An Integrated Approach to Building the Client’s Vision

Pacific One Contracting & Pacific Mechanical Systems
Written by fmgadmin

Pacific One Contracting operates as an integrated design build general contractor and developer. A dexterous organization made of solid performers with extensive backgrounds in the construction space, Pacific has a reputation for excellence. Pacific Mechanical Systems Ltd. works in the mechanical industry dealing with the full range of projects from commercial to industrial to residential.
Pacific One Contracting and its sister company Pacific One Mechanical had a problem every company only wishes it had: they grew too fast. After having trouble keeping up with the number of projects to which the two had committed, two or three years ago a decision was made to ‘farm’ the clients carefully and choose which work to take on more cautiously.

This was apparently the right decision as Pacific One Contracting is now earning $5 million a year and Pacific One Mechanical Systems is making $15 million. Working from the same office in Burnaby, British Columbia, the twin enterprises combine resources on many projects to help bring the vision to fruition.

Pacific One Contracting’s focus is on multi-family, light industrial and commercial property development sectors. Making sure to spend clients’ money properly is a sacred trust that Pacific One and PMS consider top priority as the project moves from planning to implementation.

Although working for years in British Columbia, Pacific Mechanical Systems is just as excited about all the places in Canada where it has worked on projects. No matter where clients are located, the key to making them happy is getting to the heart of what they want before the plans are drawn up, and the course is set in the wrong direction.

Between the two companies, a dizzying array of services is offered but an abundance of tenant improvement retrofits on existing buildings have been occupying much of the agenda lately. Working around the building’s occupants can present significant challenges, sometimes requiring the labour to be done at night.

With an army of trades in-house, Pacific One offers many advantages that its competitors do not. Generous employee incentives help keep staff long-term, even throughout an entire career.

The Canadian standard of excellence for skilled trades is the Red Seal Program. Previously called the Interprovincial Standards of Excellence for Skilled Trades, it evaluates tradespeople across Canada using common standards. All of Pacific One’s journeyman tradesmen are holders of the Red Seal designation, which is given in addition to the specific trade certificate to elite performers.

Whether the project is a retrofit or a new build, Pacific Mechanical System foreman, field staff, and project managers have cultivated a reputation for clear communication, cost-saving innovation and finishing on time. Pacific Mechanical System has built tight bonds with engineers, general contractors, and facility owners over its fifteen-plus years in the industry. Turning one-time projects into lifelong service customers is Pacific Mechanical Systems’ stock in trade.

A significant challenge often cited by the construction industry is the lack of young people entering the trades and the subsequent shortages in labour that this causes. Pacific One and Pacific Mechanical Systems give generous incentives and work hard to attract the top talent of a dwindling pool.

Being in a position to pick and choose its clients is an enviable one and allows Pacific One and Pacific Mechanical System to choose the best possible opportunities carefully. Building a cutting-edge steam plant in Saskatoon is one recent exciting endeavour, another is upgrading the Aero Trading fish processing plant in Prince Edward in northern British Columbia.

Bureau Veritas Minerals, a Vancouver laboratory testing facility for the mining industry is one more feather in the cap for Pacific Mechanical System. Again, the challenge was getting the job done on time and within budget and Pacific Mechanical System helped to do both. Pacific Mechanical System collaborated on the design-assist of highly technical hardware like acid neutralization facilities, process piping, medical air and fume extraction systems and argon and nitrogen piping.

Another state of the art project for Pacific Mechanical System was Flow, the YYoga flagship studio on Burrard and Smyth. The Zen-inspired service for the spa-like atmosphere relies on high-end finishing, ventilation and steam rooms. YYoga has become another return customer bringing many new opportunities and challenges.

Since 2007, Steve Nash Fitness has gobbled up impressive market share in the lucrative B.C. fitness industry. Pacific Mechanical Systems has a long and proud tradition of working with its design group on company’s nineteen clubs and counting. The Interurban Way location in Vancouver is especially valuable to PMS for the work it did aligning the gym experience at that site with the specific branding to which Steve Nash is aiming.’s Vancouver office is a Pacific Mechanical project not more than a few dense city blocks from the new Telus Gardens where Pacific Mechanical Systems worked with celebrated Vancouver architects Henriquez & Partners.

Pipes, even of the highest quality and installed by the most capable, do not last forever, and PMS has re-piped many properties. When refitting, Pacific Mechanical Systems makes tenant comfort its top priority and works with councils, property managers, and building owners to make the process as painless as possible. Pacific Mechanical offers special information presentations for council to help understand how long and disruptive the contractors will be.

Nothing is as exciting as getting positive feedback from satisfied clients, and many described their experiences glowingly and recommended the firm to others. Particularly favourable, are the reviews of Pacific One’s adherence to construction schedules and respect for clients’ time.

Pacific Mechanical is keen to collaborate with clients to advance the project by resolving problems. Staff are committed to completing projects with minimal disruption to the clients and leave the job site clean and tidy which is greatly appreciated

Instead of the explosive growth the company experienced early on, the focus has moved to steady workflows that allow it to pick and choose the projects in which to invest.

Rather than focusing on becoming the biggest, Pacific seeks to be the best because that way it attracts the right clients and the right employees. This measured and careful approach has helped Pacific One General Contracting and Pacific Mechanical Systems become leaders in construction on the West Coast and across the country.



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