Master Roofers, Timeless Protection

Toiture Couture
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

Toiture Couture has grown from humble beginnings to become a premier roofing construction, maintenance and repair provider in Quebec. The company is a family-owned and is currently in its second generation of management. Though company leadership has changed, it offers the same timeless protection and quality guarantee.
Toiture Couture was founded in 1981 by three brothers who faithfully pursued business growth by soliciting prospective clients door to door, CEO Maryse Couture explained. “They just started by knocking on doors and asking people to try them. If they were not satisfied, they wouldn’t have to pay them.”

Toiture Couture consistently delivered results, and so, cultivated a growing list of satisfied clients. The company’s reputation reflected its commitment to reliable, highly responsive service. It takes great pride in understanding the urgency of its clients’ needs.

It enjoys a number of long-term term associations with clients in the commercial and industrial sectors, and the company offers a preventative maintenance program that has attracted even more client relationships. The company’s extensive industry knowledge has formed a solid base from which it can continue to grow.

Toiture Couture has 175 employees who make up twenty teams or more of master roofers and maintenance teams giving it the capacity to satisfy projects big and small, of varying complexity, with ten teams dedicated to service and ten teams devoted to larger projects. The company Couture completes over 2,000 projects each year.

“For 2,000 projects we have between 150 and 200 bigger projects,” Couture noted, “You know $200,000 to $500,000 projects and the rest is smaller projects, leaks, our preventative program. We can do anything. We are problem solvers.”

It is important for her that the company remain a solutions provider to its clients. “There are a lot of products in the roofing industry, so we’ve decided we are offering solutions to our clients. We are not specialized in only one technology, so we are able to offer what is best for our clients. There is more than one type of technology that can solve problems.”

Toiture Couture has certification from major manufacturers. This enables the company to offer its clients every available roofing product lines, as well as the most up-to-date technologies in the industry. Its mission is to find zero-impact solutions that will protect its clients’ assets.

Some of the company’s notable projects include work for Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Airport, Ubisoft, Place Sainte-Foy, Beauharnois Generating Station, CUSM (the McGill University Health Centre) and Hydro-Quebec Tower in downtown Montreal.

These projects highlight a variety of roofing products and technologies such as odourless, noise-proof and fireproof technology. What is more, these projects did not affect client operations, while meeting budgetary requirements, timelines and project goals.

The company offers quick response times and understands project and client needs to provide customized solutions that draw on the expertise of its teams. Clients gain peace of mind from Toiture Couture’s commitment to service excellence.

Toiture Couture’s round-the-clock emergency services include ten teams of on-call professionals and emergency intervention specialists to ensure repairs are made within three hours of a call. Clients are protected from heavy rain, frost and thaw, hail, freezing rain, wind and sun damage. It provides follow-up service and guarantees satisfaction.

“We have a project manager process, and we are using the lean construction model. We’re developing that to always be able to work in a way that creates value for our clients.” It identifies ways to optimize the life extension of its clients’ current assets before making the decision to re-roof to save time and money.

Through its preventative maintenance program, the company considers all available options and presents them to clients before re-roofing. These considerations can result in less waste and serves to support Toiture Couture’s environmentally-conscious philosophy while simultaneously bringing greater value to its projects.

In the preventative maintenance program, clients can schedule maintenance over five, ten, or fifteen years, can save up to thirty percent on repairs and can eliminate problems at the source before serious damage results.

Clients benefit from a detailed maintenance plan that can be personalized, phase by phase. The program includes three steps: thorough examination, identification of risks and regularly scheduled follow-up service. Roofs can be protected against premature aging; costs are reduced, and clients’ property and peace of mind are protected.

Toiture Couture is currently undergoing internal improvements that will allow it to serve clients better by further integrating technology for improved efficiency and communication. By investing in an enhanced technology platform and software, clients can remain involved with the project as it progresses. Project details will become available at a client’s fingertips.

Through this platform, clients benefit from improved accountability and transparency. It will also be an additional avenue for the company to demonstrate its respect for project requirements, budgets and deadlines.

The company is dedicated to continuous improvement, a principle which extends to its processes and its people. Employees benefit from training opportunities, competitive remuneration and a work culture that supports development on an individual and corporate level.

At the heart of project delivery and the strength of Toiture Couture’s reputation as a market leader, is safety. When it comes to health and safety, there is no compromise, and employee participation is the key to success. Not only does the company comply with industry standards and regulations, but there is a strong internal safety program that helps to identify and communicate risks before they become a problem.

Through its shared commitment to its employees and its clients, Toiture Couture demonstrates loyalty in relationships and dedication to quality. “We are trying to keep it family-oriented, to be a team, to collaborate together to find solutions. We keep learning, and as a culture we are always trying to improve ourselves,” Couture said.

Moving forward, the company is focussed on bridging the gap between experience and youth in its operations and the industry. By training the next generation of labour, it will be able to offer quality workmanship long into the future.

“That’s our biggest challenge,” Couture noted, “To connect the older employees with the younger ones to get all the experience that we can get but also giving the younger ones space to develop.” Couture is also interested in attracting non-traditional demographics to the roofing and construction industries. Women and newly-arrived Canadians are encouraged to participate in the industry.

For Couture, as a woman in the industry, the goal for the firm is, “to become a strong second-generation company.” Understanding that less than a third of second-generation companies will succeed, she intends to build on the strong foundation that was laid by her father and uncles and continue that legacy long into the future.

Toiture Couture is committed to its clients, people, processes and work culture. It offers the same quality workmanship, timeless protection and reliability it has promised since the beginning, and as it grows, it is doing so in accordance with a clear vision for the future.

The company offers the guarantee of peace of mind and safety for both clients and their property by taking action with a zero-impact guarantee. For all construction, maintenance and repair needs, Toiture Couture is the solutions provider and a name to be trusted.



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