Building Business through RelationshipsCeramic Technics

Building Business through Relationships

Ceramic Technics

Ceramic Technics Ltd. (CTL) is a leading importer and distributor of high-grade porcelain tile and natural stone materials, primarily to commercial clients. Headquartered in the Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta, CTL offers over 500 collections from the U.S. and Europe to clients throughout the retail, hospitality, healthcare, corporate and educational sectors. Strong relationships with the architectural and contractor communities have set the company apart from its inception and have been a secret to lasting success, while a dedicated, close-knit company culture has also played a vital role in CTL’s longevity and growth.

Building on a Solid FoundationProAll International Manufacturing

Building on a Solid Foundation

ProAll International Manufacturing

There’s a lot to be proud of at ProAll International Manufacturing. Whether it’s utilizing a unique method to pour concrete via specialized mobile concrete mixers, or weathering a global pandemic and emerging stronger than ever, ProAll has demonstrated passion and dedication to providing quality product in a simpler, more convenient delivery, laying a foundation for success and growth for years to come.

Paving The WayAll County Paving

Paving The Way

All County Paving

From pathways to parking lots and everything in between, there is no corner-cutting when it comes to All County Paving’s asphalt applications and project management consultation services that reach clients across the United States.

Building For The FutureSlater Builders

Building For The Future

Slater Builders

Tackling a wide variety of construction projects that vary in both size and scope, Slater Builders has created a thriving business built on years of exemplary customer service, quality craftsmanship and an impressive array of knowledge and experience. The company prides itself on embracing a wealth of knowledge and experience that serves to provide quality work, trust and reliability. With a solid base of both loyal subcontractors and repeat clients, Slater’s longstanding family history and a dedication to moving forward with vision and integrity allows the company to draw from its past successes while looking ahead to a productive future.

Designing for Wellness and Energy SavingsCMTA

Designing for Wellness and Energy Savings


Award-winning, rapidly-growing engineering firm CMTA helps design buildings with energy-efficiency and wellness in mind. It is an approach that has proven popular as the Louisville, Kentucky-based company expands. This focus on healthy buildings is particularly relevant given the danger of COVID, a virus that spreads quickly in enclosed, poorly-ventilated spaces.

Let There Be Light… With Brilliant Glass Wall SystemsTranswall Office Interiors

Let There Be Light… With Brilliant Glass Wall Systems

Transwall Office Interiors

Transwall Office Interiors is described by owner and chairman Jay Aikens a manufacturer specializing in architectural metal and glass wall systems and movable partition systems. The company furnishes, delivers, and installs its products through a turnkey business model and has been doing so since the company was incorporated in 1963 by Aikens’ father (the company’s present ownership began in 2005).

Building RelationshipsBCCI Construction

Building Relationships

BCCI Construction

Thoroughly testing our resolve, the COVID-19 crisis is unlike anything many of us have ever endured. While the pandemic remains challenging, some companies are seizing the opportunity to help others weather the storm, including BCCI Construction.

A Formula for SuccessIcon Legacy Custom Modular Homes

A Formula for Success

Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes

Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes, LLC was founded in 2007, “just in time to watch the market tank,” remembers Sales Manager Bruce Bingaman. Yet, despite this challenge, the family-owned and operated company managed to thrive and grow to become a strong presence in the industry.

Silver (and Steel) Linings2020’s Landmark Projects

Silver (and Steel) Linings

2020’s Landmark Projects

The construction industry has managed to overcome some massive hurdles in 2020. Despite a range of challenges, from orders to halt work during the shutdown to navigating new health and safety requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the industry kept going. As the year draws to a close, it is time to celebrate some of its notable success stories.

Innovating and ExpandingJac. Vandenberg

Innovating and Expanding

Jac. Vandenberg

Fourth-generation, family-owned business Jac. Vandenberg imports and distributes its full product line of counter-seasonal fresh fruits throughout the United States and Canada. The company’s history dates back to 1905 in the Netherlands, but today, it is based in Tarrytown, New York with a second office in Los Angeles that services the West Coast.

New Growth, New MethodsEllisdale Construction

New Growth, New Methods

Ellisdale Construction

In urban construction, every second, every square inch, and every dime is precious. In an industry traditionally slow to embrace change, Virginia-based Ellisdale Construction is championing a radical new construction method to cut both costs and building time.

The Science of Saving LivesDacon

The Science of Saving Lives


ABI-LAB 2, in Natick, Massachusetts, is the result of both inspired thinking and the desire to create functional, attainable workspace for dedicated scientists researching potentially life-altering and life-saving products. Designed as an accelerator and bio-incubator focused on assisting early stage companies, this four-story, 67,000-square-foot...


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