Construction Tailored to Individual Clients

Written by Jen Hocken

Jviation, Inc. is a niche engineering and planning firm capable of handling both small and large aviation projects while working closely with clients and providing a rewarding work environment for its employees. It provides the highest level of aviation consulting services to clients around the world. The staff at Jviation has completed hundreds of public projects for federal, military, state, county and local agencies, as well as private projects for corporate clients.
Remaining transparent on projects, so all the employees and the clients are working together is part of the reason the company has been so successful. Its mission is to develop strong personal relationships with every client, provide unmatched responsiveness and flexibility, deliver quality services tailored to individual needs and to provide a rich work environment that keeps employees engaged.

The primary market sector for Jviation is the aviation industry, but as the company has grown, it has expanded to take on additional transportation and roadway work as well. With this growth and the company’s ability to operate in different locations, the company has since spread into many others sectors including water/wastewater treatment, including storm water planning and design, erosion control, flood control, wastewater treatment facilities and much more. Highways and civil/municipal construction projects like roadway design, parking layout and lighting design are also regular projects for the company.

Jviation was founded in January 2008, however, prior to that, many of the employees at the company had a long history of working together at various other companies. The three founding owners of the company, Jim Fluhr, J.D. Ingram and Jim Trott worked together at several companies for the past two and a half decades. Many of Jviation’s engineers, designers, and drafters have also been closely working together for the same period.

According to Ben Gonzales, one of the project and engineering managers, “One of our philosophies here at Jviation is that you need to understand how things are built and how the specifications are applied, so that you can provide a high-quality design that minimizes any issues in the field with change orders or anything else.”

Since its inception in 2008, Jviation has been headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Jviation has continued to grow over the years, as the company has opened new offices in Jefferson City and Kansas City, Missouri and Salt Lake City, Utah, and acquired an engineering base in St. George, Utah in 2014. A total staff comprising seven employees in 2008 has been carefully crafted to a current staff of approximately ninety-five employees, inclusive of satellite personnel located in Idaho, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon and Washington.

Jviation has a wide variety of clients ranging from small general aviation airports to large international airports such as Denver International Airport and Salt Lake City International Airport. The company is looking forward to commencing an upcoming runway rehabilitation project at Salt Lake City International Airport. Another project Jviation is very proud to have been a part of is the recently constructed Hotel and Transit Center at Denver International Airport. While it was a large collaboration between multiple consulting firms, Jviation had an integral role in the project’s success. When working on projects for the bigger airports, Jviation essentially takes on the duties of a civil engineer for a small city where the airport is not the sole focus, but rather, is an integral element of an entire system. These projects require a well-rounded team with extensive experience.

The list of intricate projects executed by Jviation is endless. On any given year, it performs over one hundred projects for its seventy-five airport clients. There is a wide variety of projects including, but not limited to, asphalt and concrete paving; mass earthwork projects; snow removal equipment and facilities; as well as construction and maintenance of terminal buildings. There is no project that this company cannot tackle. Each project is unique in its own way, but Jviation prides itself on delivering high quality product no matter what the project is.

This year, Jviation will be wrapping up a seven-year, thirty-million-dollar commercial apron reconstruction project at Eagle County Airport, which serves the Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts.

One of the biggest challenges that faces Jviation is maintaining a consistent culture throughout the growth of the company, especially with its satellite offices. Another challenge for the company is the ever-changing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, specifications, design guidelines, and grant administration. Consequently, Jviation is always trying to find ways to adapt the company to keep up with the changes.

The company strives to be a desirable place to work, and to provide meaningful opportunities for its staff. Jviation believes it is important for employees not to get pigeonholed in certain tasks, but to provide meaningful opportunities for them to continue to grow in other aspects of the company. The dynamic atmosphere allows the company to adapt to the ever-changing technologies in society, and provide the tools and resources necessary to further the professional development of its employees, and enable them to pave their own path.

There are unique services offered by Jviation which set the team apart from their competition. One service in particular is the company’s skill in aviation system planning. There is a great team of people that have developed that service line, according to Jennifer Newpower, the marketing manager of Jviation. “What makes us unique is that we try to build a well-rounded team that is not just focused on one aspect of a project. We build a team that will help us service our clients and the entire project.”

Jviation has assembled a team with a wealth of experience and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the FAA, while also providing the engineering resources to scrutinize a project down to the smallest details to make sure it will work for the client.

The company assists its clients in the bidding of projects, and will often host the information on its website to get the word out to prospective contractors, tenants, and members of the community. Jviation prides itself on partnering with its clients to minimize the impacts to their day-to-day operations during projects by effectively serving as an extension of the client’s staff. By offering complete development and engineering services, it successfully manages projects throughout their entirety.

The workplace culture at Jviation is very entrepreneurial and customer service oriented. It is a relationship-based company both internally and externally and makes sure that the employees are well taken care of as well as ensuring that the clients are happy and satisfied with the services provided.



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