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Written by Jessica Ferlaino

As a trusted manufacturer and resource, Bridger Steel is the go-to source for the widest range of metal roofing and siding. Having spent just over two decades in the market, there is no better choice in terms of product quality, durability, budget, timeline and service.
Bridger Steel was founded by owner Dennis Johnson in 1996. Located in Bozeman, Montana, the company set out to elevate the standard of service and quality enjoyed by the local market, improving access to, and showcasing the many advantages of, metal roofing and siding for local ranchers, farmers, businesses and homeowners in the area who stood to benefit from these products.

Customers in Montana and beyond have supported Bridger Steel’s rapid growth over the years, as it quickly expanded its offerings as well as its physical footprint and geographic market reach. In 2004, it opened a second location in Billings, Montana, followed by its Rapid City, South Dakota location which opened in 2008, serving the Black Hills Region.

In 2009, Bridger Steel opened its Helena, Montana location, which remains the only local metal roll-former manufacturer in the city. In 2010, Casper, Wyoming was added to the list of locations and in 2014, an additional location was opened in Great Falls, Montana.

A strong presence in the market
For everyone else across the nation not located in these regions, there is an exceptional online platform that connects customers with Bridger Steel, creating an interface that recreates the same presence and support that one would expect to find when walking into a physical location. In fact, Bridger Steel has created a very strong web presence, generating 60,000 visits to its website monthly. This gives it the unique opportunity of working directly with homeowners, as well as architects, designers, builders, farmers and ranchers alike, to help all of their dreams become a reality, using metal as their material of choice.

National shipping is also available, supported by an in-house fleet that has been vertically integrated to better satisfy budgets and delivery timelines. There may be challenges related to shipping metal versus other lighter materials but it results in a product that can last a lifetime.

By investing in its assets and its resources, building new brick and mortar locations, and enhancing its manufacturing capabilities and fleet to support its national shipping and distribution channels, Bridger Steel has continued to innovate to offer quality products and a great overall customer experience.

The company offers a number of jobsite services including expert field forming services, which improves overall project efficiency and eliminates the threat of damage to the product when it is shipped, on-site project training to ensure proper installation, and extensive (and free) project consultation. An expert is with the customer every step of the way: from a project’s inception through installation to maintenance and aftercare. While there is no certification course offered to local contractors, Bridger Steel has a network of reputable local and national contractors upon which it can rely and will gladly refer to customers who require additional assistance.

Bridger Steel manufactures metal roofing, siding, and interior and accent panels in a range of colors, styles and collections. It works with trusted American steel producers and paint and accessory companies who are vetted for quality assurance and consistent output. Through collaboration and joint innovation, Bridger Steel works with its vendors to discover new colors and create new styles and collections that establish new market trends and reflect the needs of its customer base. It is through these relationships that the company is able to offer a wide array of products, finishes and stylistic touches. Indeed, Bridger Steel’s offerings have become a component part of the aesthetic and functionality of countless commercial, residential and agricultural projects across the United States and even internationally, reaching as far as Singapore.

Building relationships
As its website states, “For many years, steel was used in Montana to cover sheds, barns and shops. When Bridger Steel opened its doors in 1996, it did so with the goal of bringing a new level of quality to the term ‘Montana Steel.’” To this end, Bridger Steel has stepped up the level of competition in the market. Not only do its products and in-house manufacturing capabilities outperform most of its competitors, the team serves as an indispensable resource, building lasting relationships in the process.

Bridger Steel manufactures a product it can stand behind, which results in projects that stand alone. The reason it has been able to achieve this level of success is because of the relationships it has built with both its customers and its vendors in the marketplace. Bridger Steel is proud of its ability to build a network from which it can grow.

As an industry resource, there is in-house support for commercial, residential, architectural, agricultural, and sustainable building projects, all of which can be custom fabricated to meet a customer’s unique needs. The team at Bridger Steel is the source of the company’s industry expertise, product knowledge, and personalized service. Its highly skilled employees educate the customer about the various options available to them and the many advantages metal roofing and siding provides, and provide technical information related to material, slope, water catchment, and green building standards.

The metal advantage
Metal is one of the most durable construction materials available in the market. Metal panels protect homes from inclement weather such as hail or heavy snowfall and the heavy winds that often accompany those weather patterns. Likewise, metal panels help protect against leaks which could result in rot and mold.

In terms of sustainability, metal construction materials make a lot of sense. Steel not only has the highest strength to weight ratio of most traditional construction materials, it contains a certain minimum of recycled material. When used, it not only saves an acre of trees, protecting woodlands, it equates to recycling six scrapped vehicles, reducing landfill.

Metal roofing and siding materials contain recycled material and are 100 percent recyclable. Further to these environmentally sound features, pre-painted steel roofing can help to reflect solar energy, reducing the urban heat island effect while also helping homeowners and businesses save up to 40 percent on their utility costs.

Metal roofing requires minimal maintenance and boasts one of the longest lifespans of any other material. All of these things considered, metal roofing and siding become major considerations in the achievement of LEED and other green building certifications by incorporating design considerations such as rainwater catchment, cool roofs and solar roofs.

Indeed, metal roofing serves as an ideal material for rainwater catchment and harvesting systems. This is an important aspect of LEED certification in terms of reducing runoff and incorporating water reuse systems. Both paint and material choices can improve the rainwater catchment surface and Bridger Steel has the knowledge and knowhow to optimize roof performance in this regard.

Similarly, cool roofs are designed to reflect sunlight, which reduces the amount of heat that is absorbed. A cool roof not only reduces energy costs, it reduces the amount of money, time and labor that would go into an earlier roof replacement, making it a win-win for the building or residence owner as well as for Bridger Steel, whose reputation continues to grow with every project that is well done.

Metal roofing also makes for an ideal platform upon which solar power systems can be mounted. It is durable, low maintenance and stands the test of time, which means, once again, a cost savings for the building or homeowner who can install solar panels with confidence knowing they won’t have to be removed and reinstalled with every repair.

Bridger Steel is Energy Star compliant and had a hand in what would become Aspen’s first LEED-Gold certified luxury home. The Vision House Aspen project melded together exquisite design and thoughtful eco-friendly elements to produce an impressive result, which included custom metalwork. This is just one example of how Bridger Steel becomes involved in a project to bring visions to life through the use of its durable, high-quality and sustainable metal roofing, siding and interior panel offerings. It doesn’t just look good; it feels good and it’s also good for the environment.

Built upon a foundation of core values which are to empower ingenuity, be family-oriented, find joy in helping others, be humble, have integrity, work hard and remember that life is too short, Bridger Steel wants its employees to be the best versions of themselves. Through this culture and spirit that unites the team at Bridger Steel, it continues to achieve success in the market, expanding its reach and growing in popularity with customers who recognize the advantages and potential of metal roofing and siding and the aesthetic it creates.

Despite experiencing relatively rapid growth over a short period of time, Bridger Steel has maintained a level of service and a standard of quality that is unmatched. It remains committed to the values that drive it, the customers and vendors who support it, and the employees who work diligently to manufacture an exceptional product upon which its reputation can grow.

The company’s website makes it clear: “Our goal is always that you end up with the best product to fit your build. We pride ourselves in building relationships with our customers, and ones that last as long as our metals,” a testament to the products and the services offered by Bridger Steel.



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