Revolutionizing the Industry

Ameritex Pipe and Products
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Ameritex Pipe and Products, LLC was established by Kevin Thompson, who was “born and raised in the utility business.” Kevin has put this longstanding industry expertise to work, enlisting the support of hardworking, industry-leading talent to take Ameritex Pipe and Products to new levels of growth and success as the premier supplier of reinforced concrete pipe and box culverts in Texas.
Kevin provided some insight into his early start in the industry. “I had the unique opportunity to grow up in the underground utility business and was involved in construction and operations at multiple pipe manufacturing facilities in Texas and California. Approximately 10 years ago I saw an opportunity in the San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco, and Laredo markets to supply product in a region that was poised for long term growth. In March of 2009, the plant was commissioned and has experienced continued growth year after year.”

Out of its high-capacity, state-of-the-art facilities in Seguin, Texas and its new location in Conroe, Texas, Ameritex Pipe and Products offers its customers exceptional products, service and delivery. These qualities have become synonymous with the Ameritex name, a name that is backed by a reputation as a leading storm drain manufacturer in the state.

Since opening its second facility in Conroe earlier this year, Ameritex has dominated the market, and has replicated its recipe for success in the Houston region. By offering products and service that market and sell themselves, the new facility extends Ameritex’ geographic reach to the Gulf Coast and East Texas region.

With Ameritex having its own distribution company, Pipeline Trucking Inc, this capacity enables Ameritex to support an on-time, highly responsive delivery and service. Further to this, the team’s highly efficient operations support industry-leading standards and output. This includes precise mixing and batching equipment, automated cage welding machines, multiple Top Werk high speed radial presses and Variant dry-cast machines.

The company is QCast and TxDOT-certified and aims to exceed all ASTM and TxDOT standards. QCast certification is a rigorous 124-point inspection process that helps Ameritex ensure quality from its raw materials, equipment, product handling and final delivery. Ameritex was the first company in Texas to earn the prestigious and stringent TxDOT self certification process for both reinforced concrete box and box culverts.

As the company’s website states, “At Ameritex, quality means more than simply meeting specifications. It means responsive customer service from experienced industry professionals that work to make your job easier. It means bidding jobs as projects rather than an endless list of components. It means operating as efficiently as possible for savings we pass on to our clients.”

Ameritex’ product offerings come in many sizes and configurations to meet any and all project needs. The company can customize products to meet a customer’s project-specific requirements. “We have the ability to manufacture reinforced concrete pipe from 12” through 168” diameters in both tongue and groove and rubber gasketed joint options. Reinforced concrete boxes are produced in sizes from 3’x2’ to 14’x14’.”

When asked what has helped to differentiate Ameritex Pipe and Products in the market and what has helped it to revolutionize the industry, Kevin simply responded, “My people. We’ve got a lot better people. People, product, and process!”

Rocky Lorenz, EVP of Planning and Strategic Development added, “Many of the reasons we are different from our competitors is we are continually seeking improvement from proven processes.” From investing in the very best raw materials, equipment and innovative processes, to training its people to reproduce the company’s culture of quality and success, Ameritex Pipe and Products is dedicated to continuous improvement in all facets of its operations.”

“Ameritex is like a breath of fresh air for a lot of people. As far as sales, we have a world-class sales team,” Kevin stated.

“Ameritex is an American-owned, privately-held company,” stated Ralph DeLeora, CFO. Ameritex’s management team is small and hands-on, which allows the company to respond quickly to any matter that arises. “Customers and vendors know the difficulties of dealing with large publicly traded competitors and appreciate the ability to have a direct line to Kevin, who serves as the company’s President and manager,” Ralph added.

Moving forward, it is likely to be more of the same for Ameritex Pipe and Products, which means that it will continue to innovate and improve upon its processes and products to remain the premier supplier of reinforced concrete pipe and box culverts for storm drain installations at its current and future locations nationwide.

“We are revolutionizing the way that concrete drainage products are manufactured,” Kevin adds.

The proof is in the pudding, as it has been said. Speaking with Kevin, Ralph, and Rocky you quickly get a sense of the passion and commitment that is driving Ameritex Pipe and Products’ success. Focused on people, product, and process, Ameritex continues to exceed its customers’ expectations for storm drain installations. Give them a call or see for yourself. Visit to learn more!



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