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Vince Hagan Company
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Vince Hagan Company recently celebrated the milestone of sixty years as a successful family-owned-and-operated business. From its founding by Vince Hagan in 1956 to the era of leadership under his daughter Carol Hagan, its ongoing innovation has helped it to become one of the most trusted names in the industry.
Vince Hagan Company designs and manufactures a variety of batch plants, paving mixers, as well as dust collectors, conveying systems, concrete reclaimers, parts and services. All of which have the highest certifications in the industry.

During World War II, the Army Corps of Engineers had to build bridges across rivers to move personnel and resources across the various fronts, and Vince Hagan found a way to apply the principles employed during the war to the North American construction market.

Today, the company is still building upon the original design of Vince who recognized the inefficiencies of traditional construction approaches in an increasingly mobile society. He developed a solution that would help the construction industry keep up with the rapid pace of development, particularly in the interstate highway system.

“The Vince Hagan Company is known for inventing and patenting the first mobile concrete batch plant in 1956 and continues as a leading manufacturer of batching equipment,” said Chris Hagan, third generation of Hagan at the company.

The original mobile concrete batch plant was patented in 1966 and became known as ‘The Haganator.’ It is an iconic piece of equipment that changed the way the industry operated.

“The portable plant has evolved from its original design,” Randy Haddox, vice-president western sales, noted. “Even when Vince was alive, he changed it and made it what it is today. Our talented engineering department has continued that tradition of innovation with innovative new modifications.

“From the portable plant, we started building more of a stationary plant, and as time went along, he saw a need for a different style of the mixer to operate, so he designed and developed and patented a horizontal shaft mixer.” The patented horizontal spiral blade mixer can be set up in only a day and can produce up to 400 cubic yards per hour with a thirty-second mixing time. Its versatility allows it to mix high and low slump concrete, CTB, and RCC.

Vince Hagan Company’s products enable cost savings, ease of operation and peace of mind for customers who know that the equipment is engineered to last long into the future. The company makes both its mobile and stationary plants in standard and customizable versions.

The company has had a number of industry firsts and is also credited with designing the first double-wall construction on a round silo in 1962, one of the industry’s first concrete reclaimers in 1969 and the first self-erecting HT-Series mobile batch plant in 1988.

“We just completed a line of batching equipment that is all hydraulic self-erect, meaning that no cranes are needed to erect the equipment at the plant site. You can push a button, and up and down they go,” said Hagan. The new feature is available on its mobile batch plants, auxiliary silos, conveyors and mixers.

Under the leadership of Carol Hagan, the company designed a cost-effective way to ship batch plants by designing them to fit inside shipping containers for ocean freight. The precast concrete sector is the next frontier for the Vince Hagan Company.

“We’re the only batching equipment company that manufactures and designs our own components,” noted Hagan. “We are always willing to work with our customers and our engineering department to get our customers’ needs met. As far as pre-cast plants go, we custom design whatever our customers need, and that is a big part of our success in the growing precast market.”

“Vince Hagan prides ourselves in not only serving large concrete producers with batching equipment for decades but especially in helping the small mom and pop customers that are getting into the concrete production market for the first time,” said Hagan.

“What I mean by mom and pop is, basically, they are just getting started. They are buying their first batch plant, and they are a first generation company that is trying to get into the market. We really work well with these people, because we have so much experience and so much tradition that we are able to give them the kind of support they need.”

“Our years of experience, user-friendly, dependable equipment, experienced service department that installs and trains our new customers are the perfect support combination for this customer segment that is new to the market.”

Innovation at Vince Hagan Company is driven by the needs of its customers and the changing market. “Our salesmen are always listening to the customers and what they have to say. They’re using the equipment on an everyday basis, so something we may not see, they let us know about it so we can incorporate some of these ideas,” said Haddox.

Chris Toedt, vice-president eastern sales, noted that “many of our best designs are the result of field maintenance and operations personnel who have developed an innovative way to maintain equipment or increase batching efficiency.”

When asked what differentiates Vince Hagan Company from its competitors, Hagan replied, “in the US, we offer factory direct pricing, so our customers never pay dealer fees and over engineer our equipment by using more steel in the designs.” This has helped it to sell more mobile batch plants than any other manufacturer, and it has secured one-third of the mobile batch plant market as a result.

The company dominates the domestic market and has equipment located around the world. Regardless of where the equipment is stationed, customers can rely on consistent, expert support in the operation, maintenance and service of its equipment.

Vince Hagan Company’s corporate office is in Dallas, Texas, while its production facility is located in Sunnyvale, Texas. The production facility is 120,000 square feet and houses the company’s twenty-four-hour parts department, painting stations, engineering department and service teams that travel worldwide to install, service and train customers.

Quality and safety is engineered into Vince Hagan Company’s designs and remains a focus of the company each day. Equipment is over-engineered and regularly evaluated to ensure optimal performance and operation.

“We have a quality control person that inspects everything to make sure that we’re building what our engineers specify, and they make sure it’s built correctly and to our standards. We’re members of the Concrete Plant Manufacturers Bureau and the plant mixers and manufacturers division, so those are the minimum standards that are required,” Haddox explained.

Vince Hagan Company is also a proud member of the Plant Mixer Manufacturer Division (PMMD) and the Air Quality Manufacturer Division (AQMD), the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), the American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) and the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA).

“We’re usually above those standards,” said Haddox. “As far as safety, we try to engineer the required safety ladders, handrails, platforms and equipment design to meet the industry standards.”

Hagan credited the employees for the company’s continued success. “We have employees here that have been with this company for twenty to twenty-five-plus years, and we have several of those. That really demonstrates the consistency and level of dedication of our employees. The retention of our employees has been key to our success.”

“Our loyal customers have come back and bought our equipment over and over again, and that has also really made this company. Without good, loyal customers, no company would still be around as long as sixty years,” Haddox stated. In fact, Vince Hagan Company enjoys nearly eighty-six percent repeat business.

Both Hagan and Haddox acknowledged the impact President Carol Hagan has had on Vince Hagan Company’s ability to penetrate the market while she simultaneously overcame stereotypes to become one of the most successful women in the industry.

According to Hagan, his mother has been with Vince Hagan Company for about thirty-five years and has quadrupled the value of the company. Haddox agreed: “Carol has taken it from a mom and pop company to more of a global presence.”

“She has really broken down a lot of barriers being a female and making it one of the most successful batching plant manufacturers in the country,” Hagan emphasized. Carol Hagan’s Accomplishments under her tenure with CPMB include the creation of the (AQMD) Air Quality Control Division and the creation of the (PMMD) Plant Manufacturers Mixer Division. Both of these have set the standards of quality for the entire Batching Equipment Industry.

Growth and innovation will remain the focus of Vince Hagan Company as the third-generation of family leadership is being groomed. Though Carol has no intention of stepping down as president anytime soon, her son is ready when the time comes.

“I look forward to the future and have plans to carry on the family tradition of continuing to provide the market with exceptional batching equipment, customer service and new innovations,” said Hagan.



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