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Heart Utilities of Jacksonville
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Established in 1996, Heart Utilities of Jacksonville recently celebrated ten years of growth, diversification, and success as an electrical contractor. As the name suggests, Heart Utilities is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, with several satellite locations throughout the state to support its customers along the east and gulf coasts.
Heart Utilities continues to grow its size and capacity to better serve the customers that rely on it. As a contracting firm, Heart Utilities boasts over 200 years of cumulative electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure leadership and experience.

Likewise, the company’s estimating team carries over 100 years of cumulative experience which enables the firm to offer competitive and accurate proposals, bringing the greatest value to its customers in the process. This experience, paired with deep-rooted industry knowledge, has solidified the firm’s place as an industry leader with a reputation for project delivery.

Heart Utilities has come a long way since its humble beginnings of just five employees, a pickup truck, and a boom truck. Now a thriving electrical contractor with customers that include both privately and publicly held companies small and large, municipalities, and state and federal government agencies, Heart Utilities offers cost-effective solutions for some of the most challenging projects in its market.

The company continuously improves its resources and capacities, investing in itself where needed to bolster the level of service offered to customers. By operating out of multiple strategic locations, Heart Utilities is highly responsive and able to be where its customers need it to be.

As the company’s website highlights, “With our highly-organized team we have the ability to mobilize to an emergency project anywhere on the east or gulf costs and have crews on site and ready to work within 24 hours of being notified.”

Heart Utilities benefits from an expansive fleet of well-maintained equipment and vehicles that serves as a major advantage and point of differentiation from its competition. The company has equipped itself to engage larger customers with increasingly complex projects. Its fleet of equipment includes backhoes, excavators, directional boring machines, vacuum trucks, digger derricks, cranes, bucket trucks, utility trucks, low profile pressure diggers, flatbeds, dump trucks, and even semis.

The company has invested heavily in its fleet and resources, ensuring both its fleet and its people are well-maintained. With the tools, resources, and expertise necessary, Heart Utilities can deploy quickly and efficiently to bring the best value and satisfaction to its customers through a focus on quality workmanship and safety.

“Safety First is not just a catchphrase at Heart Utilities Inc, it is a motto we ingrain in our team and strive to live by. Through training, daily meetings, and weekly on site inspections our team has truly created a culture that makes job site safety a priority,” reads the company’s website. Safety personnel at Heart Utilities include two dedicated safety specialists who help to enforce its Health and Safety Program, which is considered second to none.

Further to an exemplary Health and Safety Program, Heart Utilities takes great effort to provide and promote a safe, healthy, and drug-free workplace. By supporting and protecting its employees, Heart Utilities also safeguards its customers, the general public, and the environment from harmful operations and practices.

Its adherence with occupational health and safety and other laws and regulations makes Heart Utilities a trusted choice for all its customers’ electrical needs. The team can undertake overhead to underground conversion of electrical, telephone and television cable, manhole installation, duct bank installation, highway sign and digital message board installation and much more. The company undertakes camera pole installation, drill shaft foundation installation, overhead and underground distribution and transmission maintenance programs and related construction, jack and bore installation and directional drilling for all utilities.

Heart Utilities, as it has grown its market presence, its reputation, and its fleet and capacities, has been sure to diversify its offerings to become a full-service electrical contracting firm. This has helped the firm to not only maintain its customer base, but grow it substantially over the years. Projects are planned and executed by a team of highly-skilled and experienced personnel that has grown to 150 people strong. Employees are empowered and equipped with the training and resources necessary to excel, satisfying the requirements of every job they undertake, regardless of the complexities it may entail.

The team has built the capacity to offer turnkey construction solutions for its customers’ electrical infrastructure needs, including overhead and underground distribution facilities, substation construction and maintenance programs, fiber optic, transportation project construction, and – an important part of what Heart Utilities does – disaster relief services.

Heart Utilities operates multiple divisions to address the full gamut of its customers’ needs. Customers can depend on its overhead electrical distribution division, substation services, underground electrical division, emergency services division, transportation division and fiber optics specialists. Specialized service means exceptional output, satisfaction, and results.

To be sure, there are many great examples of Heart Utilities in action. The company and its disaster relief division have exerted great efforts and sacrifice to restore power and alleviate some of the impact and devastation of Hurricanes Matthew and Hermine. Whether it’s a hurricane, or an ice storm such as winter storm “Pax”, Heart Utilities is present, having a positive impact and taking charge where it can.

Brandon Young, Vice-president, highlighted Heart Utilities’ work with Florida Light & Power (FPL). “We are in year two of a six-year contract with FPL installing smart grid components called automated lateral switches. We are installing several hundred thousand of these state-wide in Florida and only a year in our work eliminated an estimated 50,000 customer outages when hurricane Matthew affected the FPL service territory.”

Moving forward, there are more impressive projects on the horizon for Heart Utilities. The firm just began a six-year contract with the Jacksonville Electric Authority, changing out 200,000 antiquated halogen street lights and replacing them with more efficient and brighter LED lamps, which is likely to represent a significant savings.

In addition to big name customers and projects, the company also enjoys multiple industry affiliations with major industry players such as the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), and the Northeast Florida Safety Council. These organizations support Heart Utilities with training that further enhances the firm’s safety culture and ability to deliver on projects.

Heart Utilities endeavors to stay ahead of the industry curve, being at the forefront of safety and education to maintain a qualified workforce and industry-leading capabilities. “We recognize that the cornerstone of safety at Heart Utilities is employee training and field supervision, reinforced with frequent, unannounced job site inspections by competent safety personnel,” says the company on its website.

In addition to asserting itself as a leader in the industry, Heart Utilities is also a leader in its community. When there is a cause to rally behind, Heart Utilities certainly proves that it has heart and does its part to show its support of important initiatives that make the community a better place.

In only a decade, Heart Utilities has experienced impressive growth and in doing so, has solidified its place in the industry. With the resources, capacity, and integrity to undertake some of the largest, most complex, and difficult projects available along the east and gulf coasts, Heart Utilities of Jacksonville has proven itself a leader and an electrical contractor to be depended on: a company that truly has heart.



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