidewalks, grading, landscaping, tree removal, and even non-directional boring and directional drilling services.

In terms of resources, Boyce Excavating’s fleet of equipment includes excavators, tractors, loaders, bulldozers, dump trucks, skid steers, scrapers, graders, paving machines, rollers, water trucks, hammers, trenches, rock crushers, screening equipment, curbers, boring machines, trailers, backhoes, and more, to ensure it has the capacity to satisfy its clients’ diverse needs. Boyce Excavating even has accugrade GPS-controlled bulldozers in its fleet, proving that it has stayed in line with industry trends and innovations, incorporating these to ensure efficient, effective service for its various clients. In order to be the best, it is important to be equipped with the best.

Boyce Excavating also has equipment for sale, and who better to trust than a company with close to 80 years of experience and a fleet of upwards of 240 pieces of equipment that are used daily to meet and exceed client expectations.

In addition to its standard fleet, Boyce Excavating has taken its capabilities to the next level by investing in a hybrid line of excavators. The company introduced green building techniques in 2007 and has continued to integrate equipment and adopt practices to support these ends. Further to its hybrid fleet, Boyce Excavating is doing what it can to gradually incorporate biodiesel in its operations. Upwards of 60 percent of its equipment is tier 3 compliant and the firm even owns machines that enable it to recycle and re-use concrete and asphalt on job sites.

Behind its fleet and exemplary approach to projects is Boyce Excavating’s team of trusted and highly-skilled professionals. Just like any company that is dedicated to quality and safety, the people who run operations and facilitate projects each day are one of the most important assets of the company.

The team at Boyce Excavating includes project managers, estimators, supervisors, equipment operators, and general laborers, as well as concrete and paving crews and two heavy equipment repair shops complete with knowledgeable mechanics. At every level of the company, employees bring the best in service, professionalism and expertise. Although the company has grown, it has never compromised the lasting relationships it has built with its valued customers in the public, private, commercial, industrial and residential markets and continues to develop new relationships along the way.

Indeed, the company’s website states, “Long respected for competent work on a handshake, Boyce Excavating now uses formal proposals and contracts, and still remains concerned with the needs of our customers and the quality of work we perform.” Its reputation and longevity providing excavation, demolition and earthwork services to its clients in New York’s Hudson Valley region is how Boyce Excavating has been able to secure and complete the broad range of projects within its portfolio, both large and small and of varying complexities.

Boyce Excavating was chosen by FedEx to provide mass earthwork services on its new distribution center in Montgomery, New York, and the company also provided demolition, tree clearing, stumping, erosion control, earthwork, underground utilities, concrete, paving, fencing and landscaping services for the new AutoZone location in Ellenville, New York. The Boyce Excavating team was also selected by Bear Mountain, New York to complete erosion control, layout, trenching, blasting, pipe fusing and restoration services for the Bear Mountain Water Line, and has been selected for a number of projects in Orange County.

The site of the future runway at the Orange County Airport was completed by Boyce Excavating as well. During the project, Boyce was able to improve runway safety areas. It was also responsible for the construction of the north lot and main entry road for the Orange County Medical Center’s expansion.

To be sure, there are any number of projects that exemplify Boyce Excavating’s capabilities and ability to perform to the highest degree of quality and safety. Through greater diversification of its already expansive services and resources, such as a greater focus on directional drilling, tree clearing and road resurfacing offerings, Boyce Excavating will continue to assert itself as a construction service provider of choice.

With a fleet of equipment and resources that outnumber and outperform much of the competition, and a dedicated, professional and highly-skilled team of employees that continues to grow, Boyce Excavating is well-positioned to further widen its market reach and geographic service area without compromising the level of quality and safety for which it is known.

With traditional and green building techniques, the market is primed for Boyce Excavating and promises continued success and growth well into the future. Garry Boyce Jr. is certainly doing the company’s history and its founders proud. By building upon the legacy left by those before him, Boyce is taking the family name and the company to new heights, bringing its loyal customers, vendors and suppliers along for the ride and hopefully laying the foundation for a fifth generation of exceptional performance and achievement.



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